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Kayla Highlander, a modest but feisty 22 years old woman, who is forced to take care of her little brother after the demise of her parents in a car accident. After a chance meeting with her and the almighty famous playboy Liam Hawkins where she later finds herself working as his personal assistant, she is forced to accept a job proposal in order to fend for her and her brother needs. Liam Hawkins, age 25, a young billionaire who has everything at the snap of his fingers--money, power, women--you name it! But what happens when Liam meets feisty little Kayla who is willing to do anything for her and her brother even if it means getting married to him for a year?One year, a contract, a determined woman, a player husband.What could possibly go wrong?

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23 Chapters
Chapter One
KAYLA'S POVBeep!Beep!Beep!I groan as I try to turn off the ever beeping alarm clock.Thud…I sulk as I fall to the hard floor. I stand hurriedly remembering that today is Evans's first day of school and I've got to get him ready for school. I rush to his room to see him still sleeping."Wake up sleepy head" I say, as I shake him awake."Aargh" he says, as he hurriedly jolts out of bed. I chuckle and rush him into the bathroom. I tell him to have a quick bath and I run back to my room to quickly shower.You may be wondering who I am…Hi I'm Kayla Highlander, I'm 22 years old and I stay in a tw
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Chapter Two
You may proceed...Liam's POVNever in my entire life, have I been treated and insulted by anyone, more or less a nobody although a pretty one at that."Mr Hawkins, the people who applied for the interview are ready. May I let them in?" said Michael, my secretary. "Yes, let them in" I said, tiredly.It's gonna be a long day.......After two hours of interviewing females, who were openly flirting with me. And males who were trying to get on my good side, let's get this straight. I like the women, but I don't mix business with pleasure. Hence, that's why I turned this women down.Now it's remaining two female candidates.The door opens and a tall and shapely blonde dressed responsibly comes in. At least, she isn't loo
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Chapter Three
You may proceed...Kayla's POVHow dare him say that I'm unfit for the job?How dare him call me annoying?Uuhhh... What kind of man is that,thinking I'll beg him,in his wildest dreams.I will never
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Chapter Four
Kayla's P.O.VUgh...I groan as my arch nemesis strikes again..Alarm clock-1,Me-0...Ugh,why won't the stupid thing stop ringing.I fling my hands in an attempt to stop the ever annoying thing,but my attempt fails as I land on my butt on the hard floor.I groan and get up from the floor,grabbing the alarm clock before turning it off and grabbing my phone to check the time and I let a gasp as I realise the time is 7:47am and I've got to be at Mr Hawkins office at 8:00am.I quickly ran to the bathroom and had a quick shower and hurriedly put on my clothes before approaching Evans room only to see him not only wide awake but fully dressed too."Hey baby how are you"I ask him"Good morning Kay,I'm fine and see I got dressed myself"he says while grinning widely.I literally 'awwed' in my mi
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Chapter Five
Kayla's P.O.VThe day was spent attending to his emails,sorting them into important,unimportant or trash,making his coffee and thankfully not spilling any on him or myself, arranging his schedule and files,in short I was exhausted, my body wasn't used to such strenuous activities of going to one floor or another to drop or get a file faxed.I was very tired and it was barely my closing hour yet.I grabbed the files which needed his signature and headed to his office which was next to mine but way bigger,reaching there I took a deep breath and knocked on the door awaiting a response which didn't come.I knocked again waiting for his reply and getting none I decided to open the door and check for him.On opening the door I saw no one in the office so I decided to look around for where he could be,not seeing anyone around I proceeded to dro
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Chapter Six
Kayla's P.O.VI woke up quite early today,so I had time to tidy the house and make breakfast.The breakfast was soon done and I made a cup of coffee for myself before going to Evans room to wake him up and get him ready for school on time."Hey baby wake up it's time to get ready for school."I say while shaking him but he didn't even budge,I shake him again"Wake up Evans.""Five more minutes."he whines while turning away from me."Wake up or you are going to get to school late and won't be able to see your friends before class starts."This got him to get up and head to the bathroom to take his bath.Already finished with tidying the house I head to my room to take a long shower as I had over 45 minutes before its 9:00 am,getting rid of my clothes I hop in and grab my shower gel and rub it all over my body ridding myself of any dirt.Twenty minutes later
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Chapter Seven
Kayla's POV"Miss Kayla come to my office now" he said through the intercom.Ughhh I groan and stand proceeding to his office,putting my shoes back on I knock on his door before entering."Sir you called for me"I said as he seemed to ignore my presence.After a few minutes of him clicking on his laptop,he closed it and finally acknowledged my existence"Yes I did,I called to ask if you've prepared the lunch reservation for my mum and I at the restaurant I told you to"he said to me."Yes sir the reservation is for two and it begins in an hour,I've cleared your meetings and appointments for a three hours time frame giving you enough time to discuss and have lunch with your mum"I said hurriedly not wanting to infuriate him the more as his mood seems far from pleasant."That's all you may leave"he dismissed me,nodding I left the office to mine,slouching
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Chapter Eight
Liam's POVAfter dropping Kayla home,I proceeded to drive to my penthouse.Arriving there I took off all my clothes and had a long relaxing bath while thinking about the lunch with my mum.It went well,surprisingly,my mum is someone who doesn't easily associate well with people, don't get me wrong,she is nice and all but the way she just clicked and started conversing with Kayla amazed me because it normally took her a long time before she freely associated with people but apart from that I was thrilled that she has started reacting to her drugs and therapy.Wrapping myself with a towel I went to my room and dressed in a sweatpant and left my torso bare,and headed to my house office where I did my office duties if I fail to make it to the office any day,sitting down I began to sort the files Miss Kayla sent to me.Ring Ring RingPicking up the phone I see Kyle's name flashing on my screeni
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Chapter Nine
Kayla's POVOhmygod!!Ohmygod!!Ohmygod!!!I'm soooo dead.All because of Noah."Noah I'm so gonna kill you,why the heck did you put off my alarm clock"I said more like yelled at him while chasing him around the house while holding a spatula,childish I know,gaining up to him I hurl the utensil at his stupid head.Bulls eye."Why the hell did you throw that thing at me!"he exclaimed,holding his head and frowning."Well you deserved that you made me late for work and trust me I would have done more damage to you but I've got to get to work before I'm fired and you will do the liberty of driving me there without complaining,do I make myself clear?"I say to him and he nods his head.Smiling at him I head to my room to hurriedly dress up,showering for about ten minutes I put on my already prepared work clothes.After fifteen minutes of dressing up and grabbing something to eat I'm
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Chapter Ten
Liam's POVWHAT THE HELL IS MUM DOING HERE!!"Liam you will do no such thing just because the poor girl came late to work once you want to fire her,Liam that's cruel and unfair and I'm sure I did not train you to be this way"my mum said to me."But mum..."I said trying to reason with her before I was cut off."No buts Liam you will apologize to the poor girl"she said and I took a glance at Kayla who was at the corner,head bowed in either sadness or defeat anyways I could care less."Mum I can't and I won't do such,what do you think that is making me,mum I don't go back on my words plus she deserved it she made me lose a deal worth millions."I said hoping mum will take my side."No Liam you will apologize too her and we both know that deal doesn't even matter,the loss of the money won't put a dent in your already fat pocket"she said.I don't know why mum will be o
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