hat same night I had one of the most terrible nightmares of my life; I could feel myself sinking through a deep hollow, as the night got extremely filled with darkness. So dense was its darkness that I could barely notice any object around me except myself. I kept walking on the path of a road until I finally reached a little light on the rooftop of an old brick house. It was as if its light was reaching out to me, and saying to me, ‘come, nearer, yes come my darling.’

The wooden door was filled with all sorts of spider webs, looking cramped and old just then two rats gushed out of the empty key hole. I could not imagine why I kept walking towards the old brick house, but I could barely control my steps, how much more my entire self. I opened through the wooden door and immediately found myself in the middle of a large roundly shaped room having all sorts of mirrors. Staring at the mirrors I could see a similar image in all of them, all looking like the image of a man whose voice I earlier mistook for the light on the rooftop of the old brick house. The voice in the mirrors consistently kept calling out to me and would not stop but kept echoing all over again saying, ‘come, nearer my daughter, yes come to me darling.’

As the voice grew stronger, I could feel myself falling into a trance and being controlled by it, however this time I had to fight it off, but it was no easy a fight. The voice grew stronger and the more I sank into its trance the more I got absorbed to its darkness, but I kept fighting back the more. As I kept struggling with the trance and trying to resist my mind and body from further movement, I imagined if only I could get an object to shatter the damn mirrors to pieces, certainly an obsruction probably would occur. I also began feeling this was a game of minds; between the mirrors mind and mine. Just then, I felt a pistol in my hand, I really could not see what kind of pistol it was.  I wondered why I was holding the pistol with a right hand, when I was truly left handed, but I could only see myself raising the gun forward and shooting at the mirrors all around me until there was no one spared. However, instead of hearing the noises of shattering, all I saw were some cracks on the mirrors which again tried merging all at once. I definitely did not want to see what sort of evil it was that was beginning to come upon me again and so with the last strength left in me, I fought myself out of the nightmare and suddenly woke up with a loud scream on my bed, exhaling.

Miss Taylor, my mama, on hearing the loud scream ran upstairs towards my room and with one push, banged the door open, which definitely wasn’t locked in the first place, she turned on the light and ran towards me calling out ‘Melina, Melina’ noticing the exhaling from my lungs was still on, mum quickly urged me to take a deep breath . Mum asked me what my nightmares was all about, but I said no word about it to her and was determined to say nothing to nobody. I grabbed a hold of the little analog clock close to the right hand side of my bed; it was forty seven minutes past two o clock in the morning. I took a stir at the three pictures hanged on the wall directly opposite my bed, namely the picture of Mary, the mother of Jesus at the middle, Martin Luther king Jnr. by the left and Nelson Mandela of South Africa by the right. These were my heroes, all smiling at me except the picture portrait at the middle, yeah that of Mary who just wore a long face probably still mourning her beloved son, but wasn’t sure if they were my true models, certainly wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to be a freedom fighter but I am so certain of wanting to die as a dancer.  Mum loved them hanging in my room anyway and wanted them to influence a better future career for me; she wanted me to become a lawyer, or something more meaningful.

I noticed mum still held on to my hand, so I told her I was good enough, and pretended as if I wanted some more sleep. That had to occur since mum needed some rest herself for working two shifts just to put bread on the table. It was a whole lot of work. I wanted to assist her by becoming a professional dancer and putting an end to the Sparks’ poverty issues. But I guess mum never liked the idea of me being a professional dancer but had always wanted me to be a big time degree holder, law, accounting, whatever, just go to school and get that degree plus a good job.As soon as mum saw that my eyes closed, she turned off the light, shut the door behind her and went off. I immediately opened my eyes  and seeing that she was gone grabbed my P.S.S.P and had no plan of stopping the game until it was dawn, at least that way, I would not get back to sleep and would certainly see no more nightmare. I thought I could hold on for long but just then I fell back asleep again as the dark cased P.S.S.P gradually fell off my hand and crashed on the floor, I could feel myself falling into darkness again.

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