Chapter 89


So many of the people were angry at Acan and Silver. I had taken guards with me before I went to the city, but I listened to complaints all day. I made sure they felt like they had someone they could come to to talk about their struggles. I listened to everything they had to say and began feeding them ideas about taking down Acan and Silver. I was never straightforward about it. I just left small breadcrumbs that I hoped would turn into more. I hoped they would follow my little trial and see the benefits of getting rid of Acan and Silver, and I did seem to awaken something in them. A need. A fire that glowed in their eyes and told me they were considering it. It felt so good to see, because it was like watching the dream house that Acan and Silver had built only for them to have to watch it crumble. It gave me a sick, satisfying feeling knowing their lives would be destroyed. It made me feel incredible to know I would be the cause of it as well. I would be the reason why
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