Chapter 2063 Shut The Heavenly Gate

Tyr stood before Apophis and raised the Celestial Blade above Apophis’ head. If he continued to let out another powerful slash with his blade, Apophis would disappear from the face of the earth.

Yet, Tyr suddenly stopped at this point when he was one step away from wiping out Apophis. He could slay Apophis with a single attack, but he hesitated to kill him.

“Muahahahahaha! Bahahahahaha!” Apophis’ hideous laughter suddenly sounded in Tyr’s ears. The eerie laughter made his scalp prickle in discomfort.

A crack appeared in the black hole in the void behind Apophis. A flash of white light appeared amid the crack. It appeared as if there was a terrifying eye peeping from somewhere behind the white light from the crack.

“What the heck is that thing?”

“What’s going on?” Those powerhouses who stood somewhere far away also witnessed the scene.

Tyr’s terrifying blade earlier on had shattered the angel who stood behind Apophis and the void into pieces. Perhaps he had used too much power for
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