10: The Raw Deal


"The kissing scene had to be real," Judah says matter of factly.

"The hell it is!" I gaped.

"See here Blondie, I don't do anything half-assed. So if I'm gonna do this for real, I'm doing this for real alright,"

"But — wait -- that's not — I can't —"

"We'll look hella stupid if we're faking it and expect people to believe it was real," he interjects.

"But... it's... actual kissing?"

"So?" he scoffed. "It's just kissing. It's just like eating cake. You do it. Most times it tasted good. Sometimes not so much. That's it,"

"Maybe for you, you've done it like a thousand times. But that's not the case with me,"

Judah shot me a look I couldn’t decipher. Suddenly, he licked his lips and said, "If experience was the issue, you know I could help with that

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Angelica Monteon
I have read almost all your books and you are a fantastic storyteller… thank you for another great read!

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