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Nadine is one of those smart innocent girls that is so naive, the word sex is like a bad word to her. Meeting Chase was never on her to-do list, but if it was she would've done it long ago. Chase is part of the mafia and has this soft spot for Nadine and her innocence. He wanted her to be his and he always gets what he wants.

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5 Chapters
The S-Word
I pull on my pink skirt and my pink knee-highs. I had on a white cardigan shirt that had long sleeves so it hid the marks and it was tucked into my skirt. I slipped my flats on and put the white bow in my hair tying back the front strands of my hair.I grab my school bag, skip down the stairs and leave the house carefully to steer clear of my mother.Amber-Rose, my closest friend, was waiting outside for me. I approached her on the sidewalk, preparing for the treacherous walk ahead of us, to school.Usually, we'd drive, but her car was in the shops, so we were forced to walk all the way to school.Amber-Rose and I chatted a lot as she walked and I skipped in front of her."I don't know anyone with this much energy in the morning," Amber-Rose rolls her eyes at me"Well that's why by last period everyone is sleeping," I told her matter-of-factly, pointing a finger at her face, "If you bring energy in the morning, it stays with you,""Yeah, Okay Dine," she waves off the positivity I best
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I walk out of my last class to meet with the girl I tutor. She was like Mackenzie, only less nice and likes black much more. Her name is Sydney, the one who told me to say that word. Honestly, her grades are only low because she doesn't care about her grades."Yo!" She calls from a table waving me over to her.I nod my head acknowledging her before going over and sitting down. I place my bag on the floor against the leg of the table, opening it to find our revision materials."Today is our day for Biology," I tell her excitedly, clapping my hands."Ugh I hate Bio," she groans, allowing her head to fall against the arms, which were placed on the desk."It's okay, it gets easier," I smile as I place my hand on her arm.She raises her head to narrow her eyes at me. "You smile too much," she grumbles moodily, before dropping her head once again."So I've been told," I say as I take our biology things fully out of my bag and place them on the table.One of my stickers was slightly up, so I
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(Trigger Warning: Abuse)I gasped as I woke up, I shot up from the bed in shock. I started coughing furiously before looking around the unfamiliar room until my eyes landed on a blurry figure in the room on a chair. I looked around me in search of my glasses, I picked them up from the nightstand beside me, put them on quickly and looked at the figure.It was a guy. He had tattoos and he just looked really serious and mean but he watched me with concern and calmness in his eyes.Was he one of the people who attacked me or the one who saved me?He hands me a cup of water. I dipped my finger watching its reaction on my finger making sure there wasn't anything in it before sipping it.Then my mind slipped and I dropped my cup."My mom," I said quickly, frantically looking around as I peeled back the bed sheets.I looked down at my body. I was still in the skirt, I was just wearing the guy's shirt."Oh my gosh," I say as I rise from the bed, fatigue hitting me hard as well as the pain in m
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I sent a good morning text to Chase before getting ready for school.Showering was hard with so many cuts and bruises. Some I had to cover with makeup only making them hurt worse.I put on the outfit I picked and went to my kitchen. My mom hasn't come back since last night so I can grab a snack. I grab 3 fruit snack packets before slipping my sneakers on and leaving to meet Amber."Wow, no skirt," Amber-Rose said to me, as I met her on the sidewalk.I shrug as I hand her a packet of fruit snacks. She smiles, taking it and opening it, popping one in her mouth and smiling.My phone vibrates and I take it seeing a text from Chase.Chase: Good morning, Nadine, how'd you sleep?I smile at his text before typing down a reply.Me: good thx, you?Chase: I slept great, thanks for askingI blushed, noticing that Amber-Rose was peering over my shoulder to look at my phone."Who is that?!" She screeches attempting to grab the phone but I jumped back too quickly.I start to run from her until I se
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Game On
I stepped into the lunch room with my friends and we sat at our table as I got a text.Chase: Do you eat at school? I heard school food is nastyMe: It is nasty, only sometimes I eat at schoolChase: You should. PleaseMe: only bc u asked nicelyI smile at his consideration before putting my phone into my pocket going to the line and skipping to my friends.I don't understand why he wants me to eat. Maybe he realized I'm underweight, but even so, I appreciate the consideration. Nobody usually pays much mind to those types of things.On the other hand, this is how he could find out about what really goes on when I get back home and the truth about my mother.My stomach churns uncomfortably as I pick up my food. I got some fries a milkshake and a brownie before we all filed back to our table."What does he look like?" Was the first thing Mackenzie said as we started trading food without even looking down"Well, he has tattoos. He has a lot of tattoos, everywhere," I say slightly daydrea
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