Lorcé Callora in the Academy of Loriostro

Lorcé Callora in the Academy of Loriostro

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Lorcé Callora, An eighteen-year old, aiming to go to college. Of course to study hard and become successful someday. Mysteriously, the academic girl who always pass gets rejected by every school she applied in. She was devastated until she received an unexpected admission email that changed the direction of the life she thought she would pursue.

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Jodie Elliott
Loving this book so far! ......
2021-08-17 19:16:05
20 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lorcé Callora’s POV"Dear Applicant,              The Admissions Committee has carefully considered your application and we regret to inform you that we will not be able to offer you admission…"My index finger tapped the right button of the mouse to exit the email. I didn’t need to read it all.That was my tenth rejection. I’m already physically and emotionally drained.I knew applying for college would be hard but I didn’t know it was 'this' difficult. I groaned as loud as I could.How am I gonna tell this to my mother?Like ‘Hi mom, I got rejected by every school I ever applied in.’I groaned in frustration again as I leaned on the back of my chair. Mom would kill me! How could this happen to me? Not only mom but people will think, ‘How did the academic girl did not get accepted by any colleges even the low-tuition ones
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Chapter 2
 Okay, confirmed. This. is. a. joke!I looked up and down from the paper where the address is to the old classic coffee shop in front of me.I scoffed in disbelief.But come to think of it, this place is rather more decent than I expected.I’m glad I didn’t expect much.Well then, I’ll just grab some coffee here before I go home. I kept the paper in the pocket of my jeans before reaching for the door.To my surprise, the door opened first and some man wearing a black coat that hangs to his feet and also wearing a black hat came out of it.I instantly walked backwards and the grim reaper-looking man glanced at me before walking away casually.He didn’t even bother to say anything!“Thanks!” I uttered sarcastically before entering the coffee shop. The bell chimed as soon as I came in.To my surprise again, there’s no customer inside. There is only an old man in
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Chapter 3
I shook my head at Rebenkoff and waved my hands in disapproval. “Oh, no thanks! I’m going home. My mother is probably looking for me right now—AAHHHHHH!" He pulled me and we both jumped on the sink hole at the same time.  I’m gonna die! No! I’d rather be killed by my mother for not getting accepted to any college! I kept screaming and screaming and screami— “Lady, we’ve been on the ground since you started screaming.” What? I opened my eyes and saw that I’m slouching down on the ground with my hands covering my ears. I stood up, hysterically wandering my eyes at my surrounding. I realized we are in an empty road.  I also looked up only to see a completely normal blue sky. “What was that!?” I pointed at the sky but I was pertaining to the sink hole. What just happened? “A portal, dear. It takes a second to pass through it.” I gazed away in embarrassment as I realized my ‘scream of fear’
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Chapter 4
She hanged up the phone, stood up and walked towards me aggressively with wide eyes. I tried hard not to walk backwards until her face is now twelve inches away from mine.She stared into my eyes and I swear I felt like she looked into my soul.She then faced Rebenkoff with a questioning look. “How did I not caught her presence when she passed through the entrance?”The latter was confused before giving her a serious look. “Lady Sultana, that should be my question too. How come you cannot sense her when you can sense even normal humans? However, the same thing happened to me before we passed through the portal. She doesn’t have an elemental energy!"The lady named Sultana shook her head before returning her eyes to me. “That’s impossible.”“But did I hear it right, Lady Sultana? Is she—“ He cut off his own words and now they’re both looking at me.Do we not do pro
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Chapter 5
She held my hand and 'dragged' me. As we went out of the door, the busy noise of students walking by and talking to each other greeted my ears.I had the urge to grab Ferris’s elbow in consciousness. The students around the hallways differ in uniform and that’s when I noticed that Ferris was wearing a black uniform with a touch golden yellow. It seems that I was not the only one fascinated as some students were staring at her in awe before they could notice me who is in a very casual out-of-the-place outfit.They started whispering but Ferris was just smiling and not minding them.Of course, they’re probably asking what is a normal being like me doing here. Although they probably don’t know I am just a normal human being.We reached a black door and Ferris courteously opened the door for me but…“Oh, shoot!” Another sink hole!?I looked down at the deep hole and I think I’m develo
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Chapter 6
A young yet matured-looking guy is staring at me intensely. He’s wearing a suit which fits his calm and collected posture. However, I can see that he’s mildly catching his breath. He looked like he ran for three hours straight. But the question is, where did he came from? I swear, no one was anywhere near me five seconds ago. “Excuse me? I’m sorry but can you help me go back to the dean’s office?” I carefully asked the stranger.  I got confused when his intense stare became soft. “Lorcé, right?” The guy asked with hopeful eyes.  My forehead creased. “You know me?” The guy nodded once. “I am Lathré Callora. The first child of Zeke and Laralei Callora. You’re finally here…sister.” Did I hear it wrong or did he just called me sister? I shook my head.  “Uh no. You’re probably mistaking me for someone else.” I turned around and started walking. I don’t feel safe with that man. I tur
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Chapter 7
“The Guardian of Prophesying Fall came to speak with me personally. He said he had foreseen my daughter having an immense ability. An ability that even she can’t control! I ‘never’ told him I have a daughter. No one knew about it except us.”My mom shook his head in disbelief. “What? That’s not true. That’s impossible! It’s either she has an ability or not!”He reached for my mother’s hands and my mom allowed him.I stayed quiet and just listened because I know it’s something I need to hear. It’s about my identity. An identity I never knew I had.“She needs to be here. Her, staying at the mortal world, will cause a disruption on both realms. She belongs here.”My mother still shook her head. “No, no, no. Even if that’s true, I don’t want her to suffer Zeke. We’ve been there! You know how worse things can be! Do you want that to ha
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Chapter 8
I remembered she told me that Trun is a Seer. He saw something? A prophesy perhaps?“The heart of ice will melt. The shield of protection will stand. With the unimaginable power, one needs the other.” Trun uttered blankly before he snapped to reality. He inhaled a breath and exhaled to relax.Okay, what just happened? I glanced at Geoffrey and Ferris and they also had this confused yet worried expression.“Wait, what did I say?” Trun asked.“You don’t know what you just said?” I asked in disbelief.“He can’t actually foresee the future yet, he can only blurt out a word related to the future of the person whom he looked into deeply in the eye,” Ferris explained.“I don’t understand. We just met eye to eye for just a second, not even a minute,” I questioned.Geoffrey answered while observing Trun, “That’s our question. And this time, h
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Chapter 9
“Are we sure about this? What if they see us?” I asked Ferris as we were walking in the quiet hallways. Although it seems that everyone is on their first class except us.She just placed her hands behind her and walked confidently. “Don’t worry. The Xenostras training ground and room is in the opposite of where we are.”I felt assured after that. I’m not really used to skipping class but today seems fun.Ferris then turned around me with a bright expression as if she remembered something. “Wanna see something cool and thrilling?”I nodded with a smile not knowing what’s about to happen. She grabbed my hand and lead me somewhere.I stayed silent as we walked on a library with numerous number of busy students studying quietly. We stopped walking rapidly as she signaled me to act normal. We walked into the farthest and most secluded area of the library. My forehead creased when we ende
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Chapter 10
“How stupid am I to jump into that hole!?” I complained technically to myself as I wrapped my soaked body with my crossed arms.“Well, at least you got used to the portals,” Ferris commented beside me.We’re now walking into a long underground canal without any route and idea where we are.Gosh! I’m really so stupid! Now I dragged Ferris into this.“What is that, anyway?” I asked her, pertaining to that sliding hole that can disappear.“That, was a literal trap hole. They have been existing since the academy was built. They usually appear on places where any intruders can enter like the ‘shadow’ where we came from.”I wandered my eyes at our surrounding.We are like in a sewer except the water flowing in the middle is clean. “So how do we get out of here?” I asked in a determined tone.“Let’s see if we can find any possi
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