By:  Laura Ananaba  Ongoing
Language: English
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She's scarred from a previous relationship. She craves attention, she craves to be loved but she's not ready to give back. In her quest to protect herself, she ends in a web of uncertainty between two good men.

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Marykelly Dolenga
fdsaxc cgd fgvs ser bhg swwd ddew grade desde vsscccf deef dessa xxse hhh kalow
2023-10-03 09:12:03
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Debra Bradford
very much enjoying the characters. looking forward to more chapters .
2021-11-03 13:55:45
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Laura has a beautiful way of writing, the imagery, use of words and the emotions that comes with it. I like Nene and hopefully when Matthew comes the next time, I'm in support of her pouring hot water on him. (✿^‿^)
2020-08-16 16:28:32
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Onwukwe Chiamaka
It's a great book, really amazing. I can't wait for the update
2020-08-14 23:02:03
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Blossom Chinwe
I love love
2020-08-13 23:15:05
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Stella Ejiogu
I'm really enjoying this book❤ please update
2020-08-13 05:20:43
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Genesis Anozie
Nice piece ,I need more update
2020-08-14 18:22:16
user avatar
Jayeola Rahmat
So interesting story can’t wait for the next chapter wish the two end up together(tuntun and my lady)
2024-05-19 01:18:02
43 Chapters
Inbetween 1
Harmattan. It was my favorite time of the year. The cold and the dry wind circled around me. It was best at night, when  I hid under the duvet, enjoying the little warmth it could offer. I could sleep peacefully ; no insomnia or thoughts that loved to revitalize in the darkness of the night.  I stood at the balcony outside my shop to see the road. It was busy, not as busy as it used to be. Most people were not back from the Christmas voyage but those huge trucks that spoil the road still caused traffic.  The breeze swished past, making the litters on the balcony  rise in the air and move to a different point on the dusty floor.  I happened to be the only one in the whole building of about ten shops. My neighbors always resumed the second week of January. The permanent honking of cars
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Inbetween 2
Sometime in the past that was not so distant, I used to be excited to see his face. I would have walked with a bubbling excitement to meet him. But that day, I took my time.I closed the car door and walked towards him. He sat on the pavement just outside my apartment."I have been trying to reach you. " he said."Mathew" I breathed out, pausing infront of him before I climbed upto the balcony ,"Did something happen? "That was me, being civil in the best way I could. I was being the Lady Uncle Joe knew me to be, calm and polite even when I wanted to bring out the perfume in my bag and smash it on his head.I climbed onto the balcony and he jumped down from the pavement . "I want to talk to you " He said.In that moment I imagined my voice would get too loud and I would entertain my neighbors even without them seeing me. I stayed at the last floor of a duplex with three ot
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Inbetween 3
It was Mid January when work started to come. It was a time I needed to get my mind off things . Clothes and needles came to the rescue so I gathered alot of work till my legs started to hurt. I had lots of work. I did not mind but the urgency they always stated was maddening! I knew I could meet up. Most days, I worked midnight like I'm conducting a clothe vigil.  Aku mostly sold the clothes on display and she was good with the customers, especially the ones that wanted to eat off my profit and cost price. She was good with all of them, she was a beautiful girl, cheerful and easy going. She was always patient. I think most of the customers even amused her because of the way she twitched up her lips when they were negotiating. When we had no customers she would sit on a white plastic seat reading an old newspaper or revising her books for JAMB.  It was alre
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Inbetween 4
Mrs Idika got her self busy with an Indian movie channel. I tried to join her but I always dozed then came back to consciousness like a security man sleeping on duty."Nene! "I woke up to the sound of her voice . I bent my face and used my hands to wipe off the sleep then I looked at her tiredly, earning her pitiful look."Chai, don't worry, you will sleep.  I just heard his car drive in " she said.I arranged my gown that had somehow rolled up half way my thighs then I wiped my face again. My hair was my signature 'bob' which never stood to rebel against me . I didn't know how she heard a car drive in with the generator noise like a loud trombone. I waited, she waited.A minute.Three minutes .Five minutes ."I thought I heard him drive in " Mrs Idika said, resigned. I turned to her and shook my head tiredly."Come
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Inbetween 5
The sun was at work before I got to work. I parked in the restaurant opposite my work building. Coming down from the car, I saw people gathered downstairs. Not under any shelter but outside! Vulnerable to the diligent sun.  From where I stood, it didn't look like a peaceful meeting. I wanted to return to the car and wait for the hurricane to pass then I saw the landlord. He was a tall, scary looking man with his bushy beards that could even  hide a small chick. My leg started moving before my brain realised.  I crossed the road to where everyone was and began searching for familiar faces but! not madam Chinaka that was vibrating in the crowd. Then I saw Aku, sitting on the rail outside Tunde's office. I breathed a sigh of relief and hurried over to her. She jumped down on seeing me.  "Aku,
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Inbetween 6
I still could not concentrate the next day at work. I could not even hold my head up to look at Tunde for long. He was leaning against the closed door in my office, his legs crossed at the ankles and his hands in his pocket."What is actually bothering you?" Tunde asked as I cleared clothes off my table and dumped them on the sewing machine. I hopped on to the table, burying my head in my hands."I know that you are bothered about her coming down but didn't you ever want her to know ?"I told myself that I would tell her but I also knew I could not bring myself to tell her. I had to be drunk or not in my right state of mind for me to ever tell my sister that we dated the same man. I had evil plans of ending her relationship with Mathew but not telling her."No" I replied him.I raised my eyes slowly to look at him, to see his reaction. But his face bore no ju
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Inbetween 7
Morning came quickly like it supported my self pity. I lay still in bed, staring in the darkness.A loud banging outside caused me to sit up in alert. It sounded like the rumbling of the heavens but this one came too close as if the clouds had descended to my roof.I unzipped the gown I wore to work the previous day and still sat, hugging myself in anticipation of another one so I would be certain if it was a warning of a heavy rain. Then it came again, a loud banging on the door. It seemed like an attempt to pull down the door not a knock.It was still dark. My hands reached for my phone to check the time, it was a few minutes past five in the morning.I made to the front door and because I was expecting my sister, I ignored all security protocol and opened the door. Ada was there. She was wearing something white. She walked past me into the house. I noted the oversized polo she wore before lo
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Inbetween 8
I started my Sunday morning on a painful note. I did not know which side I was on. I reached out for my phone that was always on the stool close to the bed. The stool wasn't there, I rolled, next thing, I was on the floor. I struggled up, trying to find my way in the darkness, I bumped into a stiff object. " Damn ! " I cursed through gritted teeth, rubbing my hand on the object to feel it . It was the sewing machine. I realized then, I was in the guest room. I could not remember where I had kept my phone or any source of light. Off I went, farther into the darkness. I did not bother keeping my eyes open, I just shut it while feeling the walls till I reached the door leading to the parlour. I hit my leg on a stool twice before I found a lantern. I slumped into a couch with a heavy sigh.  The rest of my Saturday with Ada was uneventful. It was like we avoided ours
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Inbetween 9
'SPRINGS OF GRACE'  was written in clear, bold letters on a banner at the gate. Inside the place was a white storey building, with pillars decorated with colorful ribbons. It was facing the gate and beside it was a bungalow , which I saw children running around .I found a space to park in the parking lot beside other cars. Just with the crowd of cars, I knew it was a big church and I was a little late. I even expected it to be close to the time for church offering.Walking into the church, I felt swallowed up. I did a rough summary of the crowd to expect inside but I was not even close. A female usher came and offered to take my bag, I declined. I needed something to keep my hands busy while I followed her. We moved through the aisle till she found a pew with space. It was the fourth pew in the row.I was mostly grateful for the hymn they were singing that suppressed the sound of my heels and grateful I did not apply
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Inbetween 10
Mathew's gate was grey with a large drawing of a lion head staring in front. The gateman let us in when he saw me. I had asked Ada to wait in the car but she insisted on coming in. "Incase things go out of hand" she said.  I knew Mathew. He was not violent. He was mostly quiet but that Mathew I knew was also faithful, truthful and he turned out to be a liar and a cheat. It was like I did not know the person at all.The surrounding was same and very familiar. It was a one storey building. There was the boys quarter opposite the main building where the driver and gate man stayed. His three cars were just being washed by the driver. It was his customary way of washing the three cars every day even when his Oga used just one car for a whole week or more.I rang the doorbell and waited. Ada was tapping the wall rhythmically and humming. I just stood, hugging myself waiting till it would be reasonable to press the
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