Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon

By:  Lora Tia  Ongoing
Language: English
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The hunter's moon. It comes once every decade, but this time there was nothing to celebrate. The Empire of Morrian believed no hunter wolves woke, but one did: the last hunter. Emory Chavére returned home to answer her Alpha's call, right on the brink of the wolves losing the war. To beat the Lycans, her brother and Alpha needed her help to form an alliance with the Rolan pack. But Emory never believed the wolves stood a chance and refused to be tethered. While fleeing Kedar, she revealed her identity as a hunter-wolf in the process. Her decision to run changed the fate of the Empire because it triggered the prophecy of the last hunter and the original instigators of the war reared their heads. As the prophecy unravels, she finds herself caught up in a web of discoveries, alliances, and betrayals. Now the future of all species hangs in the balance, and Emory's destiny is inextricably linked to the outcome. Will Emory be able to end the centuries-old war between the gods and dragons, or will she be consumed by the chaos of the conflict? Only time will tell.

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37 Chapters
Alpha is key
The age of the Lycans began with a great war between the gods and dragons.For aeons, they fought and no one knew how it started or why. All anyone remembered was that it had given rise to the ancient race of warriors called Lycans.The gods were losing, and they knew it. They grew desperate and Aworyn—the goddess of the moon—created her children from the remains of a falling star. They were born with a special connection to the world and were the fierce warriors the gods wanted them to be.Before the dragons vanished into the void a truce was reached for self-preservation.A truce that would last until one of them produced a descendant whose blood was evenly split between them: half god and half dragon. A descendant powerful enough to end the war—and it would be their only chance of peace and survival.After the prophecy of the truce was made, both sides dispersed. Aworyn left humanity and the Empire of Morrian to the first, noble line of Lycans.The Lycans forged an unbreakable bond
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Chapter 1
Emory Chavére looked up from her phone in the back seat of the cab and gazed at the towering Chavére packhouse. Guests were streaming into the compound from every direction.It was hard not to feel nostalgic for the life she was leaving behind in Broiia only to return home for her brother’s funeral.Home.Kedar hadn’t been home in such a long time. Not since her brothers sent her to Broiia after their parents were murdered to be raised by an aunt she barely knew. Her parents and brothers had built this compound with their bare hands while she ran around like a crazy pup, but it was no longer home.Unlike when it was built, the pack house was now bigger, newer, and much more luxurious, and she was the stranger now.Trey, the oldest Chavére and Alpha of Kedar, always argued that the war hadn’t ended and wouldn’t let her return. The news of Nolan’s death two years ago snuffed out Emory’s desire to return to Kedar. Now Larc was dead, too: slashed by a Lycian sentinel two weeks ago.They w
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Chapter 2
With her gaze fixed on Rodyn, she struggled to maintain her composure as her heart pounded against the memories of their last encounter. It was the night before she left for Broiia. She was fourteen; Rodyn seventeen– and they both planned to visit Eleadoí–the capital–in the fall. Their relationship was never meant to be: Emory knew Rodyn would never be her mate even without needing to tap into her wolf — she had never felt that spark ignite with him. They had both been through certain life-altering changes in the last few months leading up to that day and they both knew they didn’t belong together. But their chemistry kept drawing them back to each other. He was hot, exciting — and completely wrong for her. The morning after she left Krelon, it still didn’t feel real. Rodyn was impossible to keep track of, and not just because Aunt Kinshra wouldn’t let her. Five years ago, Rodyn vanished from the map of the Empire of Morrian, and rumours spread that he had gone rogue. “Rodyn we ta
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Chapter 3
The whole night, Emory ran, keeping enough distance between her and whoever Trey would send after her. Next up, she had to figure out where she was and what to do.She wasn’t going back to Broiia or Kedar. Being a Chavére, and a member of one of the last two packs that hadn’t submitted to the Empire of Morrian, she couldn’t go anywhere. The wastelands weren’t safe either since the Lycans lurked there. Living in Broiia, a pack south of the Empire, they never had to worry about encountering Lycan sentinels because they would have to pass through Kedar to get to them.Her only other choice was the Rolan pack.Then she laughed at herself. It made no sense for her to leave Kedar just to go to Rodyn’s pack for shelter.Emory hissed as she wiped the sweat off her brow.Standing on the riverbank, her hands on her waist, she looked around, unsure of where she was. She spent most of her life in Broiia, and this mindless decision to run might just have been her best move: she never got a chance
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Chapter 4
Emory noticed the sun rising when she looked up, realizing they had run nearly five miles. It was remarkable that only her aunt was able to hold off so many Lycans. The hard part now was getting aunt Kinshra back: she’d been right when she told her she not to leave Broiia.Once they reached Kedar’s crossing, the wolves slowed to a halt, circled around her, and then sprinted back in the direction they had come. While she watched them descend the slope, Emory took a moment to catch her breath: hands on her hips.From here, she could find her own way back to Broiia, but now she had to decide whether to go back for her aunt or return to Broiia. It would be easier for her if she could shift and not have to worry about that fucking Hendrick mind controlling her.Her aunt would be furious at her for even thinking about going back, but she had to. The only choices she had were to either seek help from Trey at the Chavere compound or enlist the help of her Br
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Chapter 5
On the outskirts of Kedar, Emory reached the point where she decided not to return to Broiia.She took a detour off the road, running into the Averna woods that led to the neighbouring pack East of Kedar as a safer alternative. After running for a while, she felt disoriented, confused, and responsible for two simultaneous incidents, which caused her to stop for a moment to regain her headspace.Her gaze swept over the vegetation below as she stood on the edge of the woods alone. Loneliness wasn’t new to her, but it was getting harder and harder to bear as time went by. The thick woods were silent, with only a distant caw coming from the right side of her. Making her way down the path, she pushed her sweaty red hair from her face.The second she reached the middle of the valley; she grabbed a branch of what appeared to be a Wildlarch tree and climbed on. It was not her intention to draw these annoying Lycans to her small pack back in Broiia either. She woul
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Hunter’s Moon
A Week Ago...“Emory, you slacker, hurry up!” Kira shouted from the terrace of Aunt Kinshra’s bungalow. “We’re going to be late for the ceremony!”That was definitely loud enough to not only draw her aunt’s ire but to wake Emory too. Not only was she inviting Kinshra’s wrath by yelling so loudly, but banging on the front door as well. Kira seemed to have a death wish tonight and she was about to get it. Her aunt didn’t tolerate any noise, and Kira had a lot of experience with that rule. It was the first thing she learned when she moved here years ago.With such heightened hearing abilities, Kinshra could hear a needle drop a mile away, which made her very sensitive to loud noises.With a hiss, Emory rolled out of bed and trudged downstairs.“Get your friend off my porch before I send her ass flying back to the goddess’ bosom.” Aunt Kinshra warned softly as Emory walked
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Chapter 7
Emory watched Rodyn’s eyes blaze with anger. “He can’t be yo–,” he hissed before stepping away from her like her very intimidating mate had told him to. “What is it?” she asked. Behind her, she felt her mate’s presence, and turned to find him face-to-face with her. His gaze softened when it met hers. It felt like her lungs had been ripped out of her chest and all she could think of was bringing her heartbeat back to normal. As her throat pricked with the sudden lack of air, she took a deep breath as they stared at each other. “Emory?” he asked, like he wanted to make sure. The sound of her name on his lips made her happy, and despite the urge to smile, she forced a pout. “I’ll tell you mine after you tell me yours,” Emory said in a low voice. He tapped his finger on his mouth without saying anything. Then he smirked at her and looked up around the hill just as the wolves and Lycans swarmed. She turned to look at Rodyn — one of
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Chapter 8
Stretching into the sky, and clawing at the blackness above, a single tower loomed over everything else in Eleadoí. Its black walls shone with a brilliance that could be seen from the farthest corners of the city. It was a reminder of the long reign of the Lycan dynasty and this tower was their pinnacle. “This is the castle of Eclin,” said the Lycan sitting beside her. “The Tower of the Lycan King.” The sheer magnitude and grandeur of the building was as she had anticipated. Constructed entirely of black stone, with spires and parapets that stretched as far as the eye could reach. The thought of entering the tower filled her with dread. Simply looking at it made her feel claustrophobic and uneasy, and the one thing on her mind was her brother, Rodyn and her aunt. She felt a crushing weight on her chest as she contemplated the implications of what this would mean for everyone: Lycans and Wolves With the last two alphas captured, it meant that the Lycan
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Chapter 9
“The last hunter,” Hendrick said, standing in front of her. She was taken aback by Hendrick’s presence, somewhat intimidated by it - much like she felt with her mate. Still, she faced him, determined to maintain her composure even with how uncomfortable and out of place she felt. Why was she meeting Hendrick instead of her mate? His presence was nothing like she’d ever experienced. The way he spoke and his mannerisms left her feeling very uneasy. “I’ve got a name, you know. I’m sick of being called wolf, hunter, or whatever. I have a name.” Hanging her hands on her waist, Emory held his deep blue gaze. “What is it?” he asked as he circled around her before returning to stand in front of her. “Emory,” she said. “Ah, yes.” He nodded, his eyes widening in recognition. “The last Chavére.” He added much to her surprise. “Colin and everyone else leave us,” he ordered. Emory watched Sabine and the group leave, then turned back
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