His scarlet queen luna

His scarlet queen luna

By:  Milagros faiyth  Completed
Language: English
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Scarlet Reyes a shy young girl who only has a few friends Jenna and Skylar. She lives with her mother while her father abandoned them after a one night stand. Zane Micheal Black the badboy of Oak tree high and feared by many in all of Baja Despite being young. He likes being with different women including scarlet's best friend Jenna What happens when he finds out that he is mated to a simple human girl while he hates the idea of having a mate much less a human! and what happens when the simple human girl turns out to be something he wasn't expecting. Will sparks ignite between the two or will they go their separate ways

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Faith Osanife
Can't wait to start reading this book :)
2022-11-01 04:47:46
user avatar
Serena Harry
Great job. Nicely written
2022-10-18 23:42:39
user avatar
Linda Garza
great story
2021-09-05 22:54:02
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Mary OConnor
A very, very enjoyable read.
2021-06-28 23:00:11
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Catherine Greene
Enjoyed this story. Excited to read the next.
2021-06-09 10:31:41
default avatar
♥️♥️♥️♥️I love this
2021-05-03 06:24:27
user avatar
great read, I absolutely loved it! Can't wait to start the sequel 💕💕💕
2021-04-28 16:02:22
user avatar
Chris W
I absolutely loved this book! Great storyline throughout! Minor grammar and spelling issues, but easily understood!
2021-03-25 22:47:24
user avatar
Dora Garcia
Really enjoyed reading it from beginning to end. It was different and full of mixed emotions....
2021-03-03 02:49:04
user avatar
Apratyashita Thakur
The plot seems intriguing. Can't wait to read ahead ❤❤
2021-02-27 00:10:43
user avatar
Karen Byrd
loved it...need a sequel
2021-02-21 11:38:01
user avatar
Great start! Can't wait to read ahead.
2021-02-19 10:17:39
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Kathy Aponte
awesome book author!🎉🤗👏❤❤❤❤
2021-02-10 09:51:16
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I love the combination of highschool and werewolf in this book. It's a really interesting story 😁
2021-02-04 16:12:51
default avatar
I love the beginning! Will Zane accept her? let me find out!
2021-02-03 01:31:07
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70 Chapters
1. Blue eyes
Running! I kept on running endlessly away from the force that had been chasing me.I can't figure out what it is but it's scary!All I can see is its blue eyes coming towards me and--Snap! I wake up covered in sweat breathing heavily.Seeing it's 6:50a.m I get up and take a shower.I wear my leggins with a purple tank top and a button up plaid shirt leaving the buttons undone.I comb my blonde hair letting it fall on my back then grabbing my back pack and going down to the kitchen to grab breakfast.Did I tell you about myself no? Well, my name is Scarlet Reyes I live with my Mom in a little town Baja California.My Dad or sperm donor as I call him left my Mom after a one night stand and now it's only me and her against this world.I am only fifteen and in tenth grade.“Morning mother” I said hugging my
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ZANEI smelt the sweetest thing in this entire world! Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies..I have never liked them but smelling them right now, I'm kinder drooling.'Where is that smell coming from?' I asked myself following the scent which led me into the cafeteria.did madame Linda bake today?Madame Linda is a werewolf as well. Most of the students and teachers at school are and they belong to my pack well all werewolves do since I will be the new werewolf king as soon as I find my mate who I'm not looking forward to finding by the way."Good afternoon madame Linda can I have some of those chocolate chip cookies you have?" I said smiling at her eagerly waiting for her to hand them to me. "Sorry alp... I mean Mr Zane we didn't make cookies today. ""Really." I asked, "but I smelt them.."  I said sniffing the air some more.&nbs
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3.Lets go party
 What? You can't blame me, I hate his face though he is so damn cute and hot... focus scar you are about to get kidnapped."Please don't kidnapp me I will give you all the money I have in my piggy bank.." I  said covering my face with the book.An annoying laughter had me thinking. Wait a minute I know that laugh.!I abruptly got up from the chair and saw a laughing Valencia sprawled over the wooden Floor."VALENCIA FRIGGING VALDEZ WHAT THE HELL.." I yelled" ARE YOU TRYING TO GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK OR SOMETHING?" I sat down on the chair, my heart beating loudly in my chest.Why is everyone scaring me today.?"I hate you Val I swear I am going to kill you."  I said closing my eyes waiting for my heart to go back to  beating normally. Today is such a horrible day first Zane now Val? are all cute guys in this world trying to kill me? wait.. Zane
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4. Drunk
 "Was I being loud.?" I asked wishing the answer to be no. "Well you were being loud I heard it all.." he smirked and I groaned I should try to keep my thoughts to my self next time. " heard that too.." Fudge I should just keep quiet now.We arrived at the party and I wished I never came here.The music was so loud drunk teens were littered on the front porch while others were on the dance floor literally trying to tear up each others clothes."Val can we leave now..?" I said clearly disgusted. if this is what parties are like I'm never coming back here."Come on babe we just got here you haven't even experienced the best part yet.." he said dragging me to the dance floor." Hey Scar glad you made it and hi Valencia..." Jenna said smiling as soon as she saw us she was with Zane as ussual. I looked at him and man did
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5.waking up at badboy's house
"Yeah mum I don't know what to do why would the moon goddess do this to me.  I am the future werewolf king for goodness sake I  can't have a weak luna.." I said exasperated." don't worry Zane I am sure she  knows why certain things happened. If that girl was weak then she would have never been chosen to be a luna much less a queen. Look at me I am not a werewolf but I am the queen right?." She said smiling sweetly."Yeah I guess you are right.. but mom you ain't ordinary.  You are a freaking Phoenix.."  I said and immediately regretted using the word. "Sorry.." I muttered and she sighed. "Yes I am but its still the same I am not a werewolf still right.? Look what I am trying to say is that you need her she isn't ordinarry but someone special you can't be able to rule without her human or not she is still your mate the only one who can love you the way you deserve and...." mum wa
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6. Forgiveness
Could I be the chick that made them fight.? I mean why else would I be in his house if it wasn't because of it. I need to find Val maybe he will give me some answers."I'm going home. Cover for me" I told Sky."what.? you are bunking school, I thought that was ilegal.? ""I know but I just don't feel well"."Okay I guess." she said and I got up packing my stuff heading out not before grabbing my History homework from my locker.The first thing I did after reaching home was to place my back pack on the couch in the living room and going over to the Valdez's house. I rang the door bell and mrs Valdez opened the door." good afternoon aunt is Val home?" I asked."Afternoon Scarlet yes come in, he is in his room.." she said. I nodded and went upstairs straight to Val's room."Val.." I said entering  the room and the sight
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7. I hate you
"What are you doing here.." I asked him through gritted teeth." I uhh brought your stuff.." he said handing me a paper bag."Ohh." I said embarrassed grabbing the bag.Then I remembered I still had his shirt and it's in my laundry pile. "I didn't wash yours.." I said sheepishly.."Oh it's okay.." Zane smirked coming closer. "Don't.."  I said stepping back.  " I  don't want you near me.." I  remembered what happened this morning when he touched me.He stopped and looked at me with an emotion I couldn't decipher. "I mean you know what happened this morning.." I said shyly.As if realisation hit him his mouth was shaped into an ' O 'We stood there In silence for a few minutes. Neither of us talking. It was kinder nice until I remembered earlier events..."Why.."  I be
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8. He's ignoring me
"For being with me I don't know what I would do without you." I said and he chuckled. "Anything for you pink panther..""By the way I am also sorry I have kept you awake till like.." I took my phone from the bedside table and looked at the time "Three in the morning.." I said. he let our a small laugh."Yeah but you owe me.." he said. I looked back to see his grinning face with wiggling eyebrows.."No.. please tell me you are not planning on taking me to another party.." I groaned burying my face in his chest. "Well if you don't want then I  will just leave you here alone so that the guilt of Zane could haunt you for ever.." he said it sounding like a ghost."Please no stop you are scaring me.." I said and he laughed. I was major scared of ghosts." Don't worry I won't leave but you still have to come to the party later.." he said. I groaned again." fine only
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9. Stubborn wolf
" Don't worry son I'm sure she didn't mean it maybe she was just upset.." he said and I sighed." I tell you this she will definitely come asking you to forgive her. She is your mate after all and whether werewolf, human or other the mate bond always catches up.." he added I smiled at him."Thanks dad.."" Sure thing Zane.." he said patting my shoulder. "KADEN!!!" I heard Mom scream and chuckled while Dad widened his eyes"Get some sleep son I have to go  to your mother before she makes me sleep on the couch tonight.." Dad said jogging over to the stairs and I chuckled at this. Yeah maybe she was just upset anyway I will find out tomorrow.****Morning came I had come early to school today. me and the guys were in the parking lot they know everything except for the part were she said those things."He
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10. It's a date
" I mean... what do I mean again??oh right what I mean to say is that I am truly sorry please tell me what I can do for you to forgive me..," I said and immediately regretted it. Why do I always make such promises. I saw him smile" Go on a date with me.." he said and my heart skipped a beat. Did he just ask me on a date?? Me! as in me Scarlet Reyes going on a date with him Zane Black the bad boy of Baja and also my best friend's boyfriend?? impossible! I'm probably too hungry I'm hearing things."What.." I asked wide eyed. He got up from the ground leavimg me. "Wait.." I said and he stopped. I slowly got up from my sit rubbing my butt a little then slowly walking towards him afraid I might fall if I walked too fast."Okay.." I said. It's just a date nothing could go wrong right!? It would be just like couple of friends eating food right.??He turned around and faced me, " are you sure..?" I nod
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