The Secret Admirer

The Secret Admirer

By:  Belle Cassy  Ongoing
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
11 ratings
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Fear, anger, and pain… those were the things I always felt when someone was dying, they were all dying one by one, bloodshed everywhere, and the main root of their death was I, alone.This is a thriller with a touch of a bit romance. :)

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Belle Cassy
I just want to leave this review for those who tried or will try to read this that it will take some time before I update the remaining chapters still plotting them to at least publish all at once. Thank you
2021-03-21 13:04:27
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Belle Cassy
Hope you guys love it. Kindly don't hesitate to drop a review :) God bless and happy reading.
2021-02-05 23:39:29
user avatar
This is wonderful, I'm totally in love with this book... The plot is interesting, the style of writing is more than unique, and I'm totally hooked by the characters... The book is already in my library, and I can't stop myself from being addicted .
2021-01-30 01:58:01
user avatar
Belle Cassy
Thank you for all your reads and reviews. :) It encouraged me more to keep going. :) :) :) God Bless. :)
2021-01-20 16:59:54
user avatar
Wow! To have someone to watch over you all the time can be amazing or a curse! I like the plot and your writing style. Great story!
2021-01-15 17:12:04
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Jherome Pandico
this is a great story ❤️❤️salute to the author of this book.. I'll recommend it to my friends 😊😊
2021-01-13 12:38:15
user avatar
Superb! I cannot find another word to describe this novel. Just superb!
2021-01-12 18:33:11
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<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
2021-01-08 00:48:08
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jessebelle casido
Amazing story ❤️❤️ will surely recommend it
2021-01-07 20:10:34
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Angel Williams
Truly an amazing start. It's emotional and thrilling. I love it!
2020-12-20 13:11:06
user avatar
Apratyashita Thakur
What a gripping start... Can't wait to read ahead😍😍😍
2020-12-14 20:53:29
15 Chapters
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Chapter 1
Chapter 1  It's been 3 months when Dravo died and my emotion was mutual. Only Amanda, his sister, was the only one who always visited me, Camille and the others were busy with their studies while I? I couldn't stop disparaging myself and no police could ever help me, no rescue at all. I was dying daily from the past that was buried in my heart of hearts."Where are you?" I texted Amanda, she replied, " I'll be there in an hour.""Could you come earlier than that?" I asked but she said she was doing something important. Everyone was excited about their entrance exam in College for next year, they seemed forgotten everything that happened to Dravo, so easily. But I...I never left this place, my room. I never went out since Dravo died. I didn't go to my work nor to my class, I withdrew.Tears began to sting in the edge of my eyes again, the injury I had was the same from Dravo's funeral, it n
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2Amanda was walking beside me when we passed through the corridors."Four months, Ash, four months," I sighed when I decided to go back to school. I felt like I never been here for decades, thanks to Amanda who enlighten and encouraged me to go back and left that prison of mine.But then when we were walking in the hallways, I discovered that all eyes were on me, I noticed it since I entered the school, but at first, I thought I was maybe imagining things that all of the kids, parents, teachers, and classmates, all of them were strangely glancing at me, but they were actually staring at me... Why? I thought... I hunched down my head when I came to realization that they were thinking something about me. And it wounds my heart when they were avoiding me like..."Am I a kind of some virus?" I thought and I was trembling, confused, and in pain. But I kept holding on the tears that were stinging in the corner of my e
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 I was afraid when I wakened to found out that I was lashed to the chair. My hands were on my back, hardly tied up while my feet were tied on the seat's poles."What's going on?" I thought, but I was perplexed as I noticed that I was inside my room. Then a minute later I could hear a voice coming from the outside, there were too many voices, "Who are they?"... I wanted to shout for help but there was something in my mouth. I was sweating as I tried to moved and make a noise, but I stopped and shrieked... whoever did this was smart, he even tied the chair to my bed, making it secure, making it sure I won't make any sounds, making sure that I wouldn't do anything that not appropriate to his likings. " Who are you?" I thought. "Is it that man?" I  thought then I started to tremble, my eyes expanded and I couldn't breathe normally. "Come on, Ash, re
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4  Time passes by, and I got used to this world I lived in, I just went with the flow, rather than striving hard enough to give my best effort over and over again just to amend or control the situation nor to make it back to normal. I strived too much but I gave up because nothing rewrote what was before my eyes despite of all the effort I did, I was still an object of aversion to all of them, and I didn't want to care anymore about what they mumble behind me, I didn't care about rebuilding their thoughts anymore, because the more you care the more you get hurt, yet things were becoming more and more worst than ever ... than I ever imagined."Miss, Ash, I'm sorry but we suggest you to move to another school," Mrs. Akitson said, our school principal, as I sat down on the stool in front of her desk. I almost lost my mind when she told me that... 'Why? What did I do enough to suffer
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 "Hi, how are you can you see me? Can you hear me?" I whispered as I glanced at his grave. Wishing I was the one who was sleeping peacefully down there and not him."It suits me better down there, I'm all mess up, Dravo, wish nothing of this happened," I cried as I thought back to how I found Dravo's dead body in my apartment.I was almost finished with my chore from my part-time job when he called me, saying he would pick me up and he has something to tell me, he got a copy of my apartment's key so I told him to just wait for me there and don't bother to pick me up, I could go home alone, and so he did, he was an obedient boyfriend that's why I fell in love with him even more.Well, the moment I reached home, the door wasn't like but the light was off, which was dubious for me,  but I didn't bother to overreact, I thought that he may be just wanted to surprise me, (that was foolish thoughts of mine)  I wa
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 ***Ding dong*** "Who is it?" I yelled when I heard the doorbell ringing, I got, messy hair, exhausted and my head was in pain, I ended up falling asleep last night while crying.The ringing stopped before I could open the door, and when I peeked in the peek-whole there was no one outside, just a deserted street. I unlocked the door and stepped outside to looked who it was then, something nudged into my foot and when I looked down at it I trembled instantly. It was another present from that man again, I wonder why did the delivery man didn't gave it to me personally, didn't he need my signature for proof that the delivery was received? Nonetheless, I was standing for a few minutes, I didn't want to get the gift, I was about to throw them out to the trash can near the road,  but then something caught my attention, there was an envelope inside the bouq
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7Police were having a gawked at the letter I submitted to them, and I was here sitting on the bench seat, waiting for what they think about it, but what made them stay inside that closed door for such a long time, it was a piece of pretty strong evidence, and I could finally find justice for Dravo.I was impatient that I craved to go inside that room, then suddenly, one of the officers went outside and I hurried to ask him, but he said that we need to wait to their private investigator and I was like what the heck? Did they spend too much time inside that room just to say this to me?I chuckled, "Are you kidding me?" I glared at him and he just stared at me, it's annoying when they were giving me an empty answer. I couldn't wait about it anymore, I almost made a fuss when someone came in from the entrance which disturbs my boiling blood.I turned around...He was wearing a plain V-neck white shirt tucked in bl
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Kenneth's Perspective  I was out for investigation and I also went to asked the medicine forensic expert who analyzed Camille's body, but there were no fingerprints in every part of her body, no finger pattern found on her things nor clothes either. And what strange was, there was also no mark of strangulation from the killer or any possible sign that the victim may be fought back to defend herself, which I wonder why? A person would always fight back when someone is attacking him or her, but that victim, they found no marks from her, knowing that the stabs were in the front part of her body; which only means that her killer was facing her, so she could actually fight at least a little, not unless she knows her! I massaged my forehead in too much frustration.  "Mr. Sheldon are you okay?" asked Sir Kevin, one of the police on our site. I leaned my back against the chair and a long, deep sigh
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 "Hey, Ash, you can do it," Amanda texted, and I wasn't sure but I was used to be being with her in school. Well, I transferred into a new school and thanks to that private investigator who made the case privately. I also found a new part-time job, lucky me.I started from the scratch but somehow in my brain and heart, I wasn't still happy because I knew he was just around me, that he was somewhere near me."...Nice to meet you all, again, I'm Ash Sharen..." that was the last part of my speech when I introduced myself to these new people that I would encounter in the future.All eyes were on me, while the principal let me sat on the back, fifth row, second in line.The principal went out already and I sat peacefully on my seat, when the man in front of my table turned his chair to face me.I widened my eyes in surprised, then he scanned my face, and then wink. "What is he trying to do? Fli
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