The Badboy Is My Roommate

The Badboy Is My Roommate

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WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN STEAMY CONTENT WHICH IS STRICTLY NOT FOR KIDS. __________ Preciouscassie is a girl with crazy attitude, she got admitted into a posh college and ended up living in the same room with a bad boy. Unknowingly to her, she had exposed her game plan to her roommate, who's a member of the badboys. What's her game and how will she play it? Who's the arrogant badboy she ended up with? Will she be exposed? What are the conseqence since is still part of the game plan? [ Is part of the game so she must give them what they want]

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What a waste of time. How can he die in the end
2023-10-05 02:34:19
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Bernice Opoku
How can a ML die Please give us some bonus update
2023-08-06 18:54:06
user avatar
This literature is super lovely .........
2023-04-25 12:02:30
user avatar
Ferida Esa
Nice book,I just love this book update more
2023-04-22 04:14:03
user avatar
Silvia Acosta
love this story... highly recommended...
2023-04-20 12:56:46
default avatar
The grammar and spelling is absolutely horrible. You can barely follow the story line.
2023-05-28 16:11:57
87 Chapters
Precious was dragging her luggage out of her room to the sitting room, her little sister who was sitting close to her mother on the coach with tears full in her eyes, she never wanted Precious to leave atleast not without her, she ran to meet Precious and gave her hug."Do you really have to go?", The little girl asked sadly.Precious heaved a sign and went down on her knees she caress the little girl hair as she raised her face up," Am afraid yes, Kylie",She replied and the little girl frowned."Kylie this is the only opportunity i have now to go to a rich school and i promise to be sending enough money for you and mom",Precious said smiling trying to put a smile in her little sister's face.She arched her browns,"Why so much money?,Where will you get them?",She asked. "Cassieprecious don't tell me you are going to steal cash from your roomates or people, i won't be happy about that" Kylie said sadly.Precious was stunned by her sisters statement.Her mother stood up,"Okay Kylie that'
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Precious envelope dropped from her hand to the ground, she's shocked to see the same familiar face she saw who have splashed water on her. Sean happened to be the one.He stood staring at her before he spoke up, "What are you doing here", Sean asked coldly.He's a member of the bad boys team and his the hard to win over, he's rude and heartless. The most beautiful girl's in the school have tried to win him over because his the most handsome and richest of them all, since pretty girls can' t win him over how would a ugly girl like Precious win.Precious snapped out of her shock state and said, "I should be asking you what you are doing here".Sean scoffed,"What do you mean by that?",He asked and rest his back on the entrance as he folded his hand."You are the same stupid guy that splashed a damn water on me, so what are you doing here, huh?", She asked angrily. " If you are dating my roommate, why can't you take her to your place instead of here, aren't you ashame of yourself?", Preci
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Andrew is alone at his dorm, he's busy playing games with his phone, he was so into the game when a call came in. He made a loud groan seeing it was karl calling."Couldn't he wait till the game was over", Andrew said to himself before he responded to the call."Hey man", Karl said from the other side of the phone.Andrew sat up, "What do you want?", He asked.Karl scoffed, "Did i ruin your game mood again?", He asked.This wasn't the first time calling Andrew when he's into a game so his already used to the attitude he gives.Andrew laugh slowly,"Soon gonna block your calls man since it ruins my moment",He teased."So, what are you up doing tonight?", Karl asked.He stood up, "Nothing man just up alone this evening, no chicks around", Andrew responded."How about we meet up at the bar tonight, maybe for a little party?", Karl asked waiting for Andrew's reply.He sneered, "And what should we call that?", Andrew said."Maybe welcoming party for we badboy's return", Karl said.He half a
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Liela was standing at the entrance of the door, the party lights and the low music played made it uneasy for them to hear or see what was going on from afar between Precious and the bad boys team.Mia sighed out of frustration,"We can't trust her",She said and took her seat on one of the chair close to the entrance of the bar.Maria rolled her eyes,"Oh please Mia don't start now",She said as she folded her hand.She grinned her teeth,"It hasn't even gotten to minute yet and you are complaining", Liela said."Oh here she comes", Mia said.Maria stood up," What took you so long?",She asked rudely."Maria, can't you atleast let her talk", Liela said angrily.Precious sign," Thanks Liela",She said. "The boys are waiting, you all can go now,after i get my tips", Precious said as she stretched her empty hand opened."There is still one thing",Liela said.Precious folded her hand back in anger knowing she has wasted a lot of time here at the bar,"And what's that?", She asked." You are gonna
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Andrew gently carried Precious down from his arms making her stand on her legs. He put her hand round his neck so she won't fall."That is my annoying roommate", Precious said pointing fingers at Sean." You know what, i don't wanna know just give me the drink",Sean said as he walked to where they were standing and grabbed the bottle of liquor from her hand."Seriously you sent her out to get a drink for you at the bar?", Andrew asked angrily.Sean turned his back," So?,why do you care?",He asked. "She's just a girl", He said and walked back to his dorm.Hearing that word he kept quiet, Andrew walk Precious slowly to the dorm as she slowly fall asleep.Precious giggled," Can we kiss again when we meet?",She asked as she slowly close and opens her eyes.Andrew kept quiet, "she's drunk and when she wakes up she wouldn't remember all this that have happened", Andrew thought as he entered the dorm.Sean opened the liquor and drank, he stopped drinking as he changed his face to a confused
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she laughed," You realize that's drug abuse right, it isn't the right way to take drugs, it can ruin your body system",Precious said but he ignored her and opened the can of water. "And by the way what do you need superstrength for?", She asked raising one of her browns up in a suspicious manner." It's none of your business, why don't you focus on yourself before on others",Sean said angrily before he took in the pills."Speaking of that, you should take care of yourself because taking too much drug can cause alot of problems in your systems", Precious blurted out.Sean used his hands to cover her ear," Bla bla bla i don't wanna hear mama,",He said as he walked to he's wardrope, opened it and threw the drug in before locking it."Did you just call me mama and said bla bla bla when am talking?", Precious asked angrily turning her gazes towards him." Whatever just shut up",Sean said walking to the door and it suddenly turned into a fight."How dare you tell me to shut up, you don't ha
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"Yeah, I ruined everywhere because i couldn't find any clothe to wear that could fit me better for the date", She said.She furrowed her brown," Yeah that one is better",Precious said and Emily smiled."Oh great", Emily said excited. " I should get ready, please do have your seat while i go in and freshen up",She said and entered the bathroom with the dress in her hand.Precious looked around before she walked to the chair closed to the mirror and took her seat."This is girl is so urgh", Precious said under her breathe.Sean drove his car to his hostel and parked it at the garage at the edge of the hostel. He grabbed the drink from where he kept it before he got down from his car. Sean slammed the door hard before he locked the car with his key, he walked into his hostel and took the stairs to his dorm. As he stepped on the stairs he opened the liquor and began to drink, he felt weak as he drank more, he walked hastily till he got to his dorm. Sean dipped his hands into he's pocket b
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"So you are now in college and didn't care to call", Her mom said on call." Mom is not what you think, you know am always busy",Precious said."Busy?,For money or what?", Her mother asked." No mom, i quit from that already",Precious said rolling eyes."With the way you are rocking your eyes, i know you are lying", Her mother said.She scoffed," No mom, please give Kylie the phone am dying to hear her voice",Precious said."You are trying to..", Her mother couldn't finish her word as the voice changed into Kylie's voice." Hello sis",Precious laughs slowly knowing Kylie must have yanked the phone from her mom's hand. She sat on the bed with a huge smile in her face."Hello Kylie, you know i missed you alot", Precious pouted." No you didn't",Kylie cuts in. "Because you didn't care to call", She added.She began to tears up," I know and am sorry okay, sorry i don't care",Precious said in a cracked voice."I understand you are a emotional sis, but you hardly cry what's wrong tell me",
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Sean heaved a sigh and decided to speak out,"Whatever happened today, don't let anyone know about this, and also to you, just imagine this never happened",He said coldly.Precious nodded her head and ran upstairs back to the dorm,"His back to he's old self,I guess people never change",She said to herself as she opened the door and entered the dorm.Precious walked to her luggage, she sqaut and opened it before she dipped her hands in and brought out two towels. She stood up as she walks into the bathroom to have a warm shower.Down outside the dorm, Sean raised his head up as he took a step up to the dorm. He opens the door and entered before closing it, he looks around, he didn't see Precious around so he guess she must be in th bathroom.Sean took off his shirt as the bathroom door opens and Precious came out, Sean walked into the bathroom quickly to change since his clothe was dripping wet already.Precious couldn't take off her eyes off his shirtless body, as Sean approach the bat
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Precious looked around clapping her hands slowly, "Well, well, well if it isn't Mia again", She said trying to make it looks dramatic.Mia rolled eyes and folded her arms, "It doesn't fits you, so stop it", She said rudely.Precious heaved a sign and looked back at Mia giving her a guilty look, she said calmly, "Look, am sorry okay, i tried to stop you from leaving last night"She cuts in, "Oh if it's about that", She chuckled. "Just forget it, everything happens for a good reason", Mia said.Precious eyes widened in disbelief, "Wow really", She said and smiled. "Oh great, so we are cool?", She asked and Mia nodded her head. "Like real cool?", She asked again childishly.She rolled her eyes, "What are you doing here anyways?", Mia asked."Oh me, i came here for Emily", precious responded."Emily?", She asked. "She's not home", She added." But why?", Mia asked.She laughs slowly "Oh yeah you don't wanna know", Precious responded."Oh please don't tell me is what am thinking", Mia said.
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