Loving the Mafia Boss

Loving the Mafia Boss

By:  Rachel  Completed
Language: English
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“Loving him is like shaking hands with the devil. It will be exciting at the same time, scares you to death.” In her never-ending life, 23-year-old Ashley wanted nothing but a decent job to escape her poverty. But her life took a sudden twist and turns when she accidentally met Vincent Sergio, Capo of an infamous Mafia group. Ashley got dragged into his world and never thought it was going to haunt her in every way. He’s a dangerous man, and more importantly, he has special attention on her which she finds so frightening. Stuck in between her boring world and in his risky yet thrilling life, Ashley put in a compulsion to choose one, and he made sure that it has to be his world! Can Ashley evade his charisma? Or is she going to stop her mind that kept thinking about him?

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Loving the Mafia Boss is a millionaire CEO novel, written by Rachel, a novel that has caused fascination in readers. It tells the story of Ashley, she just wanted a job to get out of poverty, but when she meets Vincent Sergio, a powerful mobster, her life takes an unexpected turn. She wants to escape, but he's attracted to her and doesn't plan to let her go so easily. If you are looking for a fiery and dramatic novel, you must read Loving the Mafia Boss.

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Ash C
Such a great book can’t wait to read the second one!!
2023-07-22 02:21:03
user avatar
Riz Agabon
Oh my! I feel Inlove of this book..God job Author
2023-07-18 14:32:10
user avatar
gosh..love them all..on my way to the second book..
2023-02-02 19:51:53
default avatar
This was a very enjoyable read. The character histories were well constructed and their personal growth was accented throughout the story.
2022-07-31 22:07:21
default avatar
Enjoyed the story
2022-07-12 17:25:33
default avatar
This was a nice storyline, written well with some minor proofreading needed. The book became slow and dragged somewhat but all in all a good read.
2022-06-20 11:06:40
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Diana Koo
Loved this one so so much! Cant wait to read about naomi and nicholas!!! U are a talented writer!
2022-04-01 03:21:50
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michell valenzuela
i love all the characters. specially Ashley&Vincent...great love there...Great display of LOVE in many forms. Friendship,Family & for one’s significant other...its a roller coaster kind of emotions once you dived deep into the story...️ congrats dear writer... onto your next novel...
2022-01-05 08:42:11
user avatar
Ela B
To those who read the story…is Vincent and Hector the same person? I only would like to know before continuing reading the story. Thank you.
2021-12-04 19:21:27
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S.Oyogho dancing pen
i love this...️...️...️......
2021-09-10 07:15:21
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JoMamba Penetrante
Love the story!! More Novel’s to come Author
2021-09-10 01:52:08
user avatar
JoMamba Penetrante
Love the story!! More Novel’s to come Author!! ......
2021-09-10 01:51:12
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Laila Richmond
Wow ... love it
2021-08-11 01:54:52
default avatar
Enjoyed it!!!
2021-07-01 01:55:25
user avatar
Sandra Allen
loved the story. looking forward to the sequel.
2021-06-25 16:24:41
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80 Chapters
Chapter 1
    Chapter- 1 Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, Ashley gripped her pen to write the feedback form. She still has not come out of the tension she had in the interview room minutes before, and she badly wants to go out of here as soon as possible. After writing a few compliments about their human resource team, she handed out the paper and walked out of the tall building she was in for the past three hours. The third job interview she is attending this month.
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Chapter- 2
Chapter- 2It’s better that I didn’t get the job in Rex enterprise and so everything happens for a r
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Chapter- 3
 Chapter- 3 “So what you have decided, Ms. Ashley?” Megan asked.“I am interested to join,” Ashley said wholeheartedly. “That’s good to hear,” “I will mail your job status and the rest. Pl
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Chapter- 4
 Chapter 4“All the best for your first day,” Anne said while walking to her place. She's such a good person. In the morning she cooked Ashley breakfast and gave her a ride to the office. Ashley thought these were something she only heard and saw in the movies and TV shows. As far as she knew, people were always hard on her.
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Chapter- 5
 Chapter- 5The week has passed since she joined in her job. Everything is going fine in her life, but she still fears whether she will lose her job one day. Hector was like a ticking bomb; no one knows how he will react. But in her case, he’s a bit lenient and that’s what everyone says.
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Chapter- 6
 Chapter- 6“What happened to you lately, you’re looking so dull,” Meghan asked.“Nothing, I am alright,” she nodded plastering a smile.“Really?” she again asked.
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Chapter- 7
Chapter-7Is this a good decision? Am I taking the wrong way? Yes, I am, Ashley thought looking at herself in the mirror. She’s standing in her lace red panties and bra. She has that small belly that didn't look weird and there’s this anxiousness dangling across her face which she couldn’t hideaway.Whatever it is, I can’t escape from this. It’s not going to hurt me, she said to herself and moved to her wardrobe. She has never done anything daring in her life, always lived under fear but in this she wanted to do something crazy. Her disturbing loneliness met the perfect shady companion to dance. She doesn’t have any clue about how it’s going to be. She took a brand new peach-colored half-shoulder dress which she has saved for a special occasion. She doesn’t know why she wanted to wear that but she did. She puts on her dress and looked at herself in the mirror. For her eyes, she looked beautiful after a long time. She left her hip-length-hair free after brushing it a few times. She ju
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Chapter- 8
Chapter- 8“These are the files which you have asked, sir,” Ashley said to him placing it on his desk.“Okay, what about those emails,” he asked and Ashley mentally frowned thinking why he's rushing things today. Meghan was in charge of that and she's already having a pile of other works too."I will send you shortly."“Okay,” he nodded simply without any remark about being lazy and raise his head to meet her face.“Can you get me a coffee?”“Sure,” Ashley nodded with a smile and walked out of the cabin. She entered the pantry room and made the coffee thinking about what is wrong with her. She kept thinking about the great sex she had with Vincent and she’s yearning to meet him again. It’s been four days since she lost her virginity and it’s not a simple thing to forget and continue another job. There’s something bothering her for so many unexplainable reasons! And she wanted to meet Vincent again.Why doesn’t he miss me, at least for his needs? Oh god! There’s a less chance that he wo
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Chapter- 9
On her way to the office from the coffee shop, Ashley got a call from an unknown number. She picked up to hear that smooth voice.“Off to work?” he asked.“Yeah, what you’re doing?”“I am going to work too,” he answered.“Okay,” she smiled. “So you know my schedule, right?”“Yeah,”“How did you know that? I am curious,” she asked.“It’s no big deal, Ashley. You’re a very normal person, I can easily guess what you will do,”“Is it? Then tell me what I will do?”“You will go to work in the morning after getting a coffee for your boss and sometimes for your colleague. Then you work until the afternoon then you get lunch for your boss. I don’t know why that bastard wants you to pick his lunch when he has his men to do that,” he frowned.“He’s giving me a good salary and so I have to do what he says,” she replies, “You continue the rest,”“Then you will leave office once your work is done which is mostly around 6-7 pm. You come home, watch TV, cook, read, bath and then sleep,” he finished.
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Chapter- 10
 Chapter- 10Ashley walked in slowly since her eyes were blindfolded and she’s careful in taking her steps. Danny left her in the hallway itself and she doesn’t know why Vincent wasn’t here to take her inside.
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