Human Kid

Human Kid

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Suzanne O'Izzy is a klutzy kind of girl who always wanted to be a hero. Due to the fact that the city she lived in, Herotapolis, had an organization named Hero league that trained heroes, her dream could easily be fulfilled. But when the time for her to take the entrance exam came, Hero league were in battle with villains known as the rogue heroes hence her and the other students in her school who applied were given scholarships to train at Superhero high.Suzanne gets recruited in Squad 10 and finds out that before she can save the world doing heroic deeds she must first be skillful at things and get along with her teammates. It really didn't help matters when the three boys also assigned as her teammates never saw eye to eye on things.Plus E-rank exam was nearing. They had to learn how to get along to move a step up in the hero world. Amidst all quarrels and difficulties, Squad 10 managed to scrape through and enter E-ranks, finally they could start going on missions.Another teammate, a medical corp, was assigned to them. Every Squad in E-rank had one.It was then Suzanne knew her hero life had just begun.

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The idea of the book is really refreshing. I love the way author is describing. This book is more than worth reading!!!
2021-10-03 02:40:30
78 Chapters
Chapter 1
'Listen to your trainer Suzanne,' her Dad advised sternly. 'And pay know the slightest things distracts you.'  'And bore you,' Mum added. Suzanne let her spoon down a little firmer than usual. 'Um...can we not do this...? I'm trying to eat and if I don't eat I could run late on my first day.'  Her twin brother laughed from the living room. 'You mean they shouldn't lecture you on being a complete failure and disappointment?'  Suzanne clenched her teeth. 'Shut up Shane,' she growled. Well in a mild way it was true.  'You know what? I'm off. It's not a crime to turn in early,' she stood up and headed o
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Chapter 2
'Your dad's dropping you off Andrew,' his mum said from the doorway of his room. Andrew, busy with coding on his laptop, didn't turn to acknowledge her as he remained seated at his desk. 'I don't need a ride,' he replied not looking back once. 'Whether you need it or not is no one's down in ten minutes!' his mum ordered and stormed off, her perfume wafting after her as she left. He groaned. Guess my coding can wait till later. He thought as he shut down his laptop. While the robots he invented got his things ready he looked out the window. A brunette was marching down the streets when she suddenly slipped on her shoe lace.  He face palmed himself, such a klutz.., he scoffed. He recognized her all right. They attended classes together in Milton High. If it wasn't for the scholarship, hero-wannabes like her could never get in. He looked
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Chapter 3
Ryan blasted electricity through his hands gadget again. The training holograms faded away.  He smirked. He had beaten his high score again.  'Bravo Master Ryan,' his butler nodded curtly from the training room doorway. 'What is it Greg?' Ryan asked. Greg was not bothered by the cold tone, he was rather used to it. 'Your ride is waiting downstairs if you please.' Ryan still continued practicing. 'What's my agenda today?' he asked without stopping what he was doing. The whole room got shaken by an electric current. 'Well sire, you have an appointment with the hero league management in Superhero high,' Greg disclosed. 'In another term, a school.'  Ryan stopped. 'I see,' he finally said. 'Prepare my usual coffee and I shall have it picked up downstairs,' he instructed. Greg nodded curtly. 'Very well Master Ryan.' 
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Chapter 4
Suzanne entered the bus provided by the hero league.  It was filled with people she knew...well most of them were are classmates. It was calming to see a few familiar faces.  'Who would have thought Suzanne would make the cut?!' a loud girly voice snickered.  Scratch that familiar-faces-thought for a second.  Suzanne turned slowly and came face to face with her worst nightmare. Annabelle. Seated on the row next to hers. 'Annabelle,' she regarded coolly. Annabelle snorted. 'I thought I had gotten rid of you when it was time to submit our application forms.'  Suzanne clenched her fists.  Annabelle had played a nasty trick on her during the period of the submission of their application forms to the hero league schools. The representatives were already running out of pati
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Chapter 5
Once the bus arrived she rushed out. 'Hey Suzanne! Hold on a sec!' Justin was saying, trying to quickly get out but his bag strap which was hooked to a random iron. Other people got out too. Annabelle snickered as she passed Justin, who was trying to untangle himself. He scowled at her, annoyed. Yes, she was truly mean. ~~~ Suzanne stood at the entrance, hesitant and unsure. She didn't realize it earlier but everyone right from the bus had on a certain color of uniform. Why hadn't she been given one? She took a deep breath and stepped into the gigantic crystal building dazzling in the warmth of the morning sun. It was quite huge and there was no other settlement in sight. Just a lot of different training grounds and other buildings belonging to the hero league. Suzanne took in a deep breath. This is it! She thought pr
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Chapter 6
As she crouched there bemoaning her fate, someone who was running tripped on her, causing them both to tumble on the floor. 'Hey!' she cried. The guy huffed as he dusted himself. 'What were you doing back there, weirdo?!' he fired at her angrily. Suzanne looked the other way as she humph-ed at him.  'I was thinking like a normal person when you came rushing like an animal--- Hey!' she faced him. 'What did you just call me fatso?!' Suzanne scoffed as she dusted herself.   Ethan huffed again. Girls were nothing but a bother! 'Fatso?! You're so dumb! The puff is from the armored suit I'm wearing.''Say what you want fatso,' she replied. Ethan fired her a nasty look. He looked away proudly. 'Anyway I don't have time for the likes of you. I'm a Slad now, so that means you're looking at one of the super gre
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Chapter 7
Lots and lots of strange faces. She felt like a little fish in a big pond, luckily she sighted Justin the guy from earlier. And he had not been unfriendly. 'Hey Suzanne!' he waved at her. She stood by him. 'Hey! What's going on?' she asked. He smiled. 'Nothing much. The instructor was just briefing us on the rules of this place and explaining the different rankings of a hero. And Slads like us too. Besides where'd you run off to?' he asked. Suzanne scratched her head. 'Umn....Sorry I kinda got mixed up in all the excitement of arriving here. I guess I just kind of ran off.' Justin laughed warmly. 'No worries. Besides what did you do to that blondie over there? The girl from the bus?' he pointed discreetly so she wouldn't see him. 'She's been glaring at you every two minutes since you ran in.'  Suzanne had a good idea of who it might be.  'Does she o
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Chapter 8
This was a huge mistake. Suzanne's feet refused to move.  'O'Izzy please join your team mates,' the instructor told her, a bit annoyed. '''re sure those are my er ....squad?' Suzanne asked uncertainly. He looked quite irritated now. Andrew scoffed, not looking up from his book. Ryan didn't even glance at her or look in her direction. Only Ethan waved. 'Oy! Over here!'  'That, O'Izzy is your squad for sure now stop asking rather dumb questions!' the instructor replied sternly and stopped what he was doing briefly to focus his undivided attention on her. Suzanne gulped. 'Kay,' in a small voice, noticing that every one was now staring at her. She felt several jealous eyes of the other girls piercing her as she remained rooted to the spot. She walked towards them and it seemed like slow motion as she moved. She fina
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Chapter 9
'Silverstin?!' Suzanne quipped, amazed. The guy that stood before them was the hero league's best student. It was rumored that he had worked for Shades for a while but his power was too much for them to contain and in order not for him to be eaten up by darkness he was sent back to the hero league since they'd assumed being around his mates would bring out his positive side. Nothing changed. He was the most popular hero. Even new born babies knew his name. But he was rumored to be strict and rules-abiding. He also didn't do anything fun.  He was a Rolex. His powers weren't fully known yet but so far, he could turn people within a sixty mile radius into ice. He mainly dealt with ice-based things. When he was still a kid, about three different series of painful experiments were run on him by his dad, who worked for the rogue heroes. He
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Chapter 10
'Let's go,' Aiden said to the rest of Squad 10. 'But...' Ethan looked in the direction Suzanne had run out through. 'She'll come around soon,' Aiden said without looking back as he kept walking away, the rest of the squad tailing him.  Reminds me of Ryan. Ethan thought. Aiden led them round the building, getting them more familiar with the grounds. He gave them each a map in order for them to survey the whole place on their own.  Afterwards he led them to a spot outside the garden where they'd meet up with their coach.  'While we wait, I'll like you to keep me acquainted with your skills and strengths,' Aiden told them. 'Shouldn't you be more concerned about our weaknesses and ambitions?' Andrew asked. Aiden scowled. 'A hero has no weakness, so if you think you're hero material you'd know that fact!'  
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