Journey of her: Becoming The Strongest Soul Knight

Journey of her: Becoming The Strongest Soul Knight

By:  Lovely_Doraemon  Ongoing
Language: English
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After waking up from coma, Sandhya found herself on this planet called “Twin earth”. She has awakened magical powers thanks to a certain mad scientist. Determined to help in eradicating them will she be able to protect that is dear to her? In this game of cat and mouse would Sandhya be able to destroy them before they destroy her? It was already a living hell for Sandhya. She woke up in another world, have these troublesome powers, now has to deal with her desk mate too! He has this permanent scowl plastered to his face as if the world is a criminal. And now she has to share a house with him too… Just her luck! Authors Note: It's a slow burn story so have some patience with this little author. Because it's an original novel turning the ideas into the form of writing takes time. If there's no update then don't get angry, please. The source for the cover for the story is Pinterest. I am using it after editing it a little. My Instagram ID- lovely_pdoraemon

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waiting for the next chapter. is there any socmed that I can follow?
2021-07-21 19:54:53
29 Chapters
*huff… huff… huff…She ran out of that room hastily. She was afraid that if she stayed in that room even a second longer, she would lose all her sane! Those… those heartless demons!“Why…”
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Lola answered, "Yes."Serena's face darkened, "We weren't able to capture that biscuit. We haven't even got much clue as well. Although the things we have recovered gave us no clue about his location, but we can use that to declare him as a universal terrorist. Then no one can and will try to cover up for him."That's good to hear."After they finished their dinner Sandhya and Lola went to the Adams harbor. Under the cold breeze of the night, they stood on the cliff near the duck.Lola asked, "So, what's the real thing that you wanted to say? It's not really about that declaring thing, right?""Lola, can you please take care of her?"Lola was perplexed."Why me?""It can only be you."She sighed, "Fine.""She is the one and only witness and clue we have for that incident. We just have to wait until she gets her memories back. She has promised me that she will help me punish those biscuits. And…"In t
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"Cough cough… you…"The boy stared at Sandhya while trembling in anger. The other boys who were with him were also terrified after witnessing their leader get defeated by an unknown girl.The boy who was laying on the floor looked towards his subordinates for support saw them retreat a few steps and then run away. He was furious. He shouted, "You damn losers trying to ditch your leader? Just wait… you…""You done?"He turned his head towards the voice and saw the girl standing there without the care of anything."You…"Before he could finish an immense pressure engulfed him. As a demon beast is looking at him with cold hungry eyes. Then he looked at those dark eyes which were staring back at him. He felt like it's trying to devour him. He had never felt anything like that. He cowered backwards and ran away.It was a good thing that the compound of the library was a less crowded area. So, there weren'
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After that Lola and Sandhya finally returned to the home. Even though they returned home safely Lola was still worried. It was almost for the time of afternoon service so she became busy with customers. Sandhya also went back to her room. Maybe because of the test that she went through earlier or something else but she felt weak. So, she decided to take a nap. She fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.On the other end…Serena was busy with the academy's daily paper work when two boys entered her office. They are exactly those boys who had gone to that rock after Sandhya and Lola left that place."Reporting chief, there was a weird incident we came across but we weren't able to find the suspect."Serena was reading a document when she heard about it, she raised her head and asked, "Incident? Tell me in detail. What happened?""Chief, when we were patrolling the city, we felt a sudden tremor near the shrine, so we immediately went th
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Sandhya understood that Lola must have felt disappointed. So, she apologized, "I am sorry. Even though I had dreams like this before, they were never this long and their effects weren't this big as well, so I didn't think about them much and took it as a side effect of my training."Lola said, "Still, I am not only your teacher but also that person whom Serena has entrusted you. Do you know how I felt when I came to know that you were suffering all of this by yourself?She continued after a pause, "If you found it difficult to talk about it to me I understand but at least you could have said about it to Sere. You have no idea how worried and scared she was when she came to your room and saw you in that state. I was busy preparing lunch when I saw her run to me all anxious and pulled me with her so that I could tell her what was happening with you. When in reality I am learning about it right now. Sandhya, I am really upset about it."She turned her head towards
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Serena who had proudly said that no one before had been able to score above 60% in their written exam felt her ego being crushed badly. The questions she asked were all from their previous exams. Is their exam really tough? Nah… it's just that no one has ever tried to score more than 60% since they can score the rest by the practical exam. If that's the case then their question needs serious revision. How can they proudly say that their entrance exam is hardest when a girl who has only laid its foundation of magic and is learning their language not more than four months ago scored above 60% in her first try?! Serena sat there silently while looking at Sandhya intently.Sandhya, who was still waiting for Serena to declare the result of the little test, felt pressured under her Scrutinizing gaze. What happened? Why is she staring at her so intensely? Did she pass or did she fail? She finally mustered up her courage and asked, "Sis, what happened? What is the result? Why
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Sandhya gulped in horror. During study and training, there's only one thing which is unforgivable in Lola's eyes and that is 'DISTRACTION'!Lola looked at Sandhya with squinted eyes. Sandhya panicked and said, "Haha, what are you saying, Sis? I am not distracted. I was just thinking deeply about what you were saying just now."There was no change in Lola's expression like she didn't believe it."Is that so?""Yes, yes, There's nothing else."She was thinking about what to do next when they heard uncle Han called Lola for something. Sandhya got the excuse she was looking for. She immediately distracted her, "Sis, uncle is calling you and I think we should take a little break. We are studying continuously for some time. What do you think?"She asked with a mischievous grin on her lips. Lola rolled her eyes. The more days Sandhya is spending with Serena she is turning into more and more like her."Fine, review the things I taught you jus
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When the manager was preparing for the battle Sandhya and all the people who had gone with them to see it were watching the ongoing battle. The battle ended with one person being seriously injured, blood was oozing out of his head and some of his bones were also broken. He came out on the stretcher and then got sent to the hospital. The winner stood there showing his big rows of white teeth to the people who were cheering for him happily. They were probably those who had bet on him and won money. Some were frustrated because they lost their money but they weren't that bothered since they were here for fun.They were eagerly waiting for the next match to begin so that they could bet and test their luck when they heard the host say, "My ladies and gentleman. I am sorry to interrupt but we are postponing our scheduled official match for a bit. So, the next match which will be held here will be a personal one."Hearing the announcement, people started to talk among themsel
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Brizio stood there dumbfounded. Never in his life, he had thought that someone would challenge him like this. A loud laugh broke the stealth silence of the entire arena. When people looked at the source, they saw that Brizio was laughing madly and his entire demeanor was shaking.Yes, Brizio was laughing not happily but angrily. He thought Lola was looking down on him. How dare she look down on him?! Does she think that she is the strongest? It made him laugh with rage.The smile on his face disappeared and it turned sinister."Then I think I have to agree with it. After all, I never turn down any lady's request. If that's what you want so be it."He turned his head towards a man who was standing below the stage near the entrance. The person immediately understood what he meant and came running to the stage and stood near Lola to guard her.The audience who were present there didn't know about Lola and how strong she is so they thought that she was
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The entire battle arena filled with Brizio's maddened laugh. And the whole arena was looking at him stunned."You… you really think too highly of yourself. So, what if you are stronger than me? So, what if I wasn't able to beat you? So, what would you do if I didn't keep my promise, hm? Do you think you can do anything to me? If I want, I can make you disappear without any effort. You should be happy that I played with you till now. Leave this area? Leave my entertainment? My foot!"He wanted to continue but his voice died down in his throat because his body was lifted up in the air. He was tied down to a 'T' shaped ice pole which was made up of Lola's magic. The entire arena's temperature instantly dropped like they were suddenly transported to Antarctica.Lola was angry, really angry. When she heard him say that they are mere entertainment for him the dam for her anger broke and she released her coldness with her magic. It all happened in mere seconds t
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