Khada Raiko

Khada Raiko

By:  xander janoy  Ongoing
Language: English
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Khada Raiko is a book about a guy who searches for an answer on why his family was killed when he was a child, killed by something...that shouldn't exist.

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Raiken Rikiro
A new take to a fantasy!
2021-11-11 11:18:56
4 Chapters
Khada Raiko
I was once happy, that's what I remembered when everything is fine. Until one day a group of rebels invaded our house and slaughtered every member of my family. It was a blood bath. I got a chance to run in the forest, still, the rebels tailed me, shooting an ak47. I got hit but not fatal, hidden in the woods for hours then hours turn to days. I've eaten different insects. Hell, I even ate grass just to survive. They scouted the forest for days. I was too afraid to make a small noise because of my gut feeling telling me that they are still in the forest. Rainy night, I heard a gunshot. Then what follows up is a loud noise of a grenade launcher. I thought that was the end of me. Head down, crying like a baby and shaking because of fear. A hand touches my shoulder “Kid, you're safe now.” I slowly look up to find a guy wearing a black leather jacket carrying a shotgun. Moments later, two blonde girls at their 30s showed up carrying an M14 rifle. One of them spoke up, &ldquo
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Khada Raiko : Maharlika's Secret
The first part of my confession is a bit to fast. I'll admit, I did leave you wanting for more. It may seem entertaining but in real life, it isn't.The reason why I didn't write a continuation is that I took a vacation. Just to cool off some things.Alright, so onto the next part.I was seriously injured, but IW has headquarters in different regions. I immediately got to one of the HQ in Japan. That's where I met Akushi Hiroshi, the doctor of HQ in japan. I was admitted for a week. Although seeing a wound like mine is not new to him, I couldn't help myself but ask.While I was recovering, he invited me for tea. That is also the time when I finally decided to ask him, “What is Shiku Itikito?"He was shocked by my question then, “Since you are the only one who successfully killed him, I think that you deserve to know. Each country has its own myths and legend, right? Here in japan are the yokai, and what you killed is their leader. Yes,
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Khada Raiko : The Trolls of Norway
Khada Raiko 3: The Trolls of Norway  "IW seems to be hiding something." They are really hiding something, not those monsters that I have fought but rather, they know my origin. Yes, I now know what Emillio's last words. I don't wanna talk about it. By the time that you're reading this, I am probably on a vacation- on the hospital, of course. Alright, enough talk let's go to another confession. I was at the hospital of Maharlika for three days. Before I got home. I got scolded again by old man Andre.  “You should stop now. Raiko the Token that you've earned is already enough for you. Just quit this work, find a decent job and live peacefully.”  His reasons are convincing enough, maybe he is right. If I leave now, I might be able to get a peaceful life. But something's telling me that I need to know more. About me and my origin. What
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Khada Raiko: Goblins of Iceland
Khada Raiko 4: Goblins of IcelandRight now, you've already assumed that maybe the hunt to Nero Orantri is over. No, it's not.In my stay in Norway, I learn a lot and by a lot I mean, everything. We are actually the same. Yeah, I know its kinda hard to explain why but I'll do my best. While I'm also telling you about another mission. But first, we'll talk about my training.My training? Well, it didn't go that well. For weeks I've been suffering. Pretty demanding and also exhausting, we would leave at dawn and return sunset. To the forest, hunting trolls again. Those ugly beast and their unpleasant odor. We would climb up the tree and leave a mark; a rope to where we are and jump unto another. Yeah, it may sound impossible and unbelievable but it is true. A spear in my back and a knife in my hand.I'll give you the full experience once I finished my book. Just kidding!Alright, so onto the next mission. But before that, I'll give you a small descri
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