65| Part One of Epilogue : Where She Had Accepted Changes For Better

A little fun I did with my own writing. Read ahead to know lol.

Emily's POV:

"Ugh, this is too damn hard! I can't do it anymore!" I sighed loudly, letting the laces of the red dress I was wearing fall down to my sides. 

Closing my eyes in frustration, I looked at the phone screen to see Mia muffling her laughter with her palm. We had been on a video call for an hour. She was teaching me how to wear this new dress my mom had made it necessary to gift to me as the part of my effort in changing myself all over to an elegant lady which she had always wanted me to. 

Which I might add, would be the absolute brutal unnecessary death of my tomboyish-ness someday. 

"What?" I asked her, somewhat irritated by her laughter. 

"Nothing, " She answered me. "It's just seeing you trying to put on a dress reminded me of my

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