His Assignment

His Assignment

By:  Zainab Awosanya  Ongoing
Language: English
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Charles is given his first assignment in a cult group, he is asked to murder a teenage girl, he agrees to do this since he is after the reward. What happens when he finds out that he his assignment is the only girl he has loved... He is left with two options, Either he does his assignment and loose his lover or he doesn't do it and loose his life and reward.

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this book is soooo amazing! can't wait for next update ❣️??
2020-07-28 15:55:46
6 Chapters
Chapter one
 Lilian.Tuesday, September 27.4:58am.I could not move, I could not walk, it felt as if my whole world was coming to an end.Everything was going down the drain... I've lost track of the date.I sat on the floor, too weak to climb up on my bed, hours ago some relatives I did not really recognise were busy consoling me.Where were they when we needed help?And now that things have gone bad they are here to sympathize, they only came here to get their fair share of the property my father owned. Jealous and wicked beings.It's been three days now and I'm still sitting here crying my eyes out, I glanced at the wall clock and it was already 5am.Just like yesterday I won't go to school today again.I was well aware that my mom was not around, she w
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Chapter Two
 Stacey. Sunday, September 25.9:35pm.   Things have gone really crazy today, I cried a bit when I heard what happened to Mikel, but I could not cry in front of the kids at the orphanage, and also I had to rush to my hospital since there was an emergency. "Doctor James." Rosie called, she was not only a doctor, but also my friend, we were childhood friends ever since I was nine, then I just relocated to Lagos. "What is wrong?" I asked as we both moved swiftly into the emergency room. I'm starting to hate my job, that minute when you have important family issues to attend to, they start calling your name 'Doctor James we need you at the emergency room stat.' 
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Chapter Three
 Lilian Wednesday, September 28.7:45am.I wore a simple dress, it was white with black polka dots, black sandals and a white head warmer, I dragged my box out, it was not very heavy since I did not park many clothes.I did not wear any make up, normally I would do make up but, It just does not feel right again, nothing feels right again.I'm not going to school till my mom comes back and till then I'll be staying at my aunts place.I gave our house workers a leave, since I'm in charge, I locked my room door and all the windows in the house. Picked my phone before locking the door, then I moved downstairs.Aunt Betty was already making breakfast, so I just dropped my box near the couch and I helped set the table. I'm happy those relatives have gone, they
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Chapter Four
 Lilian Friday, September 30.12:15 pm. "Jane the hand is not square." I said staring down at the toddler, she laid down on the floor, colours and pencils scattered around. I just loved the fact that this kids are not lazy and they take their homework serious. Still, they can be very stubborn and they do what ever they want, she ignored what I said and continued to color the rubbish she drew. I'm just glad that they went to school throughout my stay and the only time they had to disturb me was in the evening, and then they would be so exhausted."Help me park my hair, add this pins and make it look pwetty." Jade said walking towards me with a comb on her hand, I spared her a deadly glare, she mo
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Chapter Five
 CharlesSunday, October 204:15 pm. "The boss wants to meet you." Stanley said another hefty man standing behind me, why does the boss want to see me? I became a bit scared to be sincere, I never wanted to join this group, but I get a lot of rewards and I'm nothing without these people.I don't like the operations they carry out an I'm scared we might all get caught. "Come on walk faster!" the hefty man said, his cheek was full of scars, scars that told tales of the pasts, scary tales indeed.I'm scared of everyone of them and I have never met the boss.   The only person I'm close to is S
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Chapter Six
 Lilian Monday, October 37:30    I quickly stuffed the last slice of bread into my mouth, before clearing the crumps that fell on my lips.More like it sticked on my lips because of the lip gloss I applied. I'm really not excited about going to school infact I don't want to go to school, but I have to, no one's gonna help me write the notes I've missed. It's great that I'm a brilliant student if not I would have been lacking behind in mathematics.I drank the rest of the tea in the cup and used a napkin to clean my mouth before getting up from the dinning table. So going to school is always by school bus, but I'm already late so if my mom can't drive me to school I'll end up taking a public bus... And I r
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