Let Me Be Your Knight

Let Me Be Your Knight

By:  Su  Ongoing
Language: English
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Three teenage girls tricked a waiter and hid in a presidential room to escape from two men. .... Two men walked to their presidential room when a waiter who came out from their room informed them that three hostesses were inside their room and claimed that they were invited by them. After informing them he left. Both friends became suspicious because they didn't have habits to invite hostesses. They both entered and searched all over the room but they couldn't find those hostesses. When they about the gave up they found them hiding behind the curtain. They were surprised to see them because two of them girls fooled them a day ago and ran away from them. Now it's their turned to take revenge on them, one of them took out his gun and pointed towards them and wanted to scare them. But... One of the girls was so scared that she pissed on the man's shoes. Seeing it, the man started disgustingly stomping his feet, one girl took advantage of the opportunity, she kicked on his and threw his gun away. And started running from there. But one man caught her and they started fighting while another man chased after two girls. As he grabbed one girl, her friend pounced on his back and locked her legs around his waist, with one hand she grabbed his hair and with the other hand his nose and then started pulling and twisting it. When he tried to pull her down, her friend jumped and hanged on his arm, then dug her sharp teeth on his palm. She felt his blood all over her mouth. The man screamed and his voice echoed in the presidential suite. What a shame... They all are protagonists. But who will win, men or girls?

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428 Chapters
Chapter 1- Act Like The Hero (1)
Under the blue sky and surrounded by nature, a magnificent villa existed, which was far away from the congestion of the city. The beauty was enhanced by its large lush green fields and beautiful gardens. Very tough and high walls built around the villa, so that no one could peek inside. Three people were sitting in the garden on wooden furniture, two people were middle-aged husband-wife and with them a ten years boy.    Even after being middle-aged, both husband and wife looked very attractive. The body of the man was very stiff and his features are very beautiful, his head's hairs were black but it also showed some greys and he had fair skin. The woman was also fair-complexioned and she owned very amazing beauty, her silky black thick hairs were tied in a bun, diamonds were sparkling in her ears and she had a white gold chain around her neck and in that chain, the
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Chapter 2- Act Like The Hero (2)
Shivam was continuously observing those four boys, out of those four boys, two were laughing secretly and there was a boy who had the scissors in his hand and the last boy was whispering to them. Shivam was getting curious to know that what those boys were plotting but he didn't wait too long. The boy who held the scissors turned and looked at a girl who was sitting behind him, then he sat back like before. Shivam also looked at that girl, her entire focus was on her studies, her back was toward that boys, that's why she had no idea what those boys were doing behind her back. Shivam knew her, she was in the same class with him, her name was Paayal Agarwal, she had average beauty and when she wore her glasses the remaining beauty also looked worse.  She was the one who always shoves him to the second place and got the first place herself in the
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Chapter 3- Act Like The Hero (3)
Shivam was angrily glaring at those boys 'Is they challenging me?' When the girls heard that what that boy said to Shivam, then they realized that Shivam was not with them to harass Paayal Agarwal, he was here to help her.  Paayal was still crying, the four girls wanted to help her but how? Shivam removed his shirt, he came close to Paayal and asked her "Can you stand up?"  Paayal raised her head and saw him close to herself, she saw his bare chest and forgot to cry and started to blush, the four girls too. Shivam said to Paayal "Please stand up,"   Paayal was seeing his face and a few seconds later she stood up from her seat, she was carefully clutching her skirt. Shivam bowed a little and tied his shirt on her waist, then he stood straight and said "Let's go to
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Chapter 4- The Manipulator (1)
"Is that girl your girlfriend?" When Mrs. Singh and Kunal heard this line, they started staring at Shivam with curiosity.  When he saw their faces then he understood that what they were thinking, he started waving his hands "No, no, no, no, she just my classmate, don't get anything wrong!" Kunal wanted to pull this topic more but he couldn't because Captain Anand came back there. After bathing, he looked even more energized and handsome, he was wearing a white formal shirt with jeans and a black jacket over it, which further enhanced his appearance and he looked fabulous. Shivam saw him and praised him "Wow! Captain Anand, you look more handsome in a civilian outfit than your army uniform!" Captain Anand smiled and said, "Is it? But my princess always tells me that I look more handsome in my uniform." Shivam's face turned red. Captain Anand turned to General Singh "I should go now or I will be late."  General Singh no
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Chapter 5- The Manipulator (2)
Kunal heard Shivam's word but he didn't answer him. Shivam looked at him and tried to Kunal heard Shivam's word but he didn't answer him. Shivam looked at him and tried to tease him "Hey punk, you must be jealous now because Mom is cooking something special for me but not for you!" He was showing him his pearly teeth, he just wanted to provoke him. "If she cooking something for you then why would I be jealous? After all, you're my brother," said Kunal with a smirk, he knew his big brother very well. Shivam scratched his head and stared at him, who showed his calm expression and smirked on his lips. In the Kitchen Mrs Singh had finished her cooking and was taking out the dish in the plates, she turned and said to her maid "Meena when the tea ready you prepare for tonight's meals,"  Meena nodded, she was around twenty, she was wearing a long skirt with a long top and a scarf on her neck. Mrs. Singh was going out of the kitch
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Chapter 6- Most Loving Child (1)
When the man came into the living room, he saw that his son was running and mother was chasing him with the stick in her hand when she tried to beat him, he dodged and started to tease her. The man went a little closer to them and said loudly "Oh my god! If my mother was alive and would have seen how her beloved daughter-in-law is behaving, she would surely die!" When Mrs. Singh heard these sentences, her feet automatically stopped, she turned and looked at that man "What do you mean?!" she asked that man. The man said "I mean that when my mom was alive, she always kept the honor of this house. And you... look at yourself, just now your voice was heard outside the villa till the garden, where all the peoples were hearing your yelling and scolding. You shouldn't shout in a loud voice like this, you should always keep your voice down. You're the mistress of this house, it is your responsibility to maintain the dignity of this house. You represent our family's glory, tradition, honor,
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Chapter7- Most Loving Child (2)
Shivam saw that his uncle changed his facial expressions fastest but in his eyes were still shades of gloominess. Vijay showed his smiling face and changed the topic "Sister-in-law, I'm starving please gives me something to eat,"  Shivam saw his smiling face, he wanted to ask him but not now, so he went along with him and helped him to hide his true feelings. "Uncle it's cabbage rolls," Shivam frowned his nose and told him. When he heard that, he frowned too and looked at his sister-in-law "Why did you cook that, go cook something else for me," he ordered her. Mrs. Singh angrily stood up from her place, she stared at him and her eldest son "I have to do something else if you want to eat then eat the cabbage rolls or enjoy your starving!" She started moving toward the kitchen then she stopped and said to Shivam "You go upstairs and if they must have to wake up bring them here and also tell your dad that tea is ready," Shiva
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Chapter8- Fond Of Pairing
Everyone started looking at Kunal, who was calmly eating his cabbage roll, they all wanted to know why he suddenly raised this topic.  He saw their expressions and said, "I think,  that girl is the big brother's girlfriend, that's why he had beaten his schoolmates for her!" After was hearing him, his parents started looking at Shivam "Is that girl really your girlfriend?!" they both asked him together. Shivam opened his mouth but instead of him the voice came out from his uncle's mouth "No, she isn't, not can she ever be his girlfriend."  General Singh took a sip of tea from his cup then asked him "Why not?" Vijay took a biscuit from the plate then replied to his brother "Because I went to his school..." "Why did you go to Shivam's school?!" Mrs. Singh interrupted him, she stared at him suspiciously. Vijay saw her and gulped his saliva then looked at Shivam, who was secretly shaking his head. Mrs. Singh s
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Chapter 9- The Promise
Shivam was looking at his uncle's face and trying to find something then after a while he turned to his mother and asked her "Mom, who is Dr. Maansaa and why has Captain Anand gone to pick her up?" Mrs. Singh looked at him with disbelief "Are you really don't know? She is his wife." Shivam's jaw dropped after heard her "Really?! He is married?! I'm always thought that he was single, he's looks so young." He peeked at his uncle and thought something then said: "I thought he was younger than our uncle." His plan worked, his uncle shouted "Hey! I'm only 25 years old!" Mrs. Singh almost choked her tea "What did you say?" She frowned her brows and stared at him. He saw her and pouted then said "27 years," Mrs. Singh raised her brows "?" "28,"  "?" "29," "?" Vijay sighed and said "Okay you win, 30 years, final," Mrs. Singh teased him "Are you sure because as far as I remember that
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Chapter 10- Princess Arrival
C City's Airport...   A handsome man stood outside of the arrival terminal, he was so attractive that the women around him were peeking at him again and again, he had a sharp nose, his eyes were black, his eyebrows were thick and his skin was fairer than any woman. He held the bouquet of roses in one hand and a pink soft toy in his other hand, he was waiting for someone. While the man was waiting, he heard a familiar voice "Daddy!!" The man was searching for the source of the voice and then he saw a cute little girl who was coming towards him, she was holding the hand of a woman. When the girl saw that her father had seen her, she left her mother's hand and ran to her father and then she spread her arms, her father immediately pick her up in his arms and kissed her cute chubby cheeks. Her mother also came to them and said "Hello Captain Anand, I thought you would still be busy, so you would send your driver to pick us up.
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