Internal Sin: 065


I goggled at the devoid space in front of me and it stared back at me, none wanting to yield but I was forced to as my ears caught the sound of a 'meow'

I spun toward the sound, finding Leo curled beside me. A slim smile crept to my face and I gently massaged his furs, once again reminding me that I wasn't completely alone.

But, it wasn't enough. I darted away and back to having a staring match with the wall and again, it peered back, almost malevolently.

It had been a day, a week, or perhaps a month since I was brought back and trashed in my room. I'd lost count of how long I'd been on the floor, how long I stared at the wall in the same position till someone walked in through the door and did with me whatever they pleased, and when they left, I returned to my previous position—the ache in my joints was nothing compared to the thorn in my chest and with each passing day, I could feel the vines thriving around my heart, tightening while it's sharp spikes punc
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