88: The Tiny Dancer


- - - - - One Week Later - - - - -

“Taya, honey,”

This morning, I woke up to my mom’s voice calling after me. I felt the bed dip and I stirred and groaned. I slept pretty late last night because I was binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix.

And since I’m not a high school student anymore, aren’t we done with this?

“Wake up, sweetie,” she said again when I refused to open my eyes.

“Mom, what is it?” I sighed dramatically. “It’s Saturday morning… and I’m not in school anymore!”

“I know, but you have company downstairs,” she said.

Out of curiosity, I peered my eyes open. “Who?”

“Who else,” she smiled knowingly. She leaned down and kissed my forehead, saying, “Oh, and happy birthday, sweetie,”

That’s right! It’s my birthday today!

Mom didn’t say anything else and she walked out of my room with a naughty smile playing on her face. My body jerked up instinctively. There could only be one person crazy enough to show up unannounced and wake me up at eight in the morning on a
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