LR-19 - Just another classroom

LR-19 - Just another classroom

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Preview. After harsh and violent events that happened in past, I completely lost my faith in relationships: love and friendship both. I spent my last couple of years happily by myself and a very few people I trusted. Most of the people thought I was arrogant and self-centred and i was completely okay with that. But then a realisation hit hard, because of couple of bad people I can't stop trusting everyone. So, for a change i needed a new and fresh kick start. I transferred to another college in last year of my graduation. I loved the feeling of new and raw start. fresh me, fresh people , fresh environment and a lot better vibes. This is where the story starts... I was walking towards my class through the busy corridor just when I saw a him siting on the very first bench of Lr. 19, I saw his fair skin, his jawline, a face with a smile talking to someone on his left. My heart skipped a beat. I was petrified. He turned his face towards me while i was still standing few steps from the door of the class. He smiled. And I realised he was not the one i had a crush on but indeed he looked almost like my crush. After 6 months... The boy i saw is my only true and dearest friend in this college... After about a year, Things change so fast and harshly that you don't even get time to understand the circumstances. The change breaks you.. It hurts but hurt eventually makes you stronger. Read to find out what really happened in the last year of her graduation....

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32 Chapters
Kiss by the window sill
Sitting on the window sill mesmerized by the beautiful hues of sky, I smiled and looked at him. He was leaning on the wall by the window lost in his deep thoughts and I knew that look, he was imagining something in his stupid head. I was happy, the classes and laboratory sessions ended early today and we can finally spend our time together. I want to share every moment of mine with him. "How was your shoot?" I asked again looking at the sky. The sky was filled with clouds and beautiful colours. The view was breathtaking. I looked at him when he didn't answer . He was looking at me intently. He traced his lower lip with his finger."Kavya can I kiss you?" Finally, He gathered his courage to ask me, I have been waiting for this moment for so long now. After a point, I thought he would never kiss me. He was always the shy one. I smirked, hiding the my cri
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Day 1 of new beginning
I woke up at 8am. A feeling of excitement along with a little nervousness spread throughout my body.I laid on my bed for a while holding my phone, looking at my today's schedule.Today onwards no sick people around me. No-one will make me feel I am old-school just because I never did drugs... "Already up, did u sleep well?" A voice came and I snapped out of my thoughts. It was my mumma. She was standing on the door . I usually don't speak for at least an hour after waking up so I simply grunt and she understood.Chuckling she left the room. I got up and did my regular work out. I joined my parents on dinning table for breakfast, "Good morning" I greeted them. "From where did the sun rise today?" Said Arjun. Arjun is my brother, he was jolly and chilled one. He teased me all the time but knows his limits. We were pretty close to each other. "No seriously. Why
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"Hello" I greeted them keeping my bag on the bench.  "Hi" said three girls in unison. I looked at the one who was sitting with me. She was fair with brown frizzy pony tail.    “Hi I am Saachi " she said excitedly.   "Kavya" i replied.  "I am Afreen" a girl sitting in front of me spoke. She was the same girl whom I talked to before entering the class.  "Stuthi" a small petite girl said shyly.  "Nice to meet you" I said formally. And Saachi frowned. She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her.   "Why did you come here? What’s the real reason?" She asked. I looked at her blankly. I don't like someone in my private space so soon. It makes me feel suffocated but she had her own vibe so I let her be. "I already told on the stage. Faculty issues." I spoke and they nodded, all three of them waiting for me
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Walking towards the classroom
Its been a week here. I started hanging out with the trio and sat with them since the first day. This was the last year of graduation and I am going to be a Zoologist soon. The college timings were from 11:00am- 6:30pm and huge amount of my time was wasted on the way to college as it took about an hour to reach. Our lab was scheduled after the lunch break. The lab here was smaller than last college but much clean and ventilated. I was really interested in studies and attended all the lectures with complete concentration. I liked the behavior of the professors , they respected the students and had friendly interactions with students, unlike the previous college where most of professors had harsh attitude and dominant nature. No one approached me during this whole week, except for one. I got a text message by one of the boy from class welcoming me to the college. That’s all.
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A forgotten message
Few days passed, Everyday I rushed to my solitude during lunch break, alone. I severely needed a friend. A few classmates eventually started smiling at me whenever I entered the class. The crush guy being one of them, I didn't responded earlier but now I hesitantly smile back at him whenever he smiles at me.     I walked into the classroom 10 minutes early for the first time in my life, VICTORY. A message popped up on my screen, Mumma-We are going on shopping this weekend, have you reached college yet?  I felt smile creeping up my face. Me-yes mumma, reached here 15 minutes ago I am walking into the class now.. Me-  I am Excited for shopping.   Mumma-Take care and eat something  Walking inside the class still looking in my phone I typed. Me- Yup. Bye.  I reached the bench I usually sit on and glanc
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Exhausted routine
"I had a good time with you. Thank you for the tea " I typed and pressed the sent button. It was nearly midnight. Immediately he replied -" pleasure is all mine. Looking forward to meet you soon ". Reading the message from the notifications I tossed my phone on the other side of the bed as I was completely exhausted by my new schedule and didn't had any energy to have any sort of conversation with anyone. I woke up around 9 am and rushed to get ready for the college. It takes about an hour to reach the college. The college had afternoon shift so lectures started at 11am to 3:30 pm. Lectures were followed by the laboratory sessions of about 3 hours, from 3:30pm - 6:30pm. But the professors were kind enough to end the labs an hour early. I am a tutor, I teach mathematics and science to the students of class 10th. I started teaching after 12th itself when one of my neighbor asked me to help her daug
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I busted out of the lab as soon as professor dismissed us. I knew Kevin followed, I waited for him in Parking.  "Are you the reason behind those stupid rumors?!" I  barked angrily standing in the parking lot, as soon as he came. He was still few feet far from me. Few people turned to look at us.  He paused at his position for few moments then slowly walked towards me.  "First of all......" Breathing heavily... " how can you walk so fast?" Catching up his breath. " You busted out of the lab so fast. I had to literally run" he said  I stared angrily at him tapping my leg.  "NO. What rumors?"- he said after somewhat calming down.  " Oh come on. You know what I am talking about, spit it out"   He pursed his lips into a single line. "Kavya, I am innocent stop glaring at me like this. "  Its scari
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Small talks
The next day Kevin introduced me to his friends and few other classmates.He started sitting in the middle row.He even introduced me to his friend , Armaan.While he was introducing me to Armaan, a girl joined us singing softly to herself."Hi" I said."Heeeelllllloooooooo" she saidShe was the same skinny girl with curly hairs. She walked away singing to herself. "Who is she?" I asked." Carol" he said .Armaan was tall, shy guy. He didn't talk much. "Hey, did you listened to the songs I shared with you last night?" Kevin in excited tone. No, I didn't. "Yes of course" with a fake smile. "Yes?!" Raising his eyebrows "which one did you liked the most?" "2nd one" I lied. "Are you sure?. What was the name of the song?" He definitely caught me lying. " I don't remember that" I looked aw
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A dive in his past
At this point, Kevin and I started sharing a same table in lab, me with Kevin, Armaan and Raaj. And during lectures Kevin and I shared same bench, shared lunch and spend most of the time together. Few of the mates started talking but most of the class didn't mind anyway, making it up to the last year this college had already sucked everything from the students, the whole class wished that this year passes by as soon as possible. But yes, little gossips and teasing, here and these was mandatory because INDIA. I started enjoying this new life, new friends, it all felt like I am a fresher again. The burden of assignment , stupid class tests, and who the f*ck gives homework in college? And actually checked the next day?????? And what’s up with these stupid class seminars? Why the hell I have to explain the topic that you are supposed to teach? But watching the fellow classmates fumble was fun too. My seminar topic was "vitamins"
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My fault or his?
In just one week, Kevin updated me with everything, how he met Armaan, Armaan was into photography and editing stuff and Kevin joined him in first year. Armaan helped him a lot in the starting, but then Armaan’s interest diverted into the electronic music. But Kevin continued editing stuff, and now he owns a camera worth lakhs. He earns too. His hobby changed into passion. He calls himself cinematographer now.  It was the part of my schedule to reach college, listen to Kevin's stuff, chirpy boy he was.  Everyday he would tell me about his ex, how they spent a night under the sky, and same old same old. I paid attention in the starting but eventually I got bored and pretend that I am listening.  And his stupid imaginations were cherry on the top.   During the 3rd lecture, Carol me and Kevin were sitting together. "Did he tell you about me and him?" Whispered Carol. She sat on my
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