11: The Electric Feel


Our school had just won the first game of the season and everyone was ecstatic. The excitement levels were off the charts.

But as everyone else flocked over to Zippy's, our town's favorite local diner, to celebrate our homecoming victory, I found myself surrounded by my only friends in the world, Hallee and Gabe at a Walmart parking lot. We were sitting in Hallee's car, blasting LANY on the radio and munching on a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

"Gabe, you need to settle this argument once and for all," Hallee said in a commanding tone.

"What's this all about? I'm hungry, I thought we were going to Zippy's?" he whined.

"We will once this argument is settled. Now listen to this, Taya here has decided to make a deal with Judah. They're going to do the kissing scene for real and not only that, they're becoming kiss buddies now; friends with kissing benefits&

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