16: The Journey Home


The rest of the journey home was kind of nice. We made small talks, I gave him a list of places in Hawaii that he should visit, and he actually told me the secret ingredients in her mom's pasta sauce, dried garlic and thyme.

It took us about twenty minutes before we finally reached my house. By then, the sun had completely set and the sky was dark, except for the moon and the little stars that came out to light it.

"Great practice today," he said and his hand went up for a high five. His dark amber eyes shone brightly against the night sky. I could only laugh as I high fived him back.

I guess we're the kind of people who kissed and then high fived each other. Ever seen one of those?

"Deep down, he’s a sweet kid and he has a really good heart," suddenly Jenny's words came to my mind.

Judah and I were

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