17: The Silent Killer


12 AM, the alarm clock in my room rang.

I got up quickly and got myself ready. It was time for another day.

When I walked down the stairs, I found my mother sleeping in front of the TV again. She always had this habit of turning on the TV and falling asleep in front of it. Slowly, I turned the TV off and pulled a blanket over. She mumbled some incoherent words and snuggled deeper into the couch. I looked at her for a moment, gave her a shirt kiss on her forehead, and I made my way out of the house.

It was past midnight, so this was my time to leave the house. Striding towards my bike, I lit up a cigarette and turned the engine on. With a cigarette hanging loosely on my mouth, I put the bike in gear and roared out of the driveway. Within seconds, I was jetting down the streets with the cold night air hitting my face, lighting my blood with excitement.


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