His Bite

His Bite

By:  nyxx  Ongoing
Language: English
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He came to me and hugged me without saying anything. "I'm sorry for all I did. And I'm letting you go. I know that you don't love me anymore so I'm ready to be patient for you." Dave... I closed my eyes and realized, I hugged him back and rested my chin on his arm. We are only carried away by our emotions so we do bad things. But anyway, I forgive you since you told me your reason. You have become a part of my life, Dave, and I was happy to have you before. "Dave."

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4 Chapters
I woke up to the sweet smell of flowers. I can't help but smile in the middle of the cold weather. The scent of the flowers was too calming. I couldn't help but to tighten the blanket against my whole body and curled myself like it wasn't time to wake up.I want to sleep more. Iyong walang klase na iisipin, walang assignment at nakakakabang recitation. But I should accept the fact that at any moment, my grandmother will enter my room clad with her broomstick to remind me of my daily responsibilities. School.I want to cry. My everyday problem is waking up early. How many times have I wished that time would stop and let me sleep I want to feel the softness of my bed and the warmth of my comforter.Should I be absent? Even now. It's so cold, it's too lazy to go in."Claret..."I ignored the first call to me."Claret..." I grabbed the nearest pillow and covered my ears to avoid the voice."Claret..."But the second my name was called, I became violently aware. A man's voice! Man in my ro
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Chapter 1CrowI was currently groping in the mirror watching my own reflection. Grandma made me realize the importance of beauty, a quality that no one else can ever take away.Shouldn't intelligence come first? I just shrugged it off and chose to just nod to everything Grandma was telling me.I know it's a big responsibility for a girl like me to take care of beauty, but I can't deny that the way Grandma takes care of me is not normal anymore.It's not that I don't want Grandma to take care of me. I love him so much that I am ready to follow all his wishes. But most of his way of maintaining my beauty is often hair-raising.Sometimes it crossed my mind that Grandma was preparing me to be offered to a powerful person.I shook my head at my thoughts."Magic mirror, show me the most beautiful woman on earth?" I asked Grandma's old mirror as if it would answer me.I grinned, tucking a stray strand of hair next to my right ear."You... Claret Cordelia Amor..." I answered myself.I laughe
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Chapter 2I'm already walking to the exit of the university, another long class has ended.What good news can I share with grandma?I stopped walking and looked up at the sky which was beginning to darken. It's not new for me to come home at this time, feeling scared that someone might attack me doesn't bother me because of grandma's reputation, but once I heard a man's voice calling me I started to get nervous.I tried to convince myself that it was just my imagination because I was too exhausted with my non-stop academic requirements, but it continued to bother me no matter how I tried to brush it off my thoughts.If it's real, who was he?I believe in souls, but what else is the necklace I'm wearing to ward off evil spirits? Is that not effective or is it just a side effect of being the grandson of a witch?I thought about that until I pedaled home. I didn't realize that I was close, I guess my bike is speeding up now?When I finally arrived in front of our house which was ten time
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It was warm... yet painful... but addicting.
A gentle brushing of my hair woke me up. I'm not surprised by this feeling because grandma used to do this to me often. But how did he get me here?"I know you're awake Claret." Grandma's hoarse voice woke me up. did he cryMy eyes were greeted by the familiar bath that I grew up in. The dim rays of the two lamps hanging on the bamboo wall gave life to our shadows, which I have witnessed several times every time the full moon approached.My whole body is currently soaking in a bamboo bath containing pure milk. Its warm embrace seemed to bring not only comfort but a strange strength that I could not understand until now.I absent-mindedly glanced at the full moon from outside the window. I can't help but admire how beautiful it shows me. Its beauty has never faded from my eyes.But despite my admiration for the beauty of the moon, I suddenly thought of the people who went to our house earlier. I tried to think that they were just part of a strange dream, but what happened was so clear.
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