Chapter 18 - She's out of the Group

I stepped inside the empty classroom. Looking at the clock 12 o’clock- it was lunchtime. I sigh in relief when I came early before the class starts in the afternoon. I left the studio to attend classes this day as Drayce dropped me by. The school has approved of my schedules and offers tutorial to me every weekend.

Kurai left without another word. And Apollo… I am not sure where he’d gone, but I let Drayce look after him. He might get lost in the city or maybe someone would try to harm him since he has the ‘good and handsome’ face. Or maybe he will get into trouble and someone else might find him extraordinary with his strength. He can hurt anyone.

But a Roman god who gets lost is sounds absurd for a puny human like her. And there is something worries her thinking about him.

 “Hi there.”

What? I didn’t hear anyone came in since I closed the door before coming in the room or even opening the sliding door.

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