Chapter 88


Acan and I continued to talk, and I noticed that the longer we talked and the more he drank, the more his guards were coming down. He was slowly letting me in again, and I tried to hide the wicked smile on my lips. I needed him to be less guarded with me. I needed him to allow me to enter his heart again, if he even had one, and to want me close. Only then could I turn things around and turn people against him. Eventually, though, he grew too tired and told me he was going to rest now but that we would be riding together tomorrow. I told him I couldn’t wait, even though the idea did not thrill me at all. I couldn’t think of anything worse, but there was no way around it. I finished my drink, then walked back to my room, finding my wife sleeping. I left it shortly just to check on my son, who was heavily guarded but also sleeping. I walked back to my own room, undressing and finally joining her in bed. She woke up a little, moving closer to me, and then fell right back to sle
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