Chapter 2060 Tyr Has Returned

At this moment, nearly half of the powerhouses had died under Apophis’ oppression. Even the generals in Regal Palace had suffered casualties. Apophis pushed forward for another kilometer. He almost floated above everyone’s heads at this time.

“I’m losing it! How much longer does Tyr need to show up here?” Dillon and Keane vomited blood. That terrifying oppression even made them feel as if all the bones in their bodies were almost broken. “If he doesn’t show up now, all of us would die!”

Jim didn’t dare continue to observe the Nostro Compass. Instead, he focused his full attention on the Ragnarok Formation. He seemed to have activated a special ancient formation. In the next second, those white beams of light, which had become much weaker, once again rushed straight into the sky.

“Everyone! Form a formation!” Jim roared. “Tyr has become a God, and he’s on his way here! We only need to hang on for thirty minutes!”

When the news of Tyr’s return as a God spread, everyone who had fallen
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