Chapter 2064 The Finale

As soon as these words came out, everyone present felt depressed.

“Are you kidding me?” Those from Regal Palace couldn’t accept Magus’s speculation. Clifford chided, “Stop talking nonsense, old priest! My boss has experienced all kinds of life and death challenges along the way. How can he possibly be comatose?”

Everyone in Regal Palace was very emotional. Magus just shook his head repeatedly and stopped refuting. Finally, Jim took control of the situation by force and declared, “It’s pointless for us to say all this. Let’s settle the current situation. We’ll discuss the aftermath once Boss is awake.”

The battle of Gods had ended.

Tyr, who had returned as a God, had slain Apophis and opened up the Heavenly Gate. In order to protect mankind and prevent a recurrence of the tragedy that took place 3,000 years ago, he had forcibly closed the gate with his luck and cultivation. He ended up falling into a coma. No one knew when he would wake up.

The threat posed by Apophis had ended. W
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Awesome story love it! Thank you Author
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