Chapter 2062 This Is Impossible

The golden dragon constantly churned in the angel’s hands. The moment the majestic beast was released from its restraints, it opened its mouth wide and bit the angel.

Tyr waved the Celestial Blade in his hand simultaneously. “Binding Soul!”

He performed the sixth move from the Seven Blade Forms casually. Initially, this blade technique belonged to the God’s realm. Since Tyr had become a God, he was capable of displaying the full power of the Seven Blade Forms.

It was a peerless attack. Tyr had opened a massive rift in the void, and the crack was still blasting atApophis. In the face of such a terrifying attack, Apophis dared not take it lightly. A huge energy barrier instantly enveloped his body and blocked off Tyr’s attack.

With a single blow, Apophis’ energy barrier was shattered. He was also blasted by the attack and flew toward the back. After he stabilized his body, Apophis trembled slightly. At this moment, his expression suddenly turned a little solemn.

When he gazed at Tyr
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