High school adventures

High school adventures

By:  Lazypen  Ongoing
Language: English
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A Nigerian High School story.Tiwa Falade is your typical average teenager, not popular, not too brilliant, not in any way at the center of attention.Senior secondary school two was when these started taking another turn for her as she lost the best friend she’s had for years and mingled with people she saw as high class, people she never thought she’d even become friends with.This is the journey of a teenage girl and how she got entangled with love, academics, friendships, enmity, the need to feel among, self discovery, self esteem and lots more.She loved. She hated. She lost. She found. She learnt. This is the story of Tiwa Falade.

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67 Chapters
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To my mum.Thank you for always being there for me and pushing me to succeed. Thank you for your guidance, love, support and endless prayers.
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"I love your book"@rebeccacanton
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Prologue"Who stole my pant again?"
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Chapter 1It was another week of holiday coaching for the S.S 2 and
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Chapter 2Ugoma attacked me as soon as I entered the classroom.&nbs
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Chapter 3   It was a sunny Thursday in the last week of summer coaching when the bell was rung for emergency assembly.
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Chapter 4  Immediately I left school, I took a taxi to my boss shop where I learn hairdressing.My mum believed in learning a trade aside schooling and took it a little bit too serious.
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Chapter 5"Daddy, money for offering" I asked my dad who was seated on the couch listening to a radio. 
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