Irreplaceable Canary

Irreplaceable Canary

By:  RubyScarlet  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story starts with an accident that entangles two people together. One a singer who has no real family but became too successful despite many hardships. The other is a world class doctor who used to be a world class dancer. He also had many hardships with his family after the death of his grandmother. Now they both agree to help each other defeat their upcoming problems. Of course fate has more than that for them. "I am sorry " Daniel apologized sincerely . He still wasn't able to look at her . He was astonished by her accurate hypothesis. " Look me in the eye and say it " sera told him with a serious tone. He started to gather his confidence and looked at her with his grey eyes . He started messing his brown hair and said. "I was a dumbass and you can refuse to help me . I would deserve it .I will go tell them I was lying .I am sorry . I did something unacceptable after you trusted me".As soon as he finished talking he looked away from her blue eyes. Sera had a thought and said it out loud "I never thought you were handsome till today . You look like you have done something that you could kill youself for. I will help you for two reasons . First , I am going to need your help sooner or late and you know for what . Second , you are a good person you just wanted to prove your family wrong and I know that feeling . " Sera finished and her words touched and relieved Daniel's heart . Surprisingly Dennis was the one who responded " Sera , Daniel !! Why don't you try dating for real."

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I love the characters and the plot of the story. I hope the writer continue writing it because it's supeer worth to read!!!???
2020-10-26 07:02:20
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this book is so lovely. the story is great and I am so in love with the characters. can't wait to find out what happens next
2020-10-21 18:33:31
25 Chapters
The article
I am writing this because I want everyone to know the real story behind the accident that happened to our uprising singer and soon to be actress who is named " Sera the canary" . Everyone knows that it's been two years since her debut and she made a big name for herself . She was even able to meet the CEO of her own entertainment agency ' the shadow' and earn his approval. Although no one knew that the accident was also related to her sister's fiance (Mark Rushib) The CEO of the Nevil company . One of best companies specialized in vehicles. He is also considered to be a big name in the circle of the young geniuses. Everyone thought that she had been a victim of a trauma after all the injuries she sustained but in reality she was the one who caused this trauma . From some resources it is said that she was in love with her fiance's sister(mark) as she was with him at the same college and were good friends for a while. Sera went to confess at the bar where it was rumored for (mark) to
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Her sister's crying echoed in the room . Sera sat next to her sister (Anna) and tried to make her stop crying but she knew that there was nothing that she could do. Her fiance and Sera's friend broke the engagement between him and Anna . No one knows the reason and Anna has done nothing but cry since that moment. It was a normal day .he came to the mansion to visit Anna to decide which designer would make their wedding outfits. Things changed within minutes as everyone in the mansion heard shouting between the couple . In the end Mark left saying this engagement is over. Anna's brown eyes turned red from all the crying . Her parents tried to make her talk but she was silent and still like a statue . Sera got a message from Mark telling her that if she wants to know the reason for what happened she should meet him at the bar . Sera wore some casual clothes then left to the garage .She opened her dark blue Mercedes car and headed to the bar .She reached the b
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Sera took a look at her surroundings ,trying to grasp the situation. Mark was lying unconscious on the floor and the bar was packed with drunk and dancing people. She knew no one would be able to help her. She found a waiter asking her if she needed help." Do you need help ?" The waiter said while pointing at Mark. The waiter looked young. He was in his twenties. He was average looking but what was most unique was his hazel eyes. He pitied the lady that was in front of him."Yeah , well he drank a lot to the point of fainting. Can you just help me get him to the car . " Sera asked the waiter with an embarrassed look. She was trying to carry Mark alone but she looked miserable. "yes , of course .here I go .......,show me the way" the waiter said while carrying Mark. It was his second day at the work. He wasn't used to people fainting yet. He went after her. It took them about 5 minutes to reach her car. The waiter put Mark on the front seat next to the driver
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The doctor
15 minutes before the crash at the hospital.Daniel sat at the chair in the doctor's lounge. He was staring at the ceiling looking pale and anxious. His grey eyes carried many complicated emotions. His brown wavy slightly long hair looked messy as if he hadn't brushed it in a while  He looked handsome even when it has been 48 hours since he last slept but that wasn't what was making him stare at the ceiling like a crazy man. "hey Daniel , are you ok ,you have been zoning out lately .is it because of her ?" This was said by a tall man with clean light brown eyes and long hair that was tied with a hair tie from the back and he wore doctor's scrubs and looked like he had finished his surgery.He  entered the lounge and looked at his friend. He found Daniel staring dumbfounded at the ceiling. He found the sight of his friend saddening. It made the mood in the room so dull so as a good friend he decided to ask him as a way to try to lift the mood. "
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Arrival at the hospital
The man tried to get the patients out of the car with the other spectators. He was surprised as soon as he saw the face of the driver. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. She was the famous singer. He went to her concert last month. He couldn't believe that his favourite singer was going to die. He didn't want that to happen as he started shouting" she....she is the singer Sera the 'canary'" the man told Daniel while he was stuttering. He caught everyone's attention. After looking closely everyone recognised her and they started gasping and talking  but Daniel interrupted their nonsense. He didn't have time to listen to music so he wasn't up to date about the new singers."it doesn't matter who she is. If you don't help she could die. they are injured move quickly if you don't want them to die" Everybody concentrated on getting them out. They were able to get the singer as she was still concious but in a daze. Daniel carried her on his arms. He got surprised by
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"uhh ...." Sera wanted to talk but her mouth was too sore and dry. She found herself tied to many machines. She also realized that she was only able to make on arm. She couldn't move anything else. She tried to look around as she remembered she was at the bar but right now it looked like a hospital."rise and shine sleeping beauty .it took you two days to wake up"  dennis said while checking up on her. He moved a flashlight to check her sight. He asked her to squeeze his hand which she did but slowly and tirelessly."why am ....... I ...... here ?" She asked but she regretted talking after she finished."well , you had an accident and most of your bones are fractured but nothing permanent if you take the rehabilitation . if you want details Daniel here can tell you everything cause I got to go" Dennis left as he was paged to another room. He patted Daniel and signaled for him to take over."you crashed in to a barricade while driving and we were hoping t
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Daniel went to check on his other patient that the nurse paged him for. It wasn't something serious so he finished quickly. he kept thinking about his own problem as his family will get together at that Thanksgiving dinner. He didn't want to go. It wasn't because he hated them, he loved them all but they are harsh on him and he knows they are looking out for him but he always felt like he was restrained. Even when he wanted to pursue his dreams his father cut him off the family cause he felt ashamed cause his dream wasn't what he had planned for him.He met up with Dennis and gave him a piece of his mind. It was his only option"I will go to the thanks giving dinner alone " Daniel told him "haha nice one" Dennis thought that he was joking as this was impossible. If he goes alone he would be the topic of the whole dinner and that would be worse than getting killed."...."  Daniel stared at Dennis to tell him that it's not a joke. Dennis caught on.
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Lucy the manager
Daniel came back from his memory land as his pager was ringing. He headed to Sera's room as she was the one that paged. He was surprised as she wasn't the only one in the room. His best friend was with her. " I am guessing this pager is something unrelated to medicine. I am also guessing it's related to me personally." Daniel sighed as he new Dennis too well." You are right on. Look I was just bored and Dennis came and we started talking about your family as you are pretty famous. " Sera told him with a smile." Says the singer " Daniel said in a sarcastic tone. He didn't know why he was paged or how his topic was brought up and since when was Dennis a fan of her.  " Hey , I didn't mean to pry into your life but actually I kind of respect you. I kind of knew you before Meeting you. My family is also in the business circle. My father always wanted to meet one of your family as you are one of the top richest families. The way your grandpa made
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Two visitors
After two days since Lucy came. Daniel went to check up on sera as they became good friends since Lucy came. He would usually visit her to check up as a doctor and chat with her.He reached her room and was a bit surprised. He found visitors which was weird cause her parents said that they would come on the weekend cause they were overseas or something. Both of them looked elegant. They wore brand clothes which proved that they are one of the elites. he was too curious that he stared too much on the two visitors. of course he couldn't keep his curious eyes a secret so he flat out asked who they were."and who do we have here?" Daniel said with a smile and slight embarrassment.The girl with the deutch brown boycut hair, wide green eyes and slight chubby cheeks that made her have a cute baby face but an elegant sexy body answered Daniel with a professional tone"hello , my name is Ruby and I am one of the representatives of the shadow c
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Sera looked at her two friends in an alarmed way and started talking as soon as the the door was closed by Daniel"Tell me the bad news" Sera knew they came here for the bad news cause they already called her and checked up on her. They agreed to not visit her so why did they come Sera asked herself.Ruby looked at Alex then her eyes gazed at sera's eyes "the interim chief of your entertainment agency is having troubles with your sister's company . I think she is going to show her true colors." Sera looked sad upon hearing what her friend said. Their parents always adored Anna. They even gave her her own entertainment agency that she is about to debut in. Anna never knew that she was the only reason her agency didn't bankrupt. " I figured . you need to take care of this problem cause I am stuck in this hospital for a long time " Sera told them while hiding her sadness but they both knew how se felt after all they were always together.
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