Life After the Storm

Life After the Storm

By:  Ashnlee1021  Completed
Language: English
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This day was supposed to be the best day of her life. Turning 18 finding her mate full of excitement but what she didn't know that this day would be the worst day of her life. Her life would change forever, and she will never be the same person ever again. Her mate doesn't want her; she has lost everyone that she has ever loved. She tries to stay strong, but she is lost in her own grief. Wanting to be with her family, she does the unthinkable. Not realizing that she is about to find out whom she really is.

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Dee'Kandis brown
Love the story so far. Will there be a second book? The way the book ended is sad to me.
2022-07-25 03:20:53
user avatar
I would have to agree, definitely a roller-coaster of emotions. This book is so good .. I can't wait for the next update!
2022-05-31 03:34:16
user avatar
I'm so glad that so many enjoyed my book thank you for taking your time and reading it.
2022-05-27 05:29:54
user avatar
Crystal Griffiths
Really enjoyed reading this book, will there be any more chapters coming out
2022-05-14 10:27:38
user avatar
Kim Kèlǐsīdì Nà
such a rollercoaster...
2022-03-29 23:44:02
user avatar
Nico Lim
really enjoying reading this
2022-03-23 20:06:33
user avatar
YourDaily Outfit
im really enjoying this story
2022-03-23 15:13:03
user avatar
Lordyap Yap
awesome read guys
2022-03-23 09:02:04
user avatar
PJ Kryk
looking forward for updates since this is one of the GOODNOVEL stories that we are hooked up w/
2022-03-23 08:40:58
user avatar
Kris Tina
i so like the turn of events...
2022-03-22 21:54:23
user avatar
Nightlady Smile
definitely not a waste of enjoying the story
2022-03-22 21:17:33
user avatar
Wiseong Haneul
im still in chapter far im loving the story...
2022-03-22 21:11:26
user avatar
Brandy Campbell
Love this story !! But gosh on emotional part
2021-11-18 06:01:57
default avatar
Lindsey Steinbach
WILD story.
2023-01-27 10:21:50
94 Chapters
Chapter 1
As I hear my alarm going off, I'm super excited today is my 18th birthday and my twin brother's birthday. I hop out of my bed and run over to my brother's room just to be a pain in his ass. I jump on his bed until he wakes up. As he puts his covers over his head, I start singing to him. “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you today is the day we finally can meet our mates. Come on get up.” “Get out of my room before I kill you.” “Really, that isn't nice to say, especially when you would be lost without me.” “Maybe not I wouldn't have someone jumping on my bed waking me up.” My parents then walked into my brother's room with a cake, singing to us. I couldn't help but to laugh when my parents brought the cake into his bedroom.“Aww, thank you guys so much you are so sweet we are so lucky to have you as our parents.” “My mom looks at me. Ok, what do you want Lilly?” “Can we skip school today and go to Wicked Falls.”? My mom laughs “absolutely not now, get ready for school I
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Chapter 2
As we are walking up to school, I start to detect an enchanting smell. I start to freak out and run away from it terrified who it is. I'm just not ready for this. I just can't. I don't want this day to be the worst day ever if I get rejected. I find my brother and he pushes me away. He is with his group of buddies. I just run to class, hoping I am not being followed. I have always been good at school, not really sure why, but always came too easily to me. Class is ready to start I'm, so Thankfully I just need to do what I'm good at not worrying about what is happening outside of class. When class finishes, I smell it again, and I inhale the smell it is like I think heaven would be. I can't explain it like the forest, the wilderness, what I would imagine it to smell like. Suddenly, I feel a grip around my arm. Next thing I know I'm being pulled along, I get shoved into an empty classroom. I look into his beautiful gray eyes. He is so tall he towers over me, his dark brown
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Chapter 3
The ride up to Wicked Falls was nice and peaceful. It gave me much needed time to think. My parents did not bring up my mate at all. My brother must have asked them not to mention it which I'm grateful for. I didn't want to talk to them about it until later. I tried to put all my sadness behind me; I want to have fun today especially when we don't do this often only for special events like our birthday for example. My brother's mate Sky is very nice. She called her parents on the way to let them know she was coming with us. They were very excited for her finding her mate, I could hear the excitement in their voices from her phone. I just stare out the window wondering what is in store for me with my mate, sad that he doesn't want me. I am sort of jealous of my brother, he will be able to have a life with his mate. All my mate wants to do is use me, I will have his heir, but I will not give my child to him. If he does not agree with that I will not agree to have his heir
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Chapter 4
We all get into the car. The run was amazing feeling the wind blow through my fur is the most amazing feeling even though I'm covered in mud, but I don't mind. My brother and Sky never made it to the top they were spending their time making out once they were alone, so they never made it to the top of wicked falls. Well, that's just too bad for them, but there will always be next time now that Sky is a part of the family. I never really had a girlfriend hoping that Sky and I can become great friends. I don't want my brother and I to drift apart because he has a loving mate that wants to be with him. I know that my mom will help me to deal with all this mate stuff, I'm just so glad I have her. This rain is so bad it's becoming hard to see outside. I don't know how my dad can see to drive. My mom is starting to get worried about the rain I can tell she says. “Honey, don't you think we should pull over and let the rain calm down a little, it's becoming hard to see i
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Chapter 5
As I walk into my house, it's quiet. There is nobody else there but me. I feel so numb knowing that there will never be anyone else here but me. I go and pick out the clothes for my family to be buried in not knowing what would be perfect for them but just trying to remember what was their favorite clothes to wear. As I got into my mother's closet I saw the dress that she always wore when her and my father went out on date always the same dress it was my father's favorite dress he would always tell her that she was always the prettiest one in the room when she wore that dress. My mother was so simple I'm not really sure what to pick out for her. I just look for favorite slacks and shirt as tears flood my eyes smelling her shirt having her scent in my presence It's overwhelming. My father and my brother, it wasn't really hard to pick out what their favorite clothes were. As I smelled their clothes For the last time having their scent knowing that I won't be back t
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Chapter 6
Today is the day it's time to put my family 6 feet under the ground. As I get my black dress out of the bag, I hang it up. I look at it as tears start to feel my eyes. This is my funeral dress never thinking I would be wearing it to bury my family. I decide to get a shower I turn the water on letting it warm as I take my clothes off. I look into the mirror and the bruises from the accident where all fading like it never happened. I'm so angry I let out a scream of fury. I just drop to the floor and bring my knees to my chest trying to comfort myself as I cry.I watch as the bathroom fills up with steam from the hot water in the shower. Forcing myself to get up and get in the shower, telling myself I stink I need to shower. As the hot water is burning my skin, I don't budge, wanting to feel anything but what I'm feeling right now. It almost feels like a relief to me, I can feel the burning is all over me. I just relax as I clean myself, getting angry that the water is turn
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Chapter 7
As I begin to wake up, not sure where I am at as I'm looking around, I then realize I'm in the cabin. I look down at myself, and I'm clean. Someone must have showered me and changed my clothes. What the fuck. Who the hell would do that, damn it, they would have touched me fuck. I'm embarrassed, not sure how to even act. I get out of bed and walk to the kitchen to get a drink.“How did you sleep, you have been out for a while? I jump and scream not knowing anyone else was here “what the fuck are you doing here?”“Oh, so you are able to speak by the way I'm Sam not sure if you remember, but I volunteered to be your friend.”“Well, Sam please leave. I don't want any friends and did you change me.”“I did not bathe and change you, that was the Alpha. He would not dear let anyone touch while you asleep.”“Why can't you guys just let me alone.”“Why don't you sit and relax, I will make you breakfast, I'm actually a pretty good cook.”“O
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Chapter 8
I am struggling to figure out what I need to do with my life now that the Alpha punished me by making me stay in the pack house. I have no privacy at all. I am not really sure why he would want me in the pack house especially with him being there he doesn't want anyone to know he found his mate. I try to stay away from everybody. I don't talk to anybody. I just don't feel comfortable. This is not my family. I don't belong. All I crave is to be alone. As I go up to my room I feel a sharp pain in my chest and am not really sure what is happening. Star says it's our mate he is with another woman. Not understanding why, but rage overcomes me. I follow his scent to his bedroom knowing that another woman is in his Room. I kicked the door open and they both jumped out of their skin. I grab the bitch by the hair and put her up against the wall. I then growled out “mine.”“What the fuck are you doing, get the fuck out of my room.”The rage that is overcoming my body fee
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Chapter 9
The Beta and I have been spending a lot of time together. I love flirting with him; he is so sexy. I really don't think the Alpha likes us spending so much time together, but I don't care. Everybody else just stares know one really talks to me, but they sure can talk about me behind my back. I think that they are just curious why the hell I'm here to be honest, so am I. It's been about a month since I lost my family. Being with Sam helps ease some of the pain. I still miss them so much I'm not acting myself, just trying to find a way of where I'm not so miserable. Sam helps me from feeling so lonely all the time. He is giving me confidence in so many ways, making me feel like I am the sexiest woman alive. I don't want him to fall in love with me; I don't want to be with anyone, I want to be alone.All of a sudden, I'm falling to my knees in pain. It's almost unbearable not realizing it's the pain of my mate being with another she Wolf. I am use to this pain it's starting becom
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Chapter 10
As I walk out of the bathroom, I have my towel around me, as I motion for Sam to stay in there. “Ivan what are you doing in my Room?”“I really wish you would just do what you are told Lilly I don't like how you make everything So damn complicated.”I am confused with his words, I really don't know what the hell he's talking about I look at him with confusion. “What are you talking about?”With no time for me to react he grabs a hold of me and bites down what the fuck he just marked me why. As tears run down my face from the pain and frustration overcomes me I tried to react to him, but I can't then suddenly everything just goes black.As I am waking up, I see him lying next to me, I noticed that I'm in his room I am so pissed that he marked me, why would he do that if you didn't want me? He marked me as his now I'm going to be attached to a mate that doesn’t want me. Wondering is this my punishment from letting my family die, not saving them. That I never ge
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