Her Missing Pieces, The Alpha's Treasure

Her Missing Pieces, The Alpha's Treasure

By:  Anna Campbell  Completed
Language: English
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Does life have to be so complicated? Zoey didn't think so, that is, until she received a certain letter. When Zoey initiated her first shift on her 18th birthday, her life took a bizarre turn for what seemed like the better and the worst. She learnt something about herself that had been dangling over her head all her life, but she never understood until that moment. She vowed to learn the whole truth but, she couldn't do it all alone, which left her at a dead end once again. Coincidentally not long after, she learns that her mate was the Alpha of the Truemoon Pack, who automatically took a promiscuous adoration towards her. Niall helps his lost mate through all possible challenges and mountains, just so she could find those missing fragments about herself and be happy. But when she finds out the truth, will she be?

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April Coleman
This is an awesome read. This story was hard to put down.
2022-05-08 16:48:18
33 Chapters
Welcome-Please Read
Please Read Before you proceed: Hey there! Thank you so much for choosing my book. You should know that this will not be a boring story, I just suck at descriptions lol. This is a spin off from both "The Human",where the female lead is from, and "Alpha Ace and his Undercover Mate" where the male lead is from. BUT you do not have to read them to love and understand this book. The only advantages crossover readers will have, are the little 'omg' moments when they recognize a character, location or scene. So don't you worry about missing out. But if you wanna read one or both go for it! However, I really really do kinda sorta ish (lol) recommend that you read The Human because a lot of things will be cl
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Chapter 1
My Dearest Zoey,If you're reading this, it means I'm not in your life when you initiated your first shift. I do trust that you're well and happy in a pack with people who love you. That's all I ever wanted for you.If by now you didn't know, I was a rogue. I ran away from my pack when I was 21 for reasons I wish for you not to worry about.If your mom ever told you anything about me, I hope she told you that I love you, and that the rogue life was never what I wanted for you. The constant running and looking over my back was never how I wanted you to live. And so, I'm trying my best to get you into a pack.Maybe the reason why I'm not with you is because my lifestyle got me to the grave, or maybe it's some other reason.But I want you to know that being a wolf is more than just shifting.You'll find your mate and live the happy life I always wished for you.Have my gr
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Chapter 2
"Happy birthday Zoey! I really hope you had a great day" Emma exclaimed on the video call."Thank you! I miss you.""I miss you too sweetheart. I'm sorry I couldn't make it today and I am so proud of you for shifting. Luka said you were great. Can't wait to see for myself" She sighed in content as Jody took over the phone and started her own series of wishes.Emma is Luka's younger sister who lives in England. Her twin brother and also Luka's younger brother, Ty, is the Alpha of the Emerald Pack in England. He found his mate there a few years ago, and since she was the only heir of the former Alpha, Ty took the position once they were fully mated. A few months later, Emma went to visit him and found her mate too, who was Ty's Beta. It was such a lovely story that will forever leave me in awe.Whenever I went there throughout the years, I always felt right at home. Even though I wasn't blood related to Luka, his s
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Chapter 3
Niall's pov"Niall wake up!" A voice I knew too well shouted from the door."I'm up mom! And you know it" I chuckled as I pulled up from the floor and used a towel to wipe my sweat.I took a swing of my water as I pulled the door open to see the wonderful woman I called my mom beaming at me."Still doing morning workouts in your room son? There's a gym for a reason you know?" She had a teasing glint in her eye, since she already knew what my answer was."I only -""Yea yea I know" She cut me off, and I secretly rolled my eyes at her as she barged into my room."What are you even doing here this early?"It was seven in the morning and I knew my mom wasn't a morning person. So for her to be here this early, I knew it was something.She faked a hurt expression and threw her hand over her heart. "My own son doesn't want me in the Alpha house anymore? This has been my home for nineteen years you know?"
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Chapter 4
I woke up on top of the comfiest pillow I've ever felt, with a strong arm draped around my waist.A smile made its way to my lips as I remembered how perfectly my night turned out to be. Niall's cousin was sleeping in what seemed like a very uncomfortable position on the couch across from us, and Emily was curled up in a single arm chair beside him.We must've all fallen asleep in the living room last night--or should I say this morning.So far Niall was perfect. After my initial stage of shock and silence, we spent hours talking, laughing and just enjoying each other's company. I don't wanna talk too soon, but he's everything I dreamt about, and more.The only uncomfortable conversation we had last night was when he suggested that I had to go back home with him, or eventually go back home with him.Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this, but leaving my family felt kinda heart wrenching. I haven't even talked to Victoria about it yet, though
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Chapter 5
"You’re to  be a good girl now Zoey. And please come and visit sometime"I nodded frantically as I hugged my sister for the millionth time. She has been taking my departure the hardest, and I knew this would've happened. She's been quite edgy for the past three days after Niall suggested taking me back to his pack with him.They already knew this, but I guess the confirmation was too much for her. And I understand.It was hard for me to part from them too. They have been my family all my life, and now I'm going to a strange land with new people. It was tearing me apart that I would be six hours away from them.I also felt bad that I was the only female in the house that hadn't shed a tear since. My heart ached greatly and I wanted to cry, but I was never the emotional type.My heart had a contradicting war going on. No way was I gonna stay away from my mate, but I also didn't want to leave my home."We can visit sometime," Naill h
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Chapter 6
He said yes.Yes for crying out loud!Gosh I never thought one word could've caused such turmoil within me. Normally the word 'yes' is associated with good news or requests, but right now it just made my stomach churn.I knew it was probably unnecessary that I was upset about it, given that it was before we even knew we were mates. But the thought of it happening just made me sick.And to make it all worse, that bitc- I mean girl felt like she had the right to be jealous. He's MY mate.I felt anger build up in me even more by the second, and as much as I wanted to walk out and find somewhere else to go, I had an urge to know more. God knows why."What did you guys do?" I muttered through clenched teeth as I balled my fists tightly.He looked utterly petrified at the situation, and I knew he wished he hadn't let that one slip."I promise you, I've never slept with her" He rushed out, and I visibly relaxed. "We did....other thing
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Chapter 7
"Oww Niall! " I screamed in pain as I pulled my head away from him.The look of terror crossed his features as his eyes darted from me to the comb in his hand."Wh-what did I do?" He asked, sounding confused but it was undeniably cute."If you haven't noticed, my hair is curly" I retorted in a sarcastic tone and he gave me a 'duh' look. "So, my dear mate, you cannot attack my hair from the roots first. You have to start from the ends and make your way up. Everyone knows that""Well I didn't" He mumbled as he pulled me back to him and kissed my forehead. "So I'm sorry""It's okay. You were just trying to help and it's my fault that it's so tangled. I hadn't brought a comb to it in five days" I laughed at how lazy I am with my own hair.It's just like what Victoria said, I had to take care of myself now and she's not here to comb my hair for me. And everyone knows I'm useless with it."Yet you still managed to look great throughout all
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Chapter 8
"Niall, you don't have to look so nervous" I chuckled and ran my thumb across his cheek. "You're my mate, I already knew this " I reassured him and I received a charming smile from him in return."I just wasn't sure if you were ready for all this. I didn't want to unsettle you" he said shyly."You're too careful with me Niall" I laughed. "It's like you think I'm gonna break if you frown at me"He playfully glared at me, causing me to laugh harder. "All I want is for you to be happy Zoey. Nothing else.""And what about your happiness?""It stems from yours" He whispered, pecking my cheek.Instead of letting him pull away like he always did, I pulled him closer to me. I stared intently in his eyes with a smile still lingering on my lips."I'm happy, " I told him softly before resting my forehead against his.I could smell the sweet, masculine irresistible scent of him from this close, and it made me feel even more relaxed than I
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Chapter 9
"Something smells off."I rolled my eyes without turning to face her and continued to search for the pancake syrup.From the moment I stepped into the kitchen, Asia tensed and has been giving me the stink eye ever since.Of course every wolf knows that when a female wolf is marked, her scent mixes with her mate's. But it was a majestic scent; not 'off' like she presumed. She was just jealous that MY mate marked me.I finally found the syrup and squirted a large amount onto my mountain of pancakes. I was extremely moody this morning since I woke up without Niall, but I knew that it was the post-mark pre-heat effects.The fact that I was marked would throw my emotions off a whole lot for the first couple days, especially if I wasn't with my mate. But the fact that my heat was this close too, I was like a deadly ball of emotions walking around.I was really considering completing the mating process before the full moon, that way I wouldn't have
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