His Unwanted Girlfriend
His Unwanted Girlfriend
Author: triciaarz

Chapter One:

Cyanelle Louise

I could not described the joy I felt, whenever I'm with the man I loved. The man that always make my heart flutter, whenever I saw him.

I am now here at his small apartment near in Aristotle College, it is not that big. But I can say that it's enough for a student like him.

I stared at his back as he was busy cooking.

My eyes won't get tired following him in every move he made. I'm staring at him and I cannot help myself to stop even if I tried. Like my gosh! Is he that into me? I couldn't hold back the smile on my lips as I gazed at him.

He glanced at my direction and consciously stopped when he noticed that I'm staring at him.

"If I'm an ice cream I probably melt," he joked as he shrugged his shoulder. After he's done placing the plate in fronted of me. I'm quite embarrassed by that. But how could I stopped? Whenever I am looking at him all I can say is that... "Wow, I'm very lucky to have him."

He is a really good looking guy that every women will drool for, every women will chase for and every woman will fall for. He is not hard to love.

"Take a sit." He point the chair in front of him.

My forehead creased, "what is that?" I asked, while I'm pointing the food he prepare.

"It is a Mexican food that called caldo de mariscos, seafood soup."

"Ah." I don't know about Mexican food so...

My heart beats crazily as he start to fed me. My gosh! This is so crazy! My heart won't chill! Damn, this guy!

His pretty emrald eyes stared at me. So I felt a little bit embarrass.

His both brow raised while looking at me like he was waiting for me to tell him something... But I just raised my both brow like 'What?'

"I'm so nervous about what it taste like?" He said while shaking his head. He bit his lower lip and look at me again.

"Was it bad?" He asked.

I looked at him and gave him a genuine smile. While he was still waiting for me to say something.

I bit my lower lip and raised my two thumbs. "It tasted really-really good! It's delicious! It's amazing!" I exclaimed.

He's good at cooking. And I cannot deny that. I swear! 

"Can't you tell me what else you don't know? I mean... It's seems like you know everything!" I pouted while looking at him. He really got everything in this world...

Like; he's smart, good looking, kind and thoughtful. A really boyfriend material perhaps. I just don't know how can he handle those. 

He chuckled while shaking his head. He stroked my hair back to my ear. "Eat well and enjoy your food Ma'am, so I can finally brought you home, and don't think too much." He said. It's been awhile now since the day that I confessed my heart out in front of him.

Every words that I told him. I mean it.

I just need some months to be with him and I'll promised that I will never bother him ever again.

It's kinda funny to think that I begged him to be mine. That I'll begged him to stay.

I look at his phone as it ring on my side.

It's Addy, his friend. He look at me as he mouth that I should wait for him for a minutes. He walks-out in the kitchen and answered the call. I sighed before eating.

I've never met his friends.

When he returned he give me smile as he sat beside me.

"Who called you?" I asked softly.

He shake his head, "Nothing, just Addy, my friend." He said while playing his lower lip with his index finger.

"Ah, so why did he called you?" Trying not to be so curious but damn, I can't help it! Am I acting like a clingy girlfriend? 

"Nothing important but do you got any plan this coming Saturday or something?" He asked.

I shake my head as an answer and smile at him. Are we having a date on that upcoming weekend? I don't know but the thought of that makes me feel excited! That's the first date of us if ever...

He noded while he glance at me, his eyes catches mine. "Addy is gonna have a huge Party on this coming Saturday." He said.

"And I want to ask you to be my date for that night, If that's okay with you?" He added as he stare through my soul, my eyes.

Oh, my goodness! Am I going to meet his friends now?! "I-I want to come with you... W-what should I wear then? Formal? Casual?" I panicked. He chuckled while shaking his head.

"Don't worry about what you should wear, it's just a normal party." He replied.

"B-but," Before I can say anything else. He place his index finger on my lips. My damn heart beat so fast as my breathing stopped. This man I swear! He is gonna be the death of me.

He chuckled, "You can breathe." He whisper. His thumb touch my lips while his pretty emerald eyes were looking at my lips. He slowly stroked my hair back to my ear.

He give me a sweet smile that my heart can probably melt. "I'm very thankful and glad that you came to my life." He says. As he lean his head forward to mine. staring to my eyes, down to my lips, back to my eyes again to my lips. Oh, God! This is so crazy!

Damn, can't he just give me a kiss already? I'm waiting!

My eyes blink a couple of times until his lips touched mine. This is not my first kissed with him. But damn! My heart keep beating faster as if it is my first. I kissed him back as I put my hands around his neck. 

I can feel his tongue playing with my tongue. And at this moment I think my heart want to escape from my ribcage right now as my heart beat really faster.

When we ended our heated kissed. He rested his forehead on my head. "You should go home now," He said in a rasp voice while his beautiful eyes are shut.

"O-okay." I stuttered. He slowly opened his eyes and began to stand up.

He smirked, "I'll gonna brought you to your home. Or else, you want to stay here with me..." I want to! God knows I wanted too.

"I... I...."

He chuckled, "What?" He shake his head. 

"I'm just kidding. You must go home even if I want you to stay here, I just can't. Knowing you have parents that worrying for you." He said while biting his lower lip.

I stared at his green pretty eyes and smile. "Can I hug you?" I asked, he just smirk at me then pulled me closer to his and wrap his arm around me and hugged me really tight.

I wish and hope we are always like this...

I love this guy like really much that it hurts me when the time comes that I needed him to let go...

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K m
I wonder if english is the second language for the author….i like the idea of the book, and I’m curious what will happen, but the English is a bit rocky.
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really don't like clingy girls, i hope that this will turn out for something better.

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