Nerdy Billionaire's Whore

Nerdy Billionaire's Whore

By:  Sarcasticloner099  Completed
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Alicia Smoke, an heiress to the Smoke enterprises, is arranged to be married to her father's business ally's son, Stephen Herald. On her wedding day, she catches a glimpse of how her loveless marriage will be when she hears her elder sister fighting with her husband, who was arranged as well. Determined to forfeit such a fate, Alicia takes off, leaving Stephen stranded on the altar. Luckily, she comes across a group of ladies who were supposedly going to a party and she ditches her wedding gown and joins them. It wasn't until they arrived at the venue that she figured out her newfound friends were hookers. But it was a little too late to turn back for the private premises they were in were only accessible to a few and she could only leave when the rest of the ladies were leaving.  And then she bumps into Theodore Cavill. The 25-year-old virgin nerd and the birthday boy. He assumes she is a hooker and Alicia doesn't bother correcting him. She just craves one night of freedom before her family finds her because she is sure they will. After one really great night, Alicia disappears leaving no trace but a huge bloodstain on Theodore's bedsheets. Until she discovers she conceived for the sexy stranger, Theodore Cavill.

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73 Chapters
1: Run Away Bride
Alicia looked at her reflection in the mirror and grimaced. That was not the way she had imagined her life would turn out. Growing up, she knew her family would someday make her marry for convenience, but she had always thought she would be strong enough to rebel and run away, to live her life as she saw fit. “You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.” Her mother gushed while adjusting her veil. Alicia scoffed. Two years ago, she had heard her mother say the same thing to her elder sister and the one before that. She was the third born among her seven siblings. Three brothers and three sisters. “I need a moment,” she rasped, wanting time alone to drown in her woes. She already hated her husband-to-be just for agreeing to the arranged marriage, which was ironic, for she did the same without even putting up a fight. After her mother left, Alicia leaned on the dresser with a groan. Her eyes moistened suspiciously.“Shut up woman!” She heard a familiar voice yell from the next ro
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2: A Hooker For The Birthday Boy
Her eyes popped as it dawned on her what she was about to engage in, but her muddled brain and overloaded nerves couldn't let her string a coherent sentence to get out of the predicament without creating a scene. She straightened her back and lined up next to the other ladies. The said pimp approached her with a dissatisfied look in his eyes. “Lose this darling,” he nudged her jacket. “These clients are loaded, they need to see clearly what they are paying for.” Alicia nodded, discarding her jacket warily. She craned her neck to scan the property, and it was definitely a private residence. Before she could find a potential escape route, the mansion door opened and a rather chippy sexy devil appeared. Once his eyes fell on the ladies, a bright smile illuminated his face. He rubbed his palms together gleefully like he was about to unwrap a precious gift. “I love today's collection, Mathias.” The man said addressing the pimp. “My nerdy brother will have a field day.” Mathias smiled at t
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3: Hi! It's Me Again.
“You ditched your party,” Xavier growled, unimpressed with his elder brother. After all the trouble he had gone to, so that Theodore could have a remarkable 25th birthday. “Not now,” Theodore rasped, his hopeful eyes scanning his now empty compound. “I am looking for a woman I was with last night.” “You were with a woman?” Xavier creaked wide-eyed. He couldn't hide his obvious shock, even if he tried. “Focus, dammit!” Theodore grumbled completely, missing the approving smirk on Xavier's face. “She was about 5.6" gray eyes, red hair…” He trailed, turning his gaze back to a strangely quiet Xavier, who was just gaping at him with wonder. Like he was seeing him for the first time. “Did you hit it?” Xavier asked, wiggling his brows shrewdly, thirsty for the juicy information on his brother's sex life. “Not that it is any of your business, but…” Theodore trailed, a wide grin blossoming on his face. The vibe spoke for itself. The nerd had hit it. Xavier mused. “Wow!” He breathed, slappi
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4: Pregnant?
“What did you say?” Theo asked incredulously.“I am pregnant,” Alicia repeated, enunciating each word for emphasis purposes. Theo gawked at her, wondering what her being pregnant had to do with him. For a nerd, he can sometimes be dense. “How does that concern me?” He asked, genuinely surprised. It hadn't hit him that he might indeed be the father. “I thought since you are the father may…” “What?” He screeched, interrupting whatever it was she wanted to say. He hastily opened the door and stepped out of the car. “You are saying I am the father?” He asked skeptically, narrowing his eyes on her flat tummy. Alicia nodded.“Good lord!” He groaned. “Who knew I would procreate, even before my slutty brother.” He murmured mostly to himself. The notion seemed impossible.“Are you certain?” He insisted and for a second Alicia felt a wave of irritation rush through her. “Yes I am sure,” she answered dryly with pursed lips. “You don't have to snap at me, madam,” Theo growled, his eyes flicke
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5: The whore
“You, of course,” Theo frowned. “And me.” He added thoughtfully as if the thought had just occurred to him that he will be part of the wedding too.“Absolutely not!” Alicia screamed. She hadn't narrowly escaped one marriage just to get stifled into another. “But you are pregnant,” Theo argued passionately, looking at Alicia questionably. “Do you want to give birth to a bastard?” He challenged, making Alicia swallow nervously. In their corporate world, a bastard child would be frowned upon, and she wanted to avoid condemning her child to such a fate. She shook her head warily. Theo wasn't convinced by her reluctant conceding. “Let me make something clear, if you are indeed pregnant and with my child, I will have to marry you.” Alicia glared but otherwise didn't try to fight him on the issue. “I will whip us something to eat. Any preference?” He asked, leading the way to the kitchen. Alicia grunted a faint, “anything without nuts is okay.”In the kitchen, Theo rummaged through the cab
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6: Not a whore?
Hilda Cavill narrowed her eyes looking up and down at the woman claiming to be pregnant for her son and wasn't impressed at all. She pursed her lips, scoffing softly. 'The damn whore must have known my boy is innocent and decided to take advantage of him.' She thought grimly, pushing past them and stepped further into the house. Alicia knew she was screwed.From her conversation with Theo, Alicia knew Hilda's opinion of her will impact their lives greatly. And Alicia wanted to get in the good graces of the elegant woman glaring at her like she was the worst scum on the face of the earth. “Why, my son?” Hilda asked, merely curious. Alicia didn't understand the question well, so she hesitated. It only made Hilda more suspicious. “She is actually a nice one mother,” Xavier tried to intervene, but Hilda's mean scowl shushed him up immediately.“So nice that she trapped my son with an unwanted pregnancy,” Hilda mocked. “Are you even sure he is the father?” She frowned thoughtfully.“Yes,
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7: Contract
After leaving the hospital, Hilda Cavill volunteered to take Alicia shopping. Xavier decided to ditch the women, saying shopping wasn't his forte. There is no shop in the mall that Hilda and Alicia didn't enter. They got it over their head with spontaneous buying, so they ended up shopping for the baby as well. There is nothing they left untouched in the baby store. They bought a lot of stuff, including a tricycle. One would have assumed they were shopping for at least an already born baby. They left precise instructions to have the stuff delivered to Theo's residence the following day.After the shopping spree, Hilda convinced Alicia to accompany her back to their estate, so she could get to meet Martin Cavill. Theo's father. Of course, in an attempt to please Hilda, she agreed. That's why she got home many hours later and Theo had already arrived. *****When Alicia walked into the house that night, she found Theo seated on the sofa drinking in the dark. She hadn't seen him initially
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8: Body Desires
Alicia dozed off on the couch with the contract clutched tightly in her fingers like a lifeline. And to some extent, it was because that document carried her future and her child's. Theodore had stayed awake for while waiting to hear her get to her room. It was past 1 am when he decided to go downstairs and check. He tiptoed slowly like he was doing something illegal and didn't want to risk getting caught. When he got to the living room, Alicia had her leaned back on the sofa, face facing up. Her mouth was slightly parted as she emitted soft snores. Theo took the moment to look at her. Like, really stare at her. His fingers itched to trace her soft-looking flawless skin. He stretched his hand but retracted it at the last minute fearing that she might wake and catch him in the creepy situation. He cleared his throat awkwardly hoping she will jolt awake to no success. He resulted to stomping heavily on the tiled-carpeted floor, but nothing. Left with no other choice, Theo leaned in and
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9: Fucking
Theo followed with bated breath. His throat and lips suddenly dried up. He carelessly slammed the door shut behind him and stepped further into the room. Alicia turned, showing him her back, ready to strip out of her thin lacy nightdress. Theo stepped closer faster. He snaked his hand around her waist, pulling her back against his front roughly, halting her actions. A needy whimper tore out of her throat and she let her head fall back on his chest. Theo began rubbing his steely bulge against her heart-shaped butt, loving the salacious sounds she spewed. Holding her in place, Theo trailed his other hand to her almost naked thighs. He wriggled his fingers under the lacy clothing, trailing them up at a torturous pace, while his mouth latched onto her exposed neck. He trailed feathery kisses down to her shoulder, making her tremble in his arms. His hand raised past her abdomen, and navel until he got to her chest. He cupped her breast and fondled them before clasping the hardened nipple b
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10: Wedding bells??
Alicia would be lying if she said that Theo's possessiveness didn't thrill her. It turned her insides to jelly and for a brief moment, she saw the man who had taken her virginity. The tender and warm Theo. Without a thought, Alicia blurted, “I am sorry.” Theo halted, raising his head, which was buried on her chest. He held her gaze for a moment, and Alicia was convinced he would say something. But he didn't. Instead, he grabbed her and slammed his lips to hers, while nudging her to pick her pace with the other. She did exactly that. Bounced on his cock earnestly until they both came, chanting each other's names. He pulled out of her and sauntered to her attached bathroom, where he grabbed a wet cloth. He returned to find her sprawled on her back, panting heavily. He climbed between her legs and wiped her clean, before lifting the covers and gestured for her to get in. He proceeded to tuck her in before gathering his clothes together with the soiled cloth and sauntered out of her room
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