I Slept An Alpha!

I Slept An Alpha!

By:  Liz Gray  Ongoing
Language: English
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"She will be unable to conceive in this life." Richard, my fiancé, remarked aloud to the woman he was fucking, "I've been giving her drugs for the past four years that will make her infertile." Adelynn’s heart shattered into pieces. She came to surprise him after achieving success in her career, only to be shocked. Richard had not only cheated on her but also conspired to make her infertile. How cruel… “She thinks she is smarter than me, but she doesn’t know I am sleeping with her boyfriend in her house, on her bed. Hahaha…” It was Adelynn’s arch-rival at work. Her loud laughter slashed her heart further. ============ Adelynn devoted her life to Richard, her one true love she thought. She did everything to please him and never disobeyed him but eventually caught him sleeping around with her arch-rival while insulting her. With a broken heart, Adelynn accidentally had a one-night stand with a handsome stranger. She never expected the gigolo would turn out to be her new boss, Noel Wilkinson. Her life took a turn for the worse when she discovered she was pregnant. Adelynn planned to raise the child silently on her own, but fate had planned differently from what she had thought. ============ Noel pinched her chin and leaned over to her. “Running away from me with my pup in your womb!” His cold tone made her spine tremble. "Rember I am your Alpha!”

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How often do you update? I’ve been waiting on some of your other books to update.
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78 Chapters
Chapter 1 The cheating
Adelynn’s POV…"Congratulations, Adel," a group of ladies cheered.“Thank you so much.” I grinned, expressing my happiness. I had successfully finished an important project, and now I was being promoted. This achievement wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of my beautiful team members.I stretched my arms widely and gathered them into a group hug. "This victory is for us," I murmured with delight.“Yes, but it is also true that you worked hard for it,” One of my team members said. “Without your guidance and supervision, we wouldn’t have achieved the success. You deserve this promotion, Adel.”“Thank you.” I smiled at them with gratitude.For the past year, we had been working relentlessly on this project, often returning home late. Today was different. I decided to leave work early. My boyfriend, Richard's handsome face flashed in the back of my mind, and my heart started racing. He had been complaining about not getting enough time with me. Tonight, I planned to erase a
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Chapter 2 The one-night stand
I couldn’t keep my tears at bay. Richard was so cruel that he made me infertile. Not even an enemy would do such a thing, but my boyfriend did that to me. I couldn’t control my emotions. I felt a lump form in my throat, making it difficult to swallow. My mind was reeling, trying to process the news.“Miss Adelynn, please calm down,” the doctor tried to console me. “Yes, the report is indeed disappointing, but you still have a slim chance of reversing the effects of the drug. Start taking this medicine and come for regular checkups.” She jotted down something on the prescription pad.But my mind was preoccupied with Richard’s cruelty and his betrayal. I wasn’t really listening to her properly.“Thank you,” I mumbled in a daze as I took the prescription.“Don’t forget to take the medications on time,” the doctor reminded once again. “Hope for the best, Miss Adelynn. Don’t be disappointed.”I nodded curtly before I walked out of the cabin. I dazedly strolled out of the hospital, my mind
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Chapter 3 The new boss
I woke up the next morning with a terrible headache. My body was aching too, as if I had run a marathon. I winced and rubbed my aching back as I fluttered open my eyes. The first thing I saw was the handsome stranger sleeping beside me.I froze instantly, my hand flying to my chest. Last night’s memories rushed into my mind- Richard’s cheating, going to a bar and getting drunk, and then seducing this handsome stranger.‘Oh, God.’I pressed my fingers against my lips. I actually slept with a stranger last night. This thought made my stomach flip. Some intimate scene flashed in the back of my mind, and I shuddered.Panic set in as I realized what I had done. I had never been reckless like this before, and the thought of it now filled me with shame and confusion. My stomach twisted into knots as I tried to process the events of the previous night.Despite my unease, I couldn't help but steal glances at the stranger's chiseled physique. I blushed when I saw his 8-pack abs. Every male soug
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Chapter 4 Unexpected encountere
Unable to believe what I was seeing, I shook my head. But the face remained the same. I thought he was a gigolo. I even tipped him. But he was not a gigolo, much to my surprise. He was Noel Wilkinson, the new boss of the company. The shock hit me like the sky had fallen in front of my eyes.‘Oh, shit,’ I muttered under my breath, the realization sinking in.He would certainly fire me. Panic seized me as I contemplated the repercussions.‘What will I do?’ I thought, my heart trembling. I had to pay off my student loan; this job was crucial, and I couldn't afford to lose it.As he approached, I tried to keep my cool, hoping against hope that he wouldn't remember me. ‘Stay calm, stay calm,’ I reminded myself.I had been mortified enough already, and the last thing I wanted was for him to recognize me and make a scene. So, I kept my head down and avoided eye contact, praying that he would pass me by without a second glance.“Good morning, Mr. Wilkinson. We are all thrilled to welcome you.
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Chapter 5 The Werewolf Bar
I could barely contain the feelings that were racing around inside me. My stomach fluttered. My nerves were in a frenzy, rendering me motionless. Anxiety and fear gripped me, yet an inexplicable thrill coursed through my veins.The very thought of leaning into him and basking in the warmth of his embrace overwhelmed me, even though I couldn't quite fathom my peculiar fascination for him. Attempting to dismiss these emotions proved futile, especially with his hot breath sending shivers down my spine.In the meantime, the door swung open, introducing a tall figure—the same man who had accompanied Noel. The sudden intrusion prompted Noel to step back, and I hastily fled the room, my heart pounding in my chest.Nervousness consumed me, causing my entire body to tremble as I hurried back to my desk, yearning to leave the scene behind. Fate, however, had alternate plans.Upon reaching my desk, a surprise awaited me—a new file, challenging my assumption that the day's tasks were complete. An
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Chapter 6 The attraction
My eyes widened in shock, and my mind raced with the implications. Werewolves? Real? Here? It seemed too absurd to be true.But then, without warning, his eyes glowed a fiery orange, sending shivers down my spine. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Was this some joke? A trick of the light?The surreal nature of the moment made me question if I was dreaming, yet the vivid surroundings insisted otherwise. As I observed the people around me, a peculiar aura emanated from each of them.Towering figures with muscular frames surrounded me—each one exceptionally handsome. Not a single person appeared average. The women exuded grace, athleticism, and beauty.It was then that it hit me—these weren't ordinary humans. They were werewolves, just like Richard. And they were all gathered here, in this secret bar on the outskirts of the city. It became increasingly challenging to dismiss the notion that werewolves coexisted in our world."So werewolves are real?" I stammered in shock."Yes, we ar
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Chapter 7 The undeniable attraction
I hastily exited his car, the door slamming shut behind me as I raised my hand to flag down a passing taxi. The recent events replayed in my mind like a vivid, unsettling movie. His insufferable smirk haunted my thoughts.As the taxi pulled up, I threw myself into the backseat, my pulse still racing. The city lights blurred outside the window.I couldn’t believe I let him touch me in that way. I didn’t entertain his closeness, yet the mere thought of his touch sent an unexpected thrill through my entire being.‘What is happening to me? Why can’t I stop thinking about him?’He was my boss, and complicating matters further, he was a werewolf – an added layer of complexity I couldn't afford to entertain. I had to keep my distance from him.When I arrived home, I rushed straight to the bathroom, turning the shower on hot. I stood under the spray, scrubbing at my skin with soap and water, trying to wash away any lingering traces of Noel. But no matter how hard I tried, his scent seemed to
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Chapter 8 Danger lurking in shadows
Adelynn’s POV…When I woke up in the morning, a wave of nervous energy gripped me. The prospect of facing Noel at work loomed like an ominous cloud, and I was hesitant to go to the office.What would I do if Noel appeared in front of me? Would he mock me as he did last night?The uncertainty churned within me, threatening to disrupt the delicate balance between my professional life and personal turmoil.I grew restless. This job was important to me, and I couldn’t lose it. At the same time, I didn’t know how to keep working there in a tense environment. Whether it was comfortable or not, I had to face the day ahead and fulfill my responsibilities.I hoped against hope that the workday would pass without incident. I wished that Noel would forget everything that had happened between us. Deep down, I knew it was wishful thinking, but I clung to the hope that he would choose not to bother me further. I had no desire for entanglements with werewolves, and my decision to maintain a safe dis
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Chapter 9 The peace deal
Noel’s POV…Despite my assurances, the mayor insisted on a meeting, prompting me to pay him a visit to his office. I walked into his office, a sense of confidence emanating from my demeanor. I had already addressed the issue at hand, and I was determined to convince the mayor that everything was under control.The mayor, a middle-aged man with a stern expression, looked up from his desk as I entered. He gestured for me to take a seat, and I obliged, settling into the plush leather armchair opposite him."Mr. Clark," I began, my voice calm and collected. "I understand your concerns regarding the recent incident. It’s just a small dispute. Nothing is alarming. The matter has been solved on the spot. There's nothing to worry about. Trust me.”“But I am concerned about the photographs,” the mayor expressed his worry. “I managed to suppress the matter. I am afraid more photographs like this may circulate on social media.”Fearful of the chaos it might cause in the town and the impact on hi
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Chapter 10 Trapped in danger again.
Adelynn’s POV…Richard's fiery gaze held me captive, pinning me to the spot as his calculated steps advanced. I tried to swallow, but my throat had gone as dry as the dust clinging to the fire escape behind me."Richard," my voice emerged shaky, barely above a whisper. Each step he took echoed in my skull, the fear a vise tightening around my heart. His smile, sharp and predatory, sent chills down my spine."What's wrong, darling?" he purred, his words dripping with mock concern. "Why the scared little rabbit act?""Richard, why are you here?" I forced myself to sound confident, but the tremor in my voice betrayed me. He could sniff it out – my fear, my desperation.He chuckled, a low, guttural sound that caused me to tremble. "Just checking in. Seems my little bird wants to fly the coop."My breath hitched. Panic gnawed at the edges of my mind, threatening to unravel the fragile control I held.“You are not welcome here.”“Really?” He scoffed condescendingly. “Why? Because you found
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