Lost City at Sea

Lost City at Sea

By:  Ittisoonthorn Jungsakulrujirek  Completed
Language: English
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Ishida, a young man, unexpectedly meets a girl named Rhina by sheer fate. But before long, a war erupts and they are captured by soldiers led by the malicious Lieutenant Monte. The lieutenant gives them a dreadfully simple choice: leave their homes in search of a legendary "lost city at sea," its immortal king, and bring back a mind-boggling amount of gold, or have their mountain reduced to ashes. Ishida’s father had set out in search of the place, too, but never returned. The journey will take them across oceans, sun-scorched deserts, and over perilous mountains; but most importantly of all: the two will discover their true selves will discover their true selves when they confront what will determine their fate. The questions remain: will they be able to find the lost city at sea and bring its treasures back to the avaricious lieutenant before time runs out? Or, perhaps the place they are searching for is simply non-existent?

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48 Chapters
The Nations of the World
THE MEDIETAN EMPIRE (also known as Medietus):SIZE: Largest country in the worldPOPULATION: Most populated countryLOCATION: Southernmost part of the known world on the continent of Medietus. The Gulf of Cessabit and the Strait of Calmis separate the Medietan Empire from the continent of PiletusRULER: Emperor Derisus IIICAPITAL CITY: MedietapolisARMY: Largest land armyNAVY: 2nd largest navyAIR FORCE: 3rd largest air force in the worldGOVERNMENT: MonarchyECONOMY: The Medietans had an abundance of all resources, esp
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“Quick! A storm is brewing over there in the distance!” a man with a dark brown mustache shouted to his companion, Marcus, who wore a crimson cloak and was looking up at the dark sky above.  “Hurry up, it’s getting closer!” the man with the dark brown mustache yelled, pushing his companion away to the side and grabbing hold of the machine. He dragged his fingers across the multitude of buttons, attempting to revive the island’s storm shield.  Thunder cracked and lightning lit up the dark sky. The seawater came closer than ever.  The man with the crimson cloak stared at the wall of water just a few hundred meters away, gathering speed. He reached into his cloak and drew his saber.  The man with the brown musta
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Chapter 1: A Daring Venture
There once was a saying in the land of Medietus: “What is neither possible nor impossible is neither achievable nor unachievable. All of it simply depends on the individual’s point of view.”    It was a fine morning on the industrial mountain of Lagoda. Grimy factories and their smokestacks— smeared charcoal-black by the fumes rising from them— took up almost all the land on the crowded mountain. Below the factories were residential areas. One side of the mountain was uninhabited. There, a handful of rusty, rundown factories stood in solitude.  At the foot of Mount Lagoda was a small river that woun
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Chapter 2: Eleven Mosaic Paintings
Instead of finding an old factory with all sorts of debris on the ground, Ishida found that the building was completely new on the inside, with dozens of machines constantly working. The machines were producing guns, ammunition, and explosives at full capacity. Bright fluorescent lamps hung down from the ceiling, illuminating the entire building. The floor was littered with a multitude of unlabeled crates, many of which were open. These contained automatic guns, shotguns, pistols, sniper scopes, bullet cartridges, hand grenades, land mines, and anti-tank rifles. The sight of these weapons of munitions completely terrified Ishida.“Why are all these weapons being made?” he said, slowly backing away. &ldq
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Chapter 3: The Stranger From Lucada
Once Ishida reached the gate and the barbed wire fence, he stopped to wipe the sweat on his forehead. He sighed in relief— no one had tried to chase him. Ishida was still breathing heavily from the terrible fright the incident had given him when suddenly, he heard a distressful call for help from somewhere in the distance. The voice did not sound like that of anyone on Mount Lagoda. It was a rather pleasant voice— a voice that resembled the sound of a small stream of fresh mineral water slowly trickling down a hill.“Help!! Somebody, please help me! I’m drowning!” the voice called ov
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Chapter 4: Cities at Sea (Part 1 of 2)
Soon, an inky black object emerged from the water. It was Ishida’s head.“That was fun!” He laughed as he waded through the shallow water. Rhina smiled in relief. She stepped back onto the sand and tapped her earrings once again. This time, when her foot touched the water, it did not float.“How is it that you were drowning just earlier, even though you had these magical earrings?” Ishida asked.“I wanted to know what it feels like to swim in the water. To tell you the truth, I have never done it before. That’s because my father hasn’t let me go outside in a very long time,” Rhina answered. “I didn’t think that water, the very substance that gives life, could al
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Chapter 4: Cities at Sea (Part 2 of 2)
It was a cold evening with heavy snowfall and long dark hours. After having dinner, Ishida offered Rhina his bed and slept on the couch. But a few hours later, he was still awake. As it turned out, he had not entirely forgotten the discovery he made at the ammunition factory that afternoon.I wonder what kind of people are operating the place and why they want to produce weapons, he thought. Perhaps another war is coming...?Ishida shook his head. No, it can’t be! The last war we had was over a thousand years ago! Still, what about those mosaic paintings? What do they represent? That mountain lo
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Chapter 5: Trouble in the Village
"What's going on?" Ishida asked an elderly man who was limping by on a cane. “Get away from here as quickly as possible! There’s no time to waste!” the man warned him before hurriedly shuffling away. This was the first conversation Ishida had had with a person other than Rhina in years. Ignoring the warning, he did not head away from the town, for he needed to know what was happening.“What’s going on? Why is everyone in such a hurry?” he asked as a soldier with a rifle strapped to his back rushed by. There was no answer. The soldier, who wore a long white winter coat, continued marching. Following him were many more soldiers. They were all hurrying down the ridge.“
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Chapter 6: Chase
The villagers were evacuating the town when Ishida and Rhina arrived. Men took up their guns and prepared to defend their houses as women and children headed further up the mountain to seek refuge. As they were walking in front of a doorway, Ishida and Rhina were grabbed and pulled into a house by an old lady.Inside the house were a number of grandmothers who had armed themselves with wooden rolling pins and whisks. “You children can hide in our house,” one of the elderly ladies said kindly. “We’ll protect you from those nasty Medietans.”When Ishida turned around to thank the lady, she dropped her rolling pin and shrieked. “It&rsquo
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Chapter 7: Impossible Demands
The man droned on and on in an increasingly monotonous tone. Ishida was too tired to listen and eventually fell asleep. A while later, he felt a sharp pain on his shoulder. He was about to cry, “Ow!” when he remembered that they were prisoners and tried his best not to make a sound. “What is it?” he whispered to Rhina. “Listen! This is important,” the girl whispered back. “We have lost, according to our very precise and accurate estimates, one hundred and twenty tanks, five hundred and thirty-three soldiers, eighty-two rifles, one hundred and eighty pistols, ninety-seven assault rifles, ninety-nine daggers, fourteen bayonets, and seven
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