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(this book contain raw languages and explicit contents, don't blame on the author, read at your detriment) "You don't have to, not when you are willingly offering yourself to the devil himself" he moves round, circling her. " And you know what he's capable of doing, torture is what he's good at" "If I am standing before the devil himself, then" she paused before continuing, "I am ready to ride into his heart" she was bold. " You don't seem to be scared of darkness, do you? " He tilts his head to the side. " Not when I've spent every second in darkness," She said trying so hard not to cry. " I am ready to be consumed by the darkness in hell, to be bound to you for as long as I live and afterlife if only you make me yours! "She spoke out in a confident and decisive tone. " Little bunny," he was more than amused, " you don't make a deal with the devil! " He warns. That didn't scare her, as she spoke out." I already have" He let out devilish laughter, as the building vibrated in response as if experiencing an earthquake. His gaze travels back to the bunny, " SHE IS MINE!" His tone was so firm, claiming her before the Mafia Lords. Audrey Shawn is a girl who has always believed in the love of family, not until she was sold by her dad, the same person who was meant to protect her. She was broken, but the thought of being sold to the highest bidder hurts, She willingly offers herself to a man she hasn't met before, beckoning to her, he was the devil himself. What will happen when she finds out that she's crossed a deal with the devil and can't find a way to escape?

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Donesha Cobb
Where are the updates????
2023-04-27 09:05:58
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Delinda Schumacher
61 chapters 4-20-23
2023-04-21 12:37:08
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Chidera Chintuwa
Very interesting, hope it would remain like this till the end
2023-04-10 03:53:23
92 Chapters
Audrey's eyes snapped open to be welcome by darkness, her body aches she can't explain what it feels like."Where am I?" She tried to set herself free but the rope that binds her hands and legs together made her every effort futile.The last thing she remembered was her and her dad, in the car. He promised to show her a big surprise he's set and she was so happy."Is this the surprise? Where is he?" No matter how much she try to think positively, she couldn't stop her heart from beating. It aches."D-dad, dad!" She stutters as she called on him repeatedly, hoping he is close by.This can't be happening."He can't do this to me, no he can't" she couldn't believe he was capable of doing much to her. "He is my dad and he's supposed to protect me" she tries to comfort her aching heart. She was so scared, she has no idea where she is and the silence and darkness in this room are suffocating her.She didn't realize she was crying until she tastes the warm and salty liquid causing her to c
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She is mine!
Audrey stood on the spot with light shining directly on her pale silky body, hundreds of eyes staring at her in lust and desire.She was dressed in a pair of black lingerie with a black cloth covering her face.She was the last girl to be brought up at the auction centre and the one with the highest bidding."Here's our last and top most beautiful offer we have for you. But, she won't be sold directly, the highest bidder takes her home" the auctioneer chanted, the silence of the room was broken by a sudden bid," One million dollars!" A brown hair man said."Two million!" A red hair man interjected."Three! Four, five..." The bidding continues as the filthy rich men kept on bidding, with each one of them wanting to take her.Audrey was weak but her sense was still intact. She heard them bidding on her like a piece of property, and it hurts to know this is happening to her now all because of her dad."Stop!" Audrey yelled all of a sudden, causing the room to grow death silent as they a
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A weakling for an angel.
"No! This can't be!" Wendigo spoke all of a sudden, stunning the crowd except Cannon."You can't have her, the rule says the highest bidder takes her home" He spoke out. There was no way he will let him get the girl, she belongs to him, not Cannon."Who makes those rules?" Cannon asked.Wendigo couldn't open his mouth, he knew it was more reasonable than to push his life to the line where it will be placed on the board so his head will be chopped off his body."You make the rules!" Capo Baston said. He is the second in command."No!" Cannon denies, "I am the rule, and whoever goes against me faces my wrath" he gazes intensely at Wendigo who couldn't help but tremble under his domineering gaze."She is mine" he turns to Audrey, "right bunny?" He asked, caressing her arms.She nods but that wasn't enough."Say out loud, to their hearings" his voice was threatening and void of any emotion."Yes... I am his, I belong to him for the rest of my life" Audrey found herself saying those words
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Didn't know angels could lie.
It was a bloody sight to see in the undergrown cell with fleshes everywhere, and blood dripping down Cannon's nails but that didn't stop him from doing what he does best as he kept on ripping out their body parts."Where is the Black gun?" He asked but non of the men standing were willing to talk.This only aggravated his anger. Flinging his hand to the right, a head came falling at the centre staring at him."Where is he?" He asked again.Out of fear of dying, a black hair guy quickly answers, "he left immediately after the auction" His eyes blaze red, with veins popping out of his face.There was no use of the men standing before him, he killed them one after the other, tearing off their body parts with his long sharp nails drawing out the intestines of another.By the time he arrived home, he was clean as hell. Like he wasn't the one looking all bloody.On the other side, Audrey rolls down the bed, and she feels dizzy. Seeing how calm the house was, she didn't spare any time to ma
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Tell me you want me, bunny!
Audrey's mind was a disaster as she paced back and forth, unable to stay cool."Is he truly the devil? Why did he kill that man?" She thought to herself, with a frown.She doesn't know the deal they had but killing is what she can't accept.Her heart sank at the realization of what she's gotten herself into."Breath out!" She said calming her aching heart, " just play your cards well and his heart will be yours" Since she openly offered herself to this man, the stranger she's never met and he calls himself the devil, there is nothing she can do but play along."How can I when he keeps on killing everyone?" She cries, running her hands through her long thick black hair.How sure was she that she will get his heart? That he will spare her life if she goes against him?"He does have a heart, doesn't he?" She asked no one in particular but a sudden reply left her mouth hung wide open."Yes, darling... I do have a heart" He took a short stride to her with hands behind him like a king taki
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Little bunny !
Audrey closes her eyes, leaning against the door. Her chest rises and falls uncontrollably.She can't believe he touch her, not like she didn't know he will but still... To think she was about to lose her dignity with a nod from her was scary.With trembling legs, she pushes herself off the floor and walks to the bath.On the other hand, Cannon sits on his favourite black sofa staring at nothing. He was angry and bored, the fact that she didn't fall for him got him worried.No woman has ever been able to resist him, just the sight of him gets them hard wet and excited, begging for his touch but Audrey, instead of begging and crying for his touch which he was being so kind to offer without a reason, begs him to stop... Just how dare she?"You look worried, Don... Is there a problem?" Baston asked, taking a seat next to him.Cannon didn't respond and neither did he bother to look at him. Baston knew the exact thing he wants whenever he is feeling lonely and bored."The girls are set" B
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The Chase.
Audrey turns around in her sleep and hugs Cannon who busily stares at her sleeping with so much interest.He never believed staring at someone would be this peaceful and nice until he found himself staring at her all night.Audrey snuggled closer, enjoying the warmness of his body. She frowns at the feel of hot air hitting her face.She opens her eyes and was met with his beautiful set of gold eyes staring back at her, she blinks a couple of times unable to believe she is lying in his arms.She attempts to push herself away but his strong grip around her waist kept her stuck to him."Good morning, Bunny" he greets. He's never done that before, but he didn't mind.Audrey didn't respond and just stare at him, blinking. She thought the room was hers and seeing him right next to him was a big surprise."I-I need to...use the bath," Audrey said in a soft voice feeling uncomfortable in his arms."Why? Feeling uneasy?" He asked, brow raised.Audrey still didn't respond as she struggles to se
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meeting Baston.
By the time Audrey went down, Cannon was long gone. She doesn't know where he's gone and doesn't care to know.The house was silent, it was like there was not a single soul in the room.She climbs down the stairs, gently. Just when she sigh in relief thinking she was the only one in the mansion, a certain someone burst out of nowhere, scaring the shit out of her."Who are you?" Audrey asked, panting as she stares at the red-haired man. "You scare the life out of me" she complains.Baston couldn't help but chuckle seeing how scared she looks. A moment ago, she was like someone who will not shiver even if the devil appears from hell but here she is, panting for her life."Sorry, didn't mean to scare the shit out of you" Baston apologize, chuckling.Audrey frowns in displeasure, "it's no fun" she complains.How can he be laughing when he almost gave her a heart attack? That's just not fair.Baston nods, "I know" he raises a brow. "What took you so long?" He asked.Audrey frowns, not unde
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The car stopped before the large and well-known supermarket. Baston helps himself out and rushes over to open the door for Audrey, but she blandly ignores his efforts and helps herself."I'm a slave not a fucking princess" Audrey reminds him of who she truly is to his boss, "just so you know" she adds.She didn't want to get a princess treatment only to be placed behind the bench to seat and watch others eat and laugh.Baston stare at her but did say anything. Of course, she has the right to decline his help but, it's not like he wanted to do it. He was ordered to.Audrey's eyes darts around the beautiful-looking place, it was dusk outside and most stores and shops would have been closed by now."Why did you bring me here?" She raises a brow and glances at Baston then the supermarket."Follow me!" Baston didn't respond, rather he orders and start going into the supermarket. Audrey frowns, she had a lot of questions to ask but decided not to and just follows the red hair grumpy man."
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you are the Eve and I, the serpent.
By the time they get home, Cannon was seated on his favourite black sofa staring at the burning woods breaking in the hearth.Audrey walks in alongside Baston, she froze upon seeing him. She's forgotten he existed until now. Even though Baston is nervy and frustrating at times, he was able to make her forget about the devil of a master.With trembling hands, she walks and stands before him. She couldn't help but swallow, staring at his godlike breathtaking figure is something she was sure she will never get used to."W-welcome, Master" she mutters under her breath, shivering.His gold-like eyes fall on her tiny figure. He watches her tremble with interest."Master!" He murmurs, "don't call me master, call me My Lord!" He tells.Even though Audrey was scared, she couldn't help but roll her eyes tirelessly. She nods."Come here," he said in an authoritative tone.Obediently, Audrey walks to him. She thought she will take the seat next to him or by him but to her greatest surprise, he sh
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