Chapter 2061 The Battle Of Gods

Another terrifying energy ball of light had descended from the sky. It appeared as though a giant meteorite from outer space had fallen from the sky. A large area of whiteness suddenly appeared in front of their eyes. The meridians of those Transformation powerhouses who experienced the frightening energy fluctuation were shattered, and they were on the verge of death.

Whether it was the Demigods or general powerhouses, all of them felt that death had come to them and they couldn’t escape.

“It’s over!” Jim shut his eyes. The Ragnarok Formation had disintegrated instantly under the second attack of Apophis. Everyone was exposed to this desperate situation of death.


The second ball of light had successfully fallen from the sky. However, it did not cause the same lethal destruction as everyone had imagined. On the contrary, they seemed to have entered a parallel space.

They saw the terrifying energy spread frantically in all directions in front of them. These people didn’t feel
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