It’s Complicated But It Doesn’t Have To Be

It’s Complicated But It Doesn’t Have To Be

By:  Louise Clamp  Ongoing
Language: English
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Melissa Hartford is a 25 year old woman who recently took over from her father as CEO of Hartford Industries, navigating the business in Indiana comes with its own problems, that is until she meets identical twins Brock and Blake Milligan, who both want her, as she tries to navigate love and business, there’s a dark side to both. Can she come out the other side relatively unscathed? Who is the person who is stalking her and where do they fit in to this?

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This is great. Can’t wait to see what happens. The author has a great imagination
2021-08-15 19:07:32
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V hi b B G job v h do B h thing v C h G c G hhvgg
2021-06-22 16:42:25
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2021-06-22 16:42:09
49 Chapters
Chapter 1
Melissa pushed open the door to the bespoke coffee shop, she had found this little gem on her first day in the USA, and she loved it.A smile on her beautiful face, she had put on make up, her green eyes highlighted by pale brown eyeshadow, framed by mascaraed eyelashes and winged eyeliner, the slightest hint of blusher and a similar lipstick to match her eyeshadow.She was tall and slim and her tailored black business skirt suit, was impeccable, the skirt fell mid thigh over tanned stockinged legs, making her long legs look even longer highlighted by black heeled shoes.Her light green blouse with tiny white flowers on brought out the green in her eyes, her auburn hair, was normally straight and had been teased into beautiful curls, that fell to elbow length.Melissa looked up to the menu, she loved to try out different flavours of coffee, some were nicer than others, the peppermint coffee was truly disgusting, she did however like the roasted hazelnut coffee, a
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Chapter 2
Smiling back at Elaine, as she handed Melissa some papers, she picked her bag up and what was left of her coffee, and took the private elevator that went directly to her office.Stepping out, Melissa noticed her office door was unlocked. Walking in, she saw her father Shane Hartford.Shane Hartford was a self made billionaire, he had revolutionised the world of digital photography in mobile phones. He never lost his accent, his first wife Chloe had died during childbirth, and he had worked three jobs as well as coming up with his idea all while raising Melissa, he was her hero. Tall, with broad shoulders, short spiky salt and pepper hair, he worked out a lot and regardless of his 50 years was very fit for his age.He met his second wife Suzanna Bass when Melissa was 8, they married within a year and had her half brother Ryan Hartford-Bass a year laterSuzanna and Melissa always got along like mother and daughter. They were extremely close, even after Ryan was bor
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Chapter 3
6 HOURS EARLIER“Where’s Shane?” He asked clearly irritated. “Busy. I can help you with anything you need, seeing as my father made me CEO.” Melissa sat behind the big mahogany desk, offering her hand out for Colin to sit. Sitting down he appeared uncomfortable, “My daughter text me.”“Ah you mean the daughter that barged into me, making me spill my coffee only to then berate me in my own office building, and when I offered up a handkerchief to help her clear up the spil on her shirt she walks off, only to then accuse me of lying about being CEO and try to flirt with my father to get a job. That daughter?” With each word Colin spoke he got redder and redder eventually he looked like he would burst.“I didn’t know this.” He stuttered out. “Is there anything she can do to make it up to you? We’re trying to get her into the world of work before she takes over my business.”Melissa steepled her fingers a habit she’d picked up from her father when he was about to give bad new
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Chapter 4
“Hello Melissa,” the words dripped from him like honey. Taking a seat on the stool next to hers at the bar, she quickly glanced in the mirror behind the bar.The restaurant had a real Italian feel, it was owned by a Tony and Maria Rosetti, they were first generation Italian immigrants, they had four children, and they had at some point or another worked in their parents restaurant. Tony was working tonight, he loved to cook authentic Italian ingredients, always making everything himself from scratch. The food was out of this world and was one of Melissa’s favourites.Maria was waiting on tonight, she approached the couple who were talking quietly “Ciao Bella, Melissa, you look beautiful tonight.”Melissa smiled a genuine smile “Ciao Maria, how are you? And Thank you.”The older lady was starting to look her age, she had grey streaks in her black hair, her brown eyes twinkled in the low lighting of the restaurant, her flowered dress and apron had been her favourite, but n
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Chapter 5
The evening had turned to inky blackness, the stars were out. The night was amazing. With her hand in his he pulled her to the car park, “Where are we going?” Came the voice from behind him,“There’s somewhere I want to take you. I don’t want this date to end - yet.” Blake said unlocking his black Toyota hilux, opening the door for her she climbed in. For some reason she wanted to go with him.“What’s the address?” Melissa started to get worried, Blake smiled a goofy smile, “You’ll see. Was all he said mysteriously.Turning on the radio, a familiar song came on Shania Twain - You’re still the one.“Looks like we’ve made it look how far we’ve come my baby.” Slipped from Melissa’s lips, she loved this song, it was one of her favourites. And Melissa could sing, she wasn’t up to Shania’s standard but her voice was nice.Blake’s head turned in her direction, “Wow, you have an amazing singing voice.” Melissa felt her face heat up. She hadn’t meant to sing, but unfortunately
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Chapter 6
"What? They've only just sent it to us? Sorry Sam I know its not your fault, It just the International Business Awards is the biggest awards ceremony in the entire business industry. can you RSVP via email, please? I will be going so won't need a plus one, and I will have the fish. Thank you, Sam."Melissa was annoyed she had always wanted to go to the IBA but had never been invited her father went and was often awarded Businessman of the Year and CEO of the year, her father was a fantastic boss and really cared about his employees often giving them 2 weeks off over Christmas.She always aspired to be just like him, and often followed in his footsteps, but with her own hard work. She had always tried her best and started in the mailroom at her dad's company weekends. Ringing Sam she waited for the connect "Sam, can you take some messages I will be out of the office for three hours, please take any messages and can you please ring Vinnie, I don't know what time I will be back t
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Chapter 7
Inhaling a deep breath, Melissa made her way through the throng of people, she had just about made it to the bar when Mr and Mrs Robins and their daughter Anita stopped her.Mr and Mrs Robins owned a hardware business, they probably made enough each year that they were comfortable, Melissa hated and their horse faced daughter, she wasn’t really horse faced Melissa called her that because of her braying laugh and her ability to make people feel uncomfortable. They also behaved like they had money to burn, and that Anita was a debutante.“Melissa, darling.” Anita called out to her, Melissa fixed her business smile in place and walked two steps in their direction.“I was just telling mother and father, I said there’s Melissa, she’s alone, I wonder why? Then mother said that you hadn’t got a boyfriend and you’d remain a spinster you’re whole life. And I said that Melissa should find someone like my Kevin.” Taking a breath in to come out with the next part, Melissa politely said
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Chapter 8
The awards would start in about an hour, slowly very slowly Melissa started to relax. Scanning the room she saw Jackson.Jackson White and his family were self-made like Melissa and her family, Melissa liked Jackson they did business regularly and he often accompanied her to business events as her plus one.Jackson White was the epitome of an underwear model, he had tanned skin, short spiky blonde hair and big brown eyes, Melissa had once been set up on a blind date with him by her loving father, a merge with Hartford Industries would be good for White and Co, there was one small snag to them getting together, Jackson is gay, and had a long term boyfriend called Julian who adored Melissa as much as she adored them.Jackson was a fair distance away from Melissa but she could see that he was deep in conversation with a guy. Looking around the auditorium she saw a man he was talking to Anita, Melissa almost spat her bourbon out, 'Holy Crap is that Blake?' Turning his back towa
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Chapter 9
EARLIER THAT EVENINGBrock pressed the button on the alarm with a satisfying click, letting him know that the car was now locked. Walking through the double doors and into the auditorium, he made his way to the bar, "Whisky on the rocks please." Pulling slightly at the black bowtie, he wasn't used to wearing a tux. He wore suits every day at work, but those were different. They were properly tailored, grabbing the whisky he headed to the table and placed his drink on the table with a satisfying thud.Looking around he could see various people who he knew, Kevin Green was bearing down on Brock and fast. Brock shuddered visibly, he didn't usually hate people usually he was quite personable, but Kevin had one of those faces, he knew Kevin from high school, he was a slimy little weasel, he remembers what Kevin did to his ex-girlfriend.He remembers Kevin asking Elle if she'd like to go to the prom knowing that Elle was with Brock, then he remembers her saying no and Brock and h
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Chapter 10
Brock woke up lying on the floor in front of the front door.A smirking Blake standing over him “Good Morning Sunshine.” He was wearing board shorts and a vest.Sitting up slowly, Brock put a hand to his head. “Ouch. Why am I on the floor?”Blake crouched next to his brother, “Well big bro, let me tell you a story. It starts about midnight last night. I hear the answering machine beeping, it woke me up by the way, and I hear a very garbled message from you, drunk as a skunk. My night off and I thought I could get an early night. I heard the message and so decided to wait up for you, to come in. This is what I saw and heard.”Blake grabbed his phone out of his shorts, opening the photos app and pressing the play button. Brock saw himself walk up three steps then slip and slide back down. Then he saw himself on his hands and knees, giggling, crawling up four flights of stairs. He saw Blake go back inside, the camera went dark but the audio was still capturing Brock’s voice
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