All Chapters of Leading My Family to Glory: Chapter 1 - Chapter 10
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Chapter 1 The Emperor Returns
“Boss, are you really going back?” On a huge island in the middle of the ocean, sat a majestic palace. This place belonged to the most extensive foreign organization, The Regal Palace. At that moment, the five kings and all eighteen generals were assembled at the hall as they focused on the young man before them. The young man’s name was Tyr Summers, the true owner of The Regal Palace. “Yes,” Tyr said firmly. “Six years ago, I was chased out of the Summer Manor, left to wander the streets of Khanh City, drugged by someone, and ended up having an affair with her. “After that, I met a savior, who has brought me here, and with these hands, I’ve built the Regal Palace. Although I now have the highest authority in this world, together with riches and status, I’ve promised her that I would take responsibility for her and go back to marry her.” Tyr looked at a photo in his hand as his gaze softened. The girl in the photo was in her early twenties. Her eyes were like a painting, her
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Chapter 2 Take a Good Look at Who I Am
Looking at his malnourished and scrawny daughter, Tyr felt a hint of resentment surface inside his mind. “You… what is your name?” After he had confirmed that this little girl was his daughter, Tyr started to feel anxious and was unsure of how he should face her. “Uncle, my name is Blair Zea.” Tyr carried Blair up in his arms and asked, “Uncle will take you out for a meal, okay?” Blair nodded apprehensively. Although she was still a little afraid of this strange uncle, she was just too hungry. “After we’re done eating, Uncle will take you to look for Mama.” Tyr found the nearest McDonald’s and bought Little Blair a ton of food. As he watched Blair devour the food, he felt his heart tingle. She must have been really hungry to be looking so battered. “Eat slowly. If it’s not enough, Uncle will buy you some more.” When Blair was finally full, thinking that Tyr might not notice, she quietly stuffed a chicken drumstick into her pocket. “Blair, what are you doing?” Tyr was st
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Chapter 3 Say ‘Daddy’
Winifred stared fixedly at Tyr’s handsome features. Three seconds later, as if a flash of thunder had struck above her head, her mind started ringing. “You’re… Tyr Summers…” Winifred finally recognized Tyr. The man who had told her that he would come back for her hand. The man who had changed her whole life and made her wait for six years. Winifred’s mind went blank before it became a bundle of chaos. The atmosphere around them had reached a freezing point. If he had to be honest, Tyr’s mind was also a mess. Although he had spent a night with this girl in an intoxicated state, it was like love at first sight for Tyr. After one night, he had decided that she was the one. He had spent six years yearning and longing for her, but when he saw her again, she was completely different from his fantasies. “Even if you don’t plan to wait for me anymore, why did you neglect our daughter?” The moment Tyr said this, he regretted it. Because right before his eyes, Winifred collapsed em
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Chapter 4 I Am The Queen
At midnight, inside a luxurious mansion within Khanh City, a woman in her forties with a bandage over her right eye was dressed in elegant and expensive clothing as she sat on a genuine leather couch. In her hand was a photograph—a photograph of Blair Zea. The little girl inside the photo was extremely beautiful. She was even prettier than child actors. Especially that pair of big eyes, they were just too gorgeous, shining like the stars in a milky way. There would never again be another pair of eyes like these no matter how hard a person searched. “Beautiful, just too beautiful.” This woman was Shannon Louise. Her finger gently caressed Blair’s eyes in the photo as she stared at it longingly. “Sister, what you want is her cornea, not her pupils, so there’s no point in being so fond of her eyes. What’s more, your eyes are already very beautiful.” From next to her came the voice of a man with a thick nasal sound and a lisp in his speech. “Her cornea is just as endearing.” Shanno
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Chapter 5 Making You Disappear
The newcomer was Khanh City’s wealthiest man, Drake Tucker. Beside him was a large group of people. “The king of Khanh City’s new media, Henry Walker.” “The queen of Khanh City’s jewelry, Jade Laurell.” “The leader of Khanh City’s high-end residence development, Donald Lewis…” Each of these people was elites of Khanh City, that with a mere stomp of their feet, they could make the whole city quake. Either one of them could easily turn Shannon into a paste. And now, these dignitaries with Drake Tucker, the wealthiest man in the city, as their leader had all come forth. Just what was going on? In an instant, that arrogant air Shannon carried disappeared without a trace. A thick sense of fear now took its place. “Shannon Louise, you’re really something. Did you just crown yourself as the queen of Khanh City? That if you say so, no one will dare say otherwise?” Drake’s tone was filled with sarcasm. Even the richest man in the city like himself would never dare to say something l
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Chapter 6 Trillion In Assets and Private Jets
Tyr nodded in agreement. He could not help but ask, “The Zea family had been bullying the two of you for so many years, why haven’t you cut ties with them?” “Because blood is thicker than water. What’s more, my parents aren’t working now, and Blair needs to go to school. Although the family hates us, when I work at the Zea family’s company, they would still give me the salary I deserve.” Tyr did not ask more. The two of them headed to the Zea family’s mansion with gifts in hand. Inside the living room of the Zea family’s mansion, a group of family members was already seated. There were also a few tables laid out for a feast. The Zea family had prepared a banquet today, not because they wanted to welcome Tyr. It was for another young miss of the family, Iris Zea, and her boyfriend, Travis Jensen. “You’re here.” As soon as they entered, they heard the voice of an older man. The older man was the head of the Zea family, Winifred’s grandfather, Jorge Zea. “Grandpa.” Winifred quic
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Chapter 7 Wherever You Go, I’ll Be There
Iris’s action was very insulting. However, Jorge was currently so engrossed in that piece of wild ginseng that he never paid this commotion any attention. It was like he had silently approved of Iris’s deed. Winifred was dumbstruck, rooted to the spot, and feeling agitated. Those were gifts that she and Tyr had meticulously picked out for Jorge. But they ended up being handled like trash. “Let’s eat.” Once everyone had arrived, Jorge announced that it was time to eat. The family got seated. Winifred and Tyr were initially sitting at the same table as Jorge. She was a direct family member of the Zea family, so it was only natural for her to sit there. However, a little while after they were seated, Iris covered her nose in exaggeration as she nagged, “Why is there a sour smell on this table? It’s like the smell from a garbage bin.” In an instant, everyone looked at Tyr. This indirect insult was clearly saying that Tyr was a beggar, and no one was willing to dine at the same ta
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Chapter 8 Dream Man
Tyr’s reluctance to comply with her irritated Winifred. “Tyr, stop saying nonsense. There’s no way I can get that spot.” Tyr shook his head. “How would you know if you don’t try?” Tyr had wanted to say that he was the new owner who bought over the city center. You, Winifred, are my wife. As long as you say it, giving you the whole city center wouldn’t be a problem, much less just a spot within it. However, Tyr never said it out loud because he knew that there would just be another round of mockery. Nonetheless, their conversation still caught someone’s attention. Iris asked intentionally with a mocking expression, “What are the two of you talking about? Could you guys be trying to go after that spot too?” After she spoke, the room once again burst into laughter. “Hahaha, don’t you guys understand what ‘overestimating yourself’ means?” “This isn’t overestimating themselves. It’s called fantasizing.” “Why don’t you take a good look at yourselves? To even think of making the
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Chapter 9 The Merchant Investment Event
Drake immediately understood Tyr’s meaning. Both Travis Jensen and Iris Zea must have offended Tyr. Drake dared not disobey, so he quickly agreed to Tyr’s instruction. Tyr continued to say, “One other thing, you’ve seen a picture of my wife, Winifred Zea. Give her the contract for Zea Group’s investment eligibility and let her sign it.” “Understood, Brother Tyr.” After breakfast, Tyr accompanied Winifred to the merchant investment event. On the way there, Winifred felt so nervous like she was about to go for an important exam. “Don’t be nervous, Winifred. You’ll definitely get that investment eligibility.” “Really?” “Yeah. Trust me.” The merchant investment event was held in one of the high-end office buildings that belonged to Drake. By the time Tyr and Winifred were there, the place was already packed. The outdoor parking lot was filled with various types of luxurious cars, and the people who came out from those cars were all business owners with an individual net worth
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Chapter 10 The Investment Eligibility Is Yours
Inside the office, when Drake first laid eyes on Iris, he disliked her lascivious personality. It was no wonder Tyr disliked her! “Please take a seat,” said Drake out of habit indifferently. Iris quickly sat down opposite of Drake. The moment she did, Iris started to impatiently introduce herself, “Hello, Uncle Tucker, my name is Iris Zea. The young master, Travis Jensen of Century Herb Pharmaceuticals is my…” However, before Iris could finish introducing herself, she was interrupted by Drake. “We’re very tight on schedule today, so you can cut the small talk. Many people are waiting outside.” Iris was initially stunned before she nodded. “Alright, Mr. Tucker.”After that, Iris stared at Drake in anticipation as she waited for him to hand her the investment eligibility contract to sign. However, Drake did not do as she wished. Instead, he looked back at Iris and asked, ”Miss Zea, where are the things you’ve prepared?” “Things? What things?” Iris was confused. “Mr. Tucker,
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