Kidnapped by the Billionaire - Special Recovery

Kidnapped by the Billionaire - Special Recovery

By:  S. Cinders  Ongoing
Language: English
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Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride… Shay is in trouble again… but this time it's not with the law. After attempting to make amends with her former best friend, Shay is kidnapped off the streets of Manhattan. Her captor is the last person she expected. Will Jennings had been a childhood friend from Deepwater, TN. Now, he is a highly skilled assassin with ties to the mob, and currently, the one holding her hostage. Jennings traded his innocence long ago to pay his mothers medical bills. They say the mob is like family but for Jennings they literally are his family. When he gets the hit on Shay Montgomery he can't imagine it's the same sweet girl he grew up with. Now he will do anything in his power to protect her from the evil that is just a step behind them. But the more they are together the old feelings begin to smolder and the spark becomes a flame.

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26 Chapters
Chapter 1
CHAPTER 1 – Shay Step one: I admit I am powerless over my addiction and that my life has become unmanageable.My throat was dry, my hands were shaking, and I almost dropped my water glass when I tried to take a drink. Maybe it’s best if I just fold my hands in my lap. Does that look weird? What am I talking about? I look like a June Cleaver want to be in my sensible suit and fake pearls. This was a mistake; I should never have come. I can’t do this.
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Chapter 2
 CHAPTER 2 – Shay Step six: I am ready to have God remove all defects of character.When I awakened, my hands were tied behind my back and there was a blindfold over my eyes. The strange thing was that I was laying on a soft surface, possibly a bed. Living in jail for all of those months I know all about bad mattresses. The one I wa
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Chapter 3
CHAPTER 3 – Shay The next time I awakened to fire rapid Spanish being spoken in the hallway. It took me a moment to realize that I wasn’t tied up. My next thought was that it was a man and woman arguing, was one of the voices Marco? I had hopes that he wasn't as cruel as the first man had been. I wished to God I had paid attention during Spanish class at school because I had no idea what they were talking about. I did catch her name, however. Because he yelled it at her like someone who knew you would. The roll o
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Chapter 4
CHAPTER 4 – Will The fucking punk ass Jamie was tied up and left in a warehouse until I could get to him. I knew that if I went in hot I would kill the bastard before I got any information out of him. And I needed to know who had it out for Shay.When Jamie came to work for me a few months ago I tolerated his idiocy because good marksmen were tough to come by and he was one of the best. I’m what you would call an assassin, butcher, hired gun, hitman, killer. It really doesn’t matter what you name it, I ki
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Chapter 5
CHAPTER 5 – ShayHigh School - Several years earlier.“Hey Babe.” Tyler wrapped his meaty arm around me stuck his nose in my hair.I literally felt my skin crawl as my back smacked against the school lockers. Why wouldn’t this douchebag go away?I shoved against his muscled chest. “Leave me alone, Tyler. We aren’t going out any
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Chapter 6
 CHAPTER 6 – ShayI was sent the job to kill you.Kill you.Kill you.The words kept racing around my brain. Who would want to kill me? And since when did Will become a gun for hire? I was nobody—
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Chapter 7
CHAPTER 7 - Shay I went on to tell him about the falling out I had with Mandy. I didn’t sugar coat it. I told him all of the terrible things that I did to her and the horrible way I treated her. I told him about Emma and Andrew and hated the disappointed look on his face. But I knew that I had to keep going. I told him about my 12-step program for drug abuse.Hell yes, I was embarrassed. I didn't want him to know just how far I had fallen. Yet I had to, because things were too much for me to handle on my own.
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Chapter 8
CHAPTER 8 – Shay “Girl, you have to tell me, were you two a thing in high school or something?” Gina propped her hands underneath her chin and settled in.It was getting late, and we were back in my room again. Gina was making herself comfortable and I knew that she wouldn’t be going anywhere until she got some answers. I suppose that she felt entitled because Will had sent her out to pick me up some things.
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Chapter 9
CHAPTER 9 – Gina POV When Shay hadn’t awakened an hour later I went over and touched her forehead. She’s burning up. My first inclination had been that she was pregnant. Heaven knows that I sure struggled with smells in the first trimester.Now, I am not sure at all. Maybe I was projecting something on Shay that wasn’t true, and she is actually sick. I touch her head again and am surprised at how hot she feels. Shay is deathly white, huddled up under the blankets, and she looks miserable.
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Chapter 10
CHAPTER 10 – Marco POV I didn’t even know where I was going or why I was so pissed. It wasn’t like we were exclusive. I mean, I was, but I’m well aware of what I look like. I have a large birthmark on my face. For as long as I can remember, people have been telling me how ugly it is—I am.When we were kids I thought I had a chance with Gina. Stupid, I know, but I was young and thought that maybe she saw the real me. And then one day I was waiting outside of the locker room and I heard her talk
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