His To Claim

His To Claim

By:  Cryptic_Nyx  Ongoing
Language: English
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There are creatures lurking in the shadows waiting to struck fear to their preys, one of the elusive ones is the King of the shifters, Ruler of the Werewolf Realm, Alpha of the Alphas. Alpha Alexander, a man who bends for nothing and no one ...... That is until he met his mate. A woman destined to bring him to his knees. YOU CANNOT FIGHT AGAINST DESTINY. Humans have always been so oblivious to the world that they live in. They think that they are at the top of the food chain well infact they are and will always be our preys. 2 decades ago when creatures of the night emerged from the shadows and showed themselves out in a public eye. What human believed as myths were actually living with them all along. The reality is way harsher than it seems. ****** I could feel his lips against my neck as he trailed kisses, possibly leaving marks on his path. My hands were pinned by his left hand above my head while his other hand is busy roaming my body. His body was flushed against mine as my back is firmly planted against the wall. I could feel his arousal pressed against mine. His kisses were like a drug, I could feel my body responding to him. Just as I was about to let out a breathy moan I was shaken out of my reverie. Knowing that I am letting my enemy violate me was enough to make my blood boil. "Let me go! I swear to the moon goddess if I break free from your grip, I will chop off your balls and feed them to the oooomp-" I was cut off mid sentence when his lips crashed down to mine. ******

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The book is great and I'm loving it so far..... I'm hooked. it is not your typical werewolf story.
2021-08-10 21:04:52
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The story is great and I'm loving it so far.... I'm deeply hooked.
2021-08-10 21:03:20
19 Chapters
Werewolf Vocabularies
 AlphaAs you all know that an Alpha is the leader of the pack. He or She is in charged with every decisions, setting laws and controlling the pack. They have the ability to banish, exile and kill anyone who shows no respect and those who questions authority. At such a young age they are born with an Alpha tone, it is a clear indication that they are born to rule. In short an Alpha is the pack’s core. However, this position can be challenged thus the winner of the duel with be the ruler.  BetaThe Beta is the right hand of the Alpha. If the Alpha is away all the decision making is made by the Beta and will be reported to the Alpha when he or she returns. Under certain circumstances when the whole Alpha bloodline dies the Beta will claim the Alpha title and will claim the Alpha title and will have the power to rule the pack.  Sentinels
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Year 1850 Two half souls finally reunited and made whole again.Countess Cassidy of the Vampire Realm has found her other half with none other than Alpha Marcus of the Werewolf Realm.Two half souls bounded by fate has made the impossible possible.Three months after their mating union. The cries of anguish and pain from the Vampire Countess could be heard throughout the empty night.Despite the chilly night breeze, beads of sweats were visibly pouring out of the Alpha’s forehead as he paced back and forth waiting impatiently at the other side of the door. Fearing for his unborn pup/s and mate’s safety.Tons of negative thoughts started to flood in his mind.The renowned big bad Alpha had shown his weak points for the first time. Turns out they are not invinsible as they think they are. The thought of his mate going through a painful delivery has made him scared out of his wits.
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Chapter 1: Run Away
 “When the sun goes away. The Night Creatures comes out to play”  Year 2000Luna Monica's POV Today I watched the daylight faded in to night. This is the 150th year since the Blood Moon first appeared.This night marks the seventh night where we get blessed by the goddesses. Dark stormy clouds hovered above the sky creating a blanket over the blood moon.The moon is a symbol for us Creatures of the night that the three goddesses are watching over us. Glancing at the clock. The red color of time flared as it indicates 10:46 pm.My mate’s arm tightened his hold against me and he snuggled even closer to me. I decided to let myself be wrapped up by mate’s warmth for 1 more hour.That 1 hour will be enough to keep me going for years. This will be the last time that I will enjoy my mate's embrace.
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Chapter 2: The Disappearance
I was near at the pack border when I heard a pain filled howl. Deep down I know that it came from him, from my mate.He must have realized that I have been gone missing, My heart aches all over, It feel like it is getting stab over and over again.I was one step in crossing the border. Officially stepping out and leaving no trace behind. Sweet memories flashed through my mind.From the moment I smelt him, The first time that I've felt the sparks spreading throughout my body as our hands intertwined for the first time. Then another scene flashed on my mind with me standing on the makeshift stage and accepting the luna position of the Blood Stone Pack. The day that he proposed to me. The day that I found out I was carrying a pup a
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Chapter 3: Alpha Gabriel
   Year 2003 Alpha Gabriel's POV   The broad daylight seeps through the thick and heavy curtains that was hanged on my office. It has been thrice already when I've seen the night turned into day. You can clearly see the prominent  dark circles decorating under my eyes.  I gently massaged my temples when I started to feel a dull headache forming. I have been up for three days doing something else, anything at all to keep my mind occupied and sleep is the least of my priorities. Locking myself in the office has been my total solitude. Everything inside the house reminded me of her and I don't have the heart to throw those things away. It has been three years since she ran away and I haven't heard anything from her since then.  I will never give up. I know that my mate is still out there, The thread of our mate bond is still intact and I know that she's alive.
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Chapter 4: Out of the Shadows
The wind brushed against my fur as I speed through the woods, dashing left and right and jumping over the fallen trees in my attempt to avoid any obstacles that could potentially slow me down. I can't lose my daughter, she's all that I have. I heard thumping of paws followed by multiple snarls. I know that my pack is right behind me, ready to face danger and will do our best to stop the Rogues. Rogues are Werewolves who had been kicked out of the pack or had left on their free will. Only a few are considered good and it is rare to encounter the good ones. But in this case, the Rogues that we will face have no intention in showing us kindness. Rogues are frowned upon by the Werewolf Realm. The reasons why they left is often because they have trouble following authoritative figures. They go rabid, insane and would kill anyone that would stand in their way. They would lose their sense of humanity letting their animalistic instinct take fu
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Chapter 5: Fury
  In my own world were every corner is filled with endless darkness. My daughter serves as my beacon of light and my pillar of support. I cannot! And I will not survive without her. My other half is already missing and only the goddesses knows where she is.  I don't know what will happen if I'll loss my pup too. Fuelled up by my fury I can hear my paws loudly thumping on the ground as I speed through a bunch of screaming humans as they run for their lives. Some are even hiding inside "closed stores" in fear for their safety. Who wouldn't? If I'm a human too I would probably be running as far as I can away from this horrid place.  I can smell their fear lingering in the air.  Which is quite understandable in this circumstances. Rogues are considered vile, viscious  and are irrational creatures. They have trouble following authoritative figures, they listen to know one. They say t
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Chapter 6: Fallen King
As battle still ranges on all around us. Several white wolves emerged and joined in the fight. The Rogues seems to be in turmoil as others fled and left. Cowards. Those Rogues who stayed and displayed stupid courage had their fates sealed off with fangs and claws. The six Rogues around me appears to be so hard headed and their mind are dead set on killing us. With the Alpha King on my side, the fight now becomes 2 on 6. I may not be good at math but I know damn well that it is not a fair fight. Regardless, we will still kick their b*tts. Without wasting anymore seconds the one closest to me ran straight to my direction and tried to tackle me down and that served as a go signal for the other five Rogues to start attacking too. The second Rogue tried to bit my hind leg, the leg that was injured not an hour ago. The pain from the bite shoot up and I released a pain filled growl. Three jaws was snapping on my direction, the third rogue was
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Chapter 7: The Beginning
  2024 (present year) Erica's POV   It was a little bit past 5am when I woke up from my sweet slumber. My mind was awake yet my body seems to be still in the hybernating stage. Prying my body away from the comforts of my bed will be very challenging and will be a damn near impossible task if I might add. I just wanna stay in my bed and be wrapped up with it's warmth, I don't want to get up and besides it's not like my birthday is today. Today? Birthday?! Oh no! Oh no! No! No! Why now?! My eyes were now wide open, it was so wide that it will make the owl's eyes pale in comparison. It felt like my body suddenly got splashed by an ice cold water. All traces of sleep left me and it evaporated into thin air. Poof! I pushed the blanket off of me. I jump from the bed as realization dawned unto me. Oh my goddesses! My head was suddenly wrapped a
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Chapter 8: Kamille
Next thing I know I was gasping as I got drenched in cold water from head to toe. Turning my head, there I spotted my bestfriend  Kamille smirking while holding an empty bucket. Meet Kamille, she's a little nicer than me, bubblier, a total shopaholic and my twin sister. She have a long pin straight hair, with big doe eyes and a cute button nose. We're twins not by blood but bounded by our mischievousness. Together we create ruckus in the pack house and I think we've a already given a lot of pack members some heart attack. When her parents were away we would always torment the Elders, the Sigmas, the Phis and the Psis. Me being the Alpha's daughter and her being the Delta's daughter, our sheer force is always unstoppable when it comes to pranks. I glared at her as goosebumps appeared on my skin, my glare only made her smirk wider. "Happy Birthday Biiiitch!" Then she started to sing a horrible version of the Happy Birthday s
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