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(Completed) My panic grows and I begin to struggle with him, "Stop! William gets off me, you don't know what you are doing." He pushes me harder against the bed, "Would you feel better if it was your British boy doing this to you?" He slurs as his hands come to touch my face. I throw my face away from his touch and I see him clench his teeth from the corner of my eyes. "You don't want me anymore?" I glare at him, "Not like this I don't. Get off me!" I say, pushing him off but he traps my hands and holds them above my head. "Stop fighting me!" He snaps, "this, this is what you want!" "No, it's not!" I exclaim, kicking my legs which are slowly growing numb from his weight against him. He raises a brow, "You love me right?" I grit my teeth at his tricky question; if I say yes, then he'll want me to want this and if I say no, that would be a lie. "Yes, but not like this!" I answer in frustration. He moves to settle properly, on my legs, "Well I think you should get to know every side of me; including this side." He sneers into my ears left ear, licking my face. His hand unfastens his belt and unzips his trousers and shoves it down. ***Karen thought telling William how she felt about him would make things better between then, little did she know it would be the exact opposite.

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Ever since a child, Karen had always been fond of her father's master's son and although there was an enormous gap between them, with age, social status and lifestyle, she just didn't see it. She grew up seeing Mr William McQueen II as her prince charming, her hero and knight, and shining amour, but William always treated her like his younger sister because that was the only thing she could be to him. William's parents died in a plane crash while coming back from a business meeting in Paris after he turned eighteen and, although young, he had to take responsibility for the family businesses and company worldwide as he was the only heir to all the McQueen fortune. His inexperience, coupled with his age, made everyone want to take advantage of him, everyone except Samuel Butler, his father's ranch keeper. William grew closer to Samuel as his father and took the advice and counselling to heart, and it did him well until he could handle the companies on his own. Samuel Butler died four y
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I shake my head, not daring to turn to him, "I'm sorry, I thought you didn't want to be disturbed, you were watching the news." I answer with my head bowed. I listened as his footsteps approach where I'm standing and my heart speed up its beat and I try to keep myself from doing something silly. "Why are your eyes glued to the floor, kid?" I sigh, knowing he will not give up. William is not stupid and if there's something he is; he's smart, smarter than I can ever be. He walks even closer to where I am so now I can hear his heartbeat, as well as the heat coming from his body and all I want to do, is lean into him completely, but I can't. "Nothing William," I reply, hoping that would make him stay away, oh how wrong I was. "Then look at me," he breathes, but I can also pick up the order in his voice. When I don't obey, he cups my cheek in his hand, lifting it and when my eyes still don't gaze into his, he tilts up my chin and this time I'm trapped, staring at his beautiful, grey ey
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Cassandra the maid called me to dinner that evening, but all I want to do is cry and avoid the man who owns and control my heart and the last thing I want is for him to discover how he makes me feel. I am barely asleep when a faint knock comes to my door and I’m barely able to pull myself up from the bed when it opens. I gasp and quickly cover my body as I am in my underwears which hardly covers anything on my body and I glance up to see William standing in my room, his hands behind his back, striding around my room like a captain I only see in epic movies. The next minute we spend in silent and I can sense the giant elephant in the room while I clench on the bed sheets hardly. He walks around, not looking at me. I mentally sing cold water by Justin Bieber in my mind while I wait for him to break the silence. “I noticed you weren’t at dinner.” he begins in a cool and concern tone and although he doesn’t glance my way, I'm certain his face will be filled with questions I’m not willin
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I step back, trying to regain myself from the trauma I’ve been through in the last couple of minute and when my eyes finally clear up, I see the two guys struggling on the floor, and throwing punches at each other and more students gather around to watch. Although I feel grateful for being rescued, I do pity the boy who just saved me because I know he officially just ruined his life in this school. After a few minutes of endless fight, the new guy gets up from Bruce, battered on the ground and he walks towards me, his mouth bruised and there is also a cut a little above his brow and there. Although I can tell he is feeling some pain on his face, he still flashes me an amusing smile. “Hi, my name is Arthur O’Brien. I’m new here and I think I’m not in the wrong block.” He says with a thick British accent as he extends his hand to take mine. His blue eyes twitch in adoration as he stares at me and this is the first time someone has ever looked at me with this way and I can’t help smilin
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Although I’d sent out all invitations for my little birthday party, as instructed by William, I am not sure anyone is going to come. William had promised that he would show up for the party, but I am no longer sure he plans on keeping to that promise, either. He told me he was travelling to Jamaica for a business deal in the morning but still promised to be around for my birthday. I set the party to seven p.m. to nine p.m., hoping that whatever happens, the few that will come will have fun. Chloe helped me get Arthur’s number, and I didn’t even know how she did it, but I invited him after apologising for the wrong way I had treated him the previous day. He accepted the invitation after making me promise to go out on a formal date with him. Cassandra knocks on my door at around eight in the morning and when I open my door, she hands me a pretty purple gown with white crystal design on the thin arms and around the waist. I collect the dress and notice a note at the side of it and pull
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I get down from the stairs where I had fallen asleep on after everyone left and I climb up the stairs, heading for my room when I hear the door open, and with care I draw closer, making sure my feet don’t make any noise as I walk. I draw closer and I see William walk in and close the door and when I look at the clock on the wall and it reads two minutes past midnight. He is looking tired and quite exhausted and I can’t help feeling a part of my heart go out to him, but the other part refuses to feel sad or pity for him. He drops his suitcase on the brown leather sofa and moves around it to sit down. “I’m glad you’ve gotten. home now,” I spoke, making my presence known to him before turning and walking off. I hear him call out my name, but I don’t care to look at him as I walk in and slam the door. I walk to the bed and throw myself on it and close my eyes when I hear a knock on my door. I stay silent for the first few knocks that come to my door and just when I thought he had left;
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Seven thirty A.M. The ray of sun on my face wakes me up and I pull myself off the bed to a sitting position and glance around the room strangely. Was it a dream, or did William kiss me last night? I smile harder when I realised it wasn’t a dream and I throw the covers off my body and get up from the bed in glee. I stop myself to ask what did our moment last night even mean. After a minute of not figuring the answer, I returned to being happy for the outturn of things last night. Today is Saturday and it prom day!! And I can finally ask William to be my prom date and I hope to heavens that he accepts. There is really no time to delay, so I run into the bathroom and I brush my teeth in a rush and take a quick bath; that’s if you’d consider thirty minutes bath ‘a quick bath’ and I come into my room and dry my hair and put on my casual wear, a pink skirt reaching my knee and a white crop top and I almost forget to put on my glasses. Talk about being eager. I meet Cassandra on my way do
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At exactly seven fifteen p.m., the doorbell rings and as I hear it from my room, I know it’s none other than Chloe keeping to her word and trying not to get on the list of those she’s going to pluck their hairs off; I am prepared and ready for her. Tonight I am out in a simple black lace gown, which is almost reaching my knee, with a black three inches high heel. My hair I tie up in a ponytail and my makeup I apply light, besides there’s really no special person to make up for. A knock comes to my door and straightway. I walk over and open it up, and Cassandra greets me with a warm smile. “Chloe is waiting downstairs.” “Thank you, Cassandra, I’ll be down in a minute,” I tell her, running over my makeup table and grabbing my purse and walking out of the room. The stairs, like always, are a drag with my heels and my legs hurt and as I complete the impossible task, I climb down and there is Chloe in a red silk gown that is sleeveless and which goes all the way down. Her gorgeous blonde
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I close the door as I enter the limo and I see Chloe seated at the extreme end and plugging the cord and putting her earpiece into her ears and I see Arthur fidgeting with his fingers and staring down at either his shoes or the rug of the car. He looks up as I take my seat close to him and his blue eyes sparkle in delight and he seats up straight. “For a moment I thought he talked you into changing your mind.” He mutters as the car moves, “hope you didn’t have a fight with him or at least I hope it wasn’t because of me.” I move my head from side to side. “No, it wasn’t really because of you, but it was long overdue.” “He cares about you a lot, I guess.” He mumbles out before looking into my eyes. I scoff in pure disbelief. “Well, he sure has a bizarre way of showing it. “ His hand comes to my face and moves the strand that falls on it away with ease. “He is showing it by being protective. “He thinks you’re going to hurt me” “Do you think I’m going to hurt you?” he asks and I tur
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The night was amazing and as Arthur saw me back home; I knew it couldn't get better. "So hope your night was as great as mine," Arthur mumbles into my ears as we get out of the limo and approach the door. "It was, thank you," I reply, grinning widely. We pause at the door, and he takes my hand. "I was going to ask you this earlier, but I didn't want to be too forward." "What?" "Would you like to go out with me?" "Like a date?" my brow narrow. He nods, "Yea, I kinda like you and I don't want to wait until forever to know how you feel, so I would like to go out on a date with you and see how that goes." "Well, we don't need a date," I pull him to myself and with my eyes slowly closing, I place my lips on his. His lips part as they welcome mine eagerly and soon take possession of it. His arms go around my waist as his tongue sweeps past my teeth and as I am about to open up, he pulls away. "I'm sorry." He said, with apologetic eyes. "You don't have to. I liked it. I like you,"
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