Her grace The Alpha queen

Her grace The Alpha queen

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Lily Cruz is 22years billionaire, heiress to the Cruz's cooperation. She's a human who fell in love and Married Damian Cross, her childhood sweetheart. But she almost met her end when her husband and her bestie shot her in the heart to her death. She was thrown over a cliff and her story ended with them. But that was when her story actually began. She was saved by a powerful Alpha on a full moon when in his wolf form, he went on a rampage. Kayden Diego the powerful Alpha of the strongest werewolf pack saved a human in his wolf form which is contrary to the act of devouring her flesh. He made her a hybrid and saved her by giving her his blood. But there's something about Lily Cruz that Kayden Diego couldn't yet laid his fingers on. How will Kayden Diego take it when he realized that the human he saved was his second chance mate? She holds the magical powers the whole world was looking out for and the only person who can save his pack from the deadly vampire king. What will happen years later when Lily Cruz returns to take her cooperation, her world, her properties from the people who masterminded her death?

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Shannon D
Wonderful story! Even with the occasional name slip from switching from the original origin, I loved it and feel it is underrated
2023-07-20 07:20:41
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Age Orumaa
Good story.
2023-02-28 16:20:59
65 Chapters
"See you in the next life,Lily Cruz"!!!!"Fuck off""Please!!! No...ooo!!!" Lily's eyelids trembled and her eyes snapped open. She shut them again as the rush of reflection coming from the sun makes her body tingled. She slowly opened her eyes until it's able to adjust to the intensity of light that rushed in. She raised herself to sit upright. She glanced around and it seemed she didn't know where she was. She tried to search her memory but it seemed empty. She remained stilled, her memory was completely blank. She doesn't know a thing, where she was or how she got there. Then she remembered the dream she just had before she woke up. She really dreamt that she saw herself fell down a cliff? The thoughts of it, sent cold shivers down her spine. She yawned and stretched herself She looked around the exquisite bedroom where she laid and tried searching her memory where that place was. She doesn't know a thing. She became very uncomfortable and restless. W
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Lily shivered at the words the man uttered. Had she been in a coma? "What happened to me? How did I get here? Who are you?" Lily asked her questions successively without waiting to get her first question answered before asking another. "You asked so many questions, but don't get worked up. Relax, I will answer all your questions and clear your doubts, but first, go and take a bath. You've been unconcious for a few days. There's a closet attached to the bathroom, there you will find some clothes, you can choose to wear whatever you want to. And lastly, when you are done, meet me downstairs and I'll answer your questions" he smirked and then walked out. Kayden Diego is a 3000 years old werewolf Lord. He's the Alpha of the Middleton pack. The pack consisted of 1000 members, a relatively large population for a pack. The pack had formerly been ruled by his father until he fought with the Lakewood pack and won. The Middleton pack had formerly consisted of only 500 members u
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When Kayden Diego became the new Alpha, he decided to punish Joe Bidder by making him a rogue. He was to be forcefully banished from the Middleton pack and must remain a lone wolf for the rest of his life. His co-conspirators were killed but Joe Bidder's punishment was lighter because his daughter Jane Bidder was the Alpha's mate. But Jane Bidder was furious and challenged the Alpha to why he would banish her father. Her father had done wrong and have suffered many months of imprisonment. The time he had spent in prison should be enough to atone for his sins. To threaten Kayden Diego, Joe Bidder declared that if he is banished, he would leave with his daughter who apparently was Kayden Diego's mate. Kayden Diego was not doing what he did because of himself, but for his own people, his pack members. First, to instill discipline and the fear of banishment and secondly, to make them realised the implication of not being loyal to their Alpha. He couldn't have possibly ki
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At the moment their eyes locked, a warm sensation flooded his heart. Why was he having this feeling? he asked himself quietly. He stared at the woman in front of him. She looked delicate and fragile. Her pale white skin was glittering. It looked fresh like a baby's. It gave him this impression that the woman would definitely have come from a high class family. She has a small oval face with a smooth tapered jaw. Her lips were plumb. Her grey almond eyes were attractive. Her hair was thick and long that reached a little before her waist. When Kayden Diego saw her features, he couldn't help but secretly acknowledge the fact that she's really a beauty to behold. He hadn't taken a fancy to the female species, not even when Jane Bidder was still his mate. Lily felt very uncomfortable when her eyes and Kayden Diego's met. She felt like she'd known him before. But the way he looked at her from her head to her toes, it seemed like he was scrutinizing her and she's uncomfort
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Lily nodded in affirmation. Her eyes became teary. The severe headache she felt earlier was panting her painfully and is very painful. Perhaps She should stop trying to remember her past. Kayden Diego saw her tears, he turned his eyes away. Someone or a group of people wanted this woman dead. He doesn't know what she had done or what their reasons were, but they could have at least informed the police and let them do their job rather than take her life into their hands. Or could it be they wanted to murder her for a gain? He would have Justin Stone investigate who this woman truly was. "How long have I been unconscious?" Lily asked. "Four days,"Kayden Diego answered simply. It's been four days since this woman has been under severe intensive care from a werewolf doctor. He couldn't take the injured woman to the hospital because first, he would have to give an explanation on how and where he found her and secondly, she wouldn't have been able to make it to the hospital. She
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Fetching the walk-in talking out of his pocket, the call soon got connected "Officer Nathan on the line...ok...where?..I am with her husband, we'll be right there" Before the police chief could say anything, Damian Cross beat him to it and blurted out "what, has my wife been found?" glaring at the police officer as if he would swallow him whole if he was not fast enough in answering his question. "Not really, but something that might give us a clue to her whereabouts" Police chief Nathan explained. Damian Cross sighed audibly before he heard the officer ask "I am afraid you have to come along to identify some objects that were found" His colleagues have found some vital things that might be linked to Mrs Lily Cruz's whereabout. " Oh!.. sure I am more than willing to come along" Damian Cross agreed and took his phone and car keys and went out, walking behind the police officer . They drove for two hours non stop until they arrived at the boundary of the city. Some police
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The transparent bag contains dry patches of blood. Damian Cross' heart quaked at what he saw. The officers squinted and waited for the Rappeller to explain what he'd seen down there. Getting the camera out of his waist purse, he showed them the various patches of dried blood that he saw at the bottom of the cliff. He told them further that he only collected a minute part of the blood patches for a laboratory examination. But something else really scared them: they saw prints of claws amongst the blood patches. From a closer observation, they realized the claw prints were most likely belonging to wolves. "We will have the forensic department examine the dry blood patches and get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can return home and wait for our call" Police chief Nathan re-assured Damian Cross. When they are through with their final investigation, and the blood patches tally with that of Lily Cruz, that's when they would announce the end of the investigati
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What hurts Anna the most was that the woman her sweetheart was married to was none other than her best friend Lily Cruz!. Each time he's holding Lily in his arms and Anna is around them, he remembers how almost teary Anna's eyes usually were. But that was in the past now, he can be with her henceforth without having the slightest fear of being caught by Lily. He must thank his parents for their support.Their counsel coupled with the role they played in sending Lily and her parents to the other end of eternity is the pivot upon which his new life now leans. They helped him pave a way for financial freedom for the rest of his life. He would take over the Cruz cooperation as it's President. He didn't plan to silence Lily so soon, but this was all her fault. Who told her to find him and Anna doing things couples do?, something he had never done with her in their two years of marriage. He had been married to Lily for two years but hadn't consummated their marriage. He had l
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With these thoughts troubling her mind, Lily rolled from one end of the bed to the other. Meanwhile, Kayden had retired to his study to do some work. He had not been to the office for quite some days now. He had been working from home and looking after the unconscious Lily. He wanted to know what her reaction would be when she opens her eyes in an unfamiliar house. But who would have knew, that she was going to lose her memory so much that she's not even sure of her name. After responding to some mails, and signing some documents, his mind drifted off to the woman sharing his roof. There's something about that woman that makes him want to help her. Why did he felt that inner compulsion to save her life? Why did he willingly gave up his blood? She's a woman and he was in his werewolf form on the night he found her. On such nights of the full moon any Wolf would be willing to devour and kill but on the contrary, he had the intuition to save her. When he brought her to his m
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Without Waiting another ten seconds, Kayden Diego walked out of the room shutting the door behind loudly. He shouldn't have gone to her room. Why was he doing the wrong things over and over again after meeting this woman Lily? A certain part of his body had gone rigid and protruding like a predator capable of devouring his prey. If Lily had mistakenly allowed her eyes linger to the lower part of his body, she would have seen the pranks that certain part was playing on him. So embarrassing. Even if the sky was going to fall, he was not going to enter her room again. Kayden Diego got into his room and quickly went for a shower. He had to calm his tensed body. He had never felt like this before for any woman but this woman had awoken a sleeping part in him. He thought he was so strong and no woman was capable of arousing his masculinity. But that philosophy of his had been proven wrong by Lily. He must avoid her deliberately henceforth. He can't get himself into an unjust
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