Chapter 9

So i think its time to hear from Damien

Damien's Pov

Emily Cole has been on my top radar since i saw her, I can't stop thinking about  her soft plump lips and those curves. She doesn't even know what she does to me

My temptress 

My seductress 

That's what i call her, every morning that i see her swaying her hips into my office to give me my coffee is always the highlight of my day, hearing her sweet 

Melodious voice call my name.

Oh! How i wish i could have my way with that mouth

Just thinking about her sends signals to little Damien 

Ah! What this woman does to me

Today i have a meeting with some business delegates, i know Jefferson will be there and that's more reason i am taking her, i want to show her off .

As soon as i saw her open the door standing i knew i have to get her in my bed even if it's just once.

I could feel the bulge in my pants, little Damien was getting excited she has such perfect legs and those curves. I had to check if I wasn't drooling but as soon as i saw her checking me out I knew i was on the right track

I saw her walk towards my car and I couldn't help but watch her round ass jingle as she walked

How they would feel in my hands

I opened the door for her and she got in and i hopped in right after her

"So Emily, i hope you like Mexican food" i asked her

"I love it actually" her eyes had this unique spark in it

"Oh really, what's your favorite"

"Chiles en nogada" i love it 

"That's mine too" i smiled at her

I parked at the restaurant and we both got out and walked in and a waiter showed us to where the meeting was being held

"Good evening gentlemen" i shook a couple of people and introduced Emily

"This is Emily, my assistant" i kept my hand on her lower back and i felt her shuddered at my touch, I chuckled in my mind 

"Good evening sir" her soft voice could be heard, i saw jeff stand up to shake her hand

"The ever gorgeous Emily " he held onto her hand a little bit longer before he released it

"Back to business gentlemen, the ranges of the oil are high now and Marco hasn't found a solution to it, what do you suggest we do?"

A couple of suggestions were made and some critics but we found a solution to it, we had our dinner and got up to leave

Jeff stood up quite fast and held Emily's hand he said something really low that I couldn't hear but I figured they were exchanging numbers.

I was fuming with anger, how dare Jeff i am going to put him in place. We got into the car and i started driving to her place, the journey was quiet as i was not interested in having a conversation with her

Pulling up at her driveway i opened the door for her. She got out and stood at my front tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Thank you Damien" she smiled innocently at me

"What was Jeff telling you i asked ignoring what she said.

"U-hh he wanted to meet up another time"

I folded my fist in anger, I could not believe the nerve of Jeff he was definitely going to get it from me.

I held her hands and pulled her closer to me, she seemed shocked but quickly regained herself, i held her chin and lowered my lips unto hers.

She tasted exactly as I imagined, her soft lips like butter i softly nibbled on her lower lip and latched my tongue into her mouth as she gave me entrance, she let out a soft moan and fuck it was the sexiest thing I've heard. I tugged her closer to me and deepened the kiss a sigh escaped her mouth and i detached from her, her lips swollen and her cheeks were deep red.

Oh Emily, what i want to do to you

"You don't know how much I've wanted to do that" i saw her cheeks go darker 

"Uh-ah-hum she lowered her gaze to the ground and i used my fingers to bring her chin up

Oh Emily, I'm going to do much more than kiss you, i tugged her closer to me and nibbled on her earlobe i could feel her shiver under my touch

"Goodnight Emily "

She pulls back and whispers

"Goodnight Damien"

She walks back to her apartment and i watched as she got in

I hopped back into my car and couldn't stop grinning, my plan was getting into place.

Awww they finally kissed, I'm over the moon right now.

Sorry this chapter is a little short

But what plan do you think Damien is talking about ? 

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Elizabeth Johnson
I enjoyed the story so far and have many thoughts roaming through my head of what Damien’s plan could be but as a critique try to edit better as there were many misspelled words and word placement..thanks and keep it going
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loving this story so far.
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Xolile Zulu
is he planing to play her

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