Irene Cage: The last princess

Irene Cage: The last princess

By:  Sweetanne110  Ongoing
Language: English
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My bones felt as if they were on fire, my body was burning, my throat hurts and my eyes felt as if it was about to be pulled out of my skull. I've never been this sick before in my life. Something was happening to me, I was sure of that. My teeth were clenched together and I was scared that I might not made it to the morning. *********************************************It all started in the year 1104, when Tiana Sargon betrayed our race. We were all cursed and we've been ruled by the wicked vampire king, Amara Conrad, who sees us as nothing but animals. Eight princesses had came and fought but they all losed to him. Now it's my turn, I am the last princess

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Sk Easycash
NV hjjjiiiiiiiiii
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Janice McKelvey
very interesting, has me reading all night. I couldn't put it down.
2021-09-04 13:35:42
34 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The dream
30 DAYS TO HER BIRTHDAYSaturdaySomething was after me, I was sure of that but I couldn't see what it was since everything was pitch-black and the fact that the thing that was after me was getting closer was terrifying."Irene" I called myself and put in more effort "You're almost there. You're almost there"I tripped to the ground due to the long gown that I was putting on and yelped"You're almost there" I told myself again and struggled to get back up. My throat was dry and I could hardly swallow my saliva but that was just a tip of an iceberg when it comes to the problem that I was facing right now because I was sure that the thing after me was after me because it was sent to destroy me.I could feel it footsteps coming my way as I was struggling to get up and I knew the only way of I surviving this was if I reached my destination on time.I don't know where exactly I was going but I
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Chapter 2 - Questioning
30 days to her birthdaySaturday"Irene" someone called but I pretended not to have heard "Irene" the person tapped me "Wake up"That was Jack, my elder brother."Jack, stop I'm not in the mood" I murmuredI had no idea when I finally went back to sleep"Please" he pleaded"I'm serious""I just want you to check it out""What?" I asked irritatedly  as I got out of bed"My outfit""Why will I be checking out your outfit?""I meant the one for tonight's date""Is that the reason why you're waking me up at this time of the day?""It's already noon" he replied "I've been waiting for you to wake up since"I took my phone and checked the time "2:11" I said and looked up at Jack, who was giving me his pleading look "Ok fine" I said in surrender and got out of my bed"Thanks" he smiled"But I'm telling you for the last tim
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Chapter 3 - The date
30 days to her birthdaySaturdayMom was preparing lunch when I entered the kitchen"Hey Mom" I said as I headed to the freezer to get a drink"You're finally awake. What about Jack?""In his room" I answered and opened my drink "playing video games" I added"Okay""Where is dad?" I asked"He is in the garage with his truck"What mom was trying to say was that dad was repairing his truck"I told him to throw that piece of trash away but he wouldn't listen"I wondered what type of car he would be getting me for my sixteenth birthday, so, I asked mom"Mom" I called"Uh""Do you have any idea of the type of car dad will be getting me for my birthday?""Maybe the one sister Catherine want to sell""What!?" I said shockingly and mistakenly dropped my drink"Make sure to clean that"I ignored her"Auntie Catherine's car?" I
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Chapter 4 - The revelation
29 days to her birthdaySundayI wasn't really a big fan of going to church but I had to go since my parents wouldn't be taking no for an answer. And that was the reason why I was sitting inside dad's slow, annoying truck right now"We better change this shit" I murmured"Will young lady watch her language?' dad warnedWe went passed auntie Catherine's house and I saw dad staring at the carI rebuke you, I thought and eyed the condemned car. You will never be mineThere were only two churches in our community: the north church and the south church and as a member of the community, you must attend one of the churches.Finally, we were back home and was in front of the television to watch mom's favorite program "The mystery"The presenter, Mrs Williams started the program by saying that the story was going to be different from her other stories with a very serious tone that got everyone's
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Chapter 5 - The confession
28 days to her birthday Monday"Are you going with me or him?" Jack asked as we were going down the stairs"Him for sure" I replied"I'm still waiting for that day" he joked"He is just my best friend""Sometimes, best friend leads to boyfriend""Jack" I grunted and remembered something "You haven't told me about your date with Sarah""And I'm not going to tell you""Did you guys kissed?""She kissed me first" he nodded"Kiss is kiss.What does it feels like?""Unexplainable but it was good""Wow! Aren't you supposed to pick her up this morning?""That is where I'm heading to right now""Definitely, you didn't even plan to take me to school today and you were just asking for asking sake""The three of us would have gone together"A car horned in front of our house"That is definitely Liam" I said and ran out of the house
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Chapter 6 - The book
27 days to her birthdayTuesday"I can't believe you are leaving for school this early" I said to Jack who was rushing out of the house"Sarah was angry at me yesterday""Uuuuhhh"  I hummed"You can't understand""And I don't want to understand. If this is what it feels like to be in a relationship, I don't want to be in one""It's just a matter of months, Irene""Says you""Alright bye. Love you""I love you too"I watched through the window as Jack drove and  I wondered when Liam was gonna ask me outMy phone rang, it was Liam"Hello" I said into the receiver"Good morning" Liam said"Good morning, how was your night?""Okay, yours?""Fine""Where are you?" He asked"Home" I replied and wondered where this conversation was heading to"Is Jack home?""No, he just left"He sighed heavily
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Chapter 7 - Darcy's absence
26 days to her birthdayWednesdayI texted Liam as early as possible on Wednesday morning to know if he would be able to take me to school since Jack was still angry at me"Will soon be on my way" he texted"Okay" I texted"And should I get you that donut?""Yeah, thank you"I watched in silence as Jack rushed out of the house and drove out of the compound and I shook my head. I might not be sure of any other thing in this life, but I was sure that Sarah doesn't love Jack. It was fully written on her face and I wondered why Jack couldn't see what I was seeingA car horned in front of the house and I picked up my bag and headed out of the house."Good morning" I saidHe smiled at me and his deep green eyes turned muddy in the middle"Good morning" he replied and helped me to open the car door "You're looking hot as always""Thanks, and you aren't bad yourself"
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Chapter 8 - The dream 2
25 days to her birthdayThursday"They are almost here" the olden voice said "They will soon be trying to break their way in. And Amara will be leading his armies this time around""Who is Amara?" I asked"He is the beginning of the war. He started the war against us and he has been winning the war for centuries. If you loses, we loses. We all loses"I heard some loud, thunderous footsteps, it was coming towards the temple and I started panicking"What am I to do?" I asked the olden voice"Nothing for now Irene" the olden voice said "The first thing you need to do is to know the story behind the war" And instantly, I was in the woods, in the midst of wolves and some paled looking menAre these vamp...., I thought"Yes they are vampires" the olden voice said"The real life vampires" I whispered in amazement"Tiana" a huge man that was surrounded by some crazy, angry wolves a
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Chapter 9 - The visit
                                                        The visit24 days to her birthdayFriday               To reassure Jack that  everything was cool between us, he was the one who gave me a ride to school today"Babe" Sarah called joyously as she opened the car door and stylishly gave me the fuck you look when she saw me at the the back which I returned Instantly.The only reason I'm here is because of my brother, I thoughtShe put her mouth on his and kissed him for more than two minutes, thinking I was going to be jealous of her"That was great" she said as she sat back down on her seat and smirked her at me"Hey sis" she said and waved"Hey" I replied"You seems very happy today" Jack said
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Chapter 10 - The underground
23 days to her birthdaySaturday"Her highness is awake" someone said and I tried to understand where I was.Wait, I thought and got out of the bed that I was instantly. This wasn't my room, where was I?"Her highness, welcome home" a lady in her early twenties said and bowed her head"Who are you and what am I doing here?""I am thy servant who is ready to die at your command""What is going on here?'"His highness is almost here but, can I get you anything to eat before his arrival?""I'm not married" I corrected her "I'm not even sixteen. Where am I?" "At your underground palace. His highness think you're going to be safer here""Where are my parents and my brother?"His highness will give you an answer when he is here""Who is this 'his highness' that you keep talking about?" I said frustratedly"I am" a thick voice said and the door opened. An extremely handsome, tattooed man stepped insid
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