Love Contract

Love Contract

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Sharanya Sharma, a kind innocent and beautiful girl. Arnav Singh Raizada, handsome, successful and arrogant CEO. She is an angel. He is an ogre. She is the embodiment of love. His heart is full of hatred and revenge. Arnav was rude and arrogant, but his heart was like coconut, it was soft inside. He falls for Sharanya and her innocence. But the things twisted and one incident changed his life. He started hating her and the hatred was beyond the limit. Arnav's mother dramatically forced Arnav and Sharanya into marriage. He took signed on the divorce papers along with the wedding papers. He just made a contract while marrying her. Will Sharanya be successful in gaining a victory over his heart? Will she able to awake his love, his feelings stifled in his heart for her? Let's embark on the glorious journey, filled with love, hate, drama, jealousy and sacrifice...

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88 Chapters
1 # Prologue
"Get out of my house, Sharanya Sharma." Arnav roared like a lion. His anger was breathtaking. "Arnav, please. Why are you doing this with me? We love each other, we are married." Sharanya pleaded in her crashed tone. She was crashed from inside due to an insult she got from her in-laws.Arnav laughed like a Devil. Is he the same Arnav whom she loved unconditionally?"Sharanya Sharma. Stop using your nonsense. You are nothing in front of me." He said with anger, his sound quality is enough to understand his resentment."You are a big fool. We didn't marry, we made a contract. The "LOVE CONTRACT", do you understand?" He pointed her finger towards her. He was firm and his every movement makes her more scared of him more scared than she was before the wedding."What?" She screamed in pain."You must read before signing the papers," Arnav said and threw the contract papers on her face. A tiny bunch of papers rattled on the floor. She tried to gra
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2 Sharanya
Sharanya's POV   "Sharu... Sharu.....""Sharanya..... come fast, my princess.." I heard my grandpa's loud shouting for me.He is knocking the door continuously. I check the time on my phone, it's 5.30 am. I hid my face with a pillow."Daaa....da..jjjiiiii...." I reared in anger."Today is your result, Sharu.. Get up quickly. You have a lot of work, beta (child)". I heard Dadaji's excited voice."Dadaji, it will be declared at 10.00. It's still 5.30. Let me sleep." I irritated."I know beta, but you have to go to the temple. You have a lot to do, please get up." Dadaji argued."Okay, I'm coming." I rolled my eyes, as I know he won't go until I wake up. I got up from my bed and stepped to open the door. I found always the smiley face of my Dadaji. He is D
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3 # Six months ago
Third person's POVSix months ago...Today is Arnav's mother's birthday. He was rude and arrogant. Rarely speak a word. His gaze was enough to elaborate on his desire. He maintained the distance from girls or women. His entry froze the employees. His chocolate brown eyes, white delicate skin and perfectly shaped Beard make him hot enough to wet any lady. Having a sharp nose and beautiful eyes he is the most handsome man of a woman's dream.He always sees the woman tries to reduce him and flirts with him, to who he never responded. His only killing grimace was enough to push them away. He doesn't like when the woman surrenders herself to him, and with his bad luck, he always met the girls who are ready to sleep with for just his status and money. He is fed up with this kind of ladies. Now he strongly believes that girls or women need only money and status. But today his fate has decided something else for him.He has best frie
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4 # You??
Third Person's POV"I will be there, tomorrow," Sharanya hung up the call with a broad smile."What happened? You are smiling crazy?" Dadaji asked her."Dadaji, I'm invited by a construction group for making plans of their new constructions," She chirped happily and hugged her Dadaji."I have told you many times, don't attack me like that I'm getting old now," He complained."Okay, okay, I'm sorry. But I have to leave tomorrow," She informed and sadness covered their faces."It's not good, you are not used to waking up early, my lazy bird. You should go today and reach there before the evening," Dadaji warned her."Dadaji... please," She made a puppy face but she knows, it won't work on him."Laxmi, pack up her bags right now" He ordered without glancing at her."Take care of yourself. I'm going to complain against your hostel for not providing good and healthy food that causes my daughter food poisoning," Dadaji warne
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5 # They're no more
Third Person's POVThere were hurriedly movements of the employees. It was showing some kind of fears. They were showing themselves busy with their work."What happened?" A girl asked her senior."Chairman sir will be here within a couple of minutes," He informed and dug his head into his laptop.She also scared and buried her face in the file.SSR, Sumer Singh Raizada, the chairman of the ASR group of industries, stunning personality and adorable look. He is quite professional as well as kind to the people and staff."Good afternoon, sir," One by one staff was greeting him, he was nodding and smiling and also replying them with a whisper of good noon."Good noon, Sir," Danil followed him and greeted."Good noon, how's going on... without me?" SSR asked with a smile."Well going sir," Danil chirped."Didn't my prince kick out anyone in the last two weeks?" He chuckled asking Danil. He grabbed the knot to unlock
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6 # Shopping
Third Person's POVSharanya ran out of the cabin of SSR. Her speed was broken because of the buzzing of her phone. She pulled out the phone and hoisted it to ear."Hello..." She said in a low tone as she could speak clearly."Where the hell are you?" Remya barked from the other side of the phone."Just on the way. I'll be there," Sharanya replied and hung up the call, she was not ready to hear a lecture from Remya.She was placing her phone in the pocket and collided to a hard wall.She was going to fall but his long arms prevent her from falling.She closed her eyes, as she was feeling that her hips are going to thud on the floor.She felt that she was held by someone, she couldn't feel pain, she opened her one eyes to reckon. She found herself in his arms. His orange eyes were stucked at her without blinking. Sharanya trembled and startle to stand on her feet.  She shuttered, "I'm sorry."She gazed on th
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7 # His Crush ?
Third Person's POVHe smiled, she felt relaxed. She thought, "Should I think that he had forgiven me for using such a bad word for him?"Sharanya bit her lower lips and paid the bill of the books and asked him for her bag. He didn't want to give her but he handed.Her heart was still racing because of being with him. she is followed by him. Her mind argued, "Is he really excessively much jerk? As people say.""Sharanya, he is treating you well from the very first day, you should not think that he is arrogant or jerk," Her mind scolded her. She was in her thoughts and missed the step of the stairs. He again held her to prevent from falling."Thanks," She whispered nervously. "Are you habitual of falling or missing the steps?" He asked in a normal tone but she certainly scared of his voice."No, I'm sorry," She apologised and littered with the hopes that he won't listen to me, "Why are you with me? Your presence makes me uncom
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8 # tension of the presentation
Third Person's POVNext day in the morning..."Good morning, Mom," Arnav pulled his chair and sat to have breakfast while asking about his father."I don't know," She replied rudely."Bhai, they fought last night," Sanchi said in a teasing tone and winked at him."Ohh, really," Arnav chuckled and grabbed a mug of coffee. He took a sip and asked, "What was the reason behind the fight?""Do you really want to know?" Sanchi asked to confirm. He nodded as he was enjoying his coffee."Regarding your marriage," Sanchi winked at him and he coughed hard hearing the group of words 'Your Marriage.""Calmly," His mother rubbed his back and he glared at his mother and Sanchi turn by turn.He finished his coffee and got up from the chair. "Arnav, you didn't eat anything," Ananya yelled but he whirled and excited from the dining room replying her, "I have done.""This boy is crazy, always stays a far from the marriage," Ana
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9 # Want her permanently
Third Person's POV It has been two days, she didn't attend lectures.  She didn't sleep properly for two nights. She was yawning badly, stretching her arms lazily. "Sharanya, you will fall a sick, babe, take rest for tonight, at least," Remya pulled a laptop from her hands and shut down it ignoring her protest."You are right, she is stubborn and the third grade stubborn, arrogant is that ASR," Anna cursed him."He paid me for this work," Sharanya pouted."You didn't go to him and asked for a job or money, he offered you... No... No... He forced you to do this work and also paid forcefully," Anna hollered at her."Okay, whatever, everything is the same," Sharanya grabbed the water bottle and drank water."As he had already paid me, I have to return through my work," Sharanya gulped and conceded.Girls jumped into their beds respectively. Remya started chatting on her phone. Anna shook her head seeing her.
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10 # Success Party
Third Person's POV"What the hell he thinks about himself?" Sharanya threw her phone on the bed."What happened now? Why are you revealing your anger on the poor phone?" Anna gawked at her fuming in anger."This ASR offered me a job after completion of college. He wants me to join his office, I have just received a mail from Danil," Sharanya sighed and her face turned saddened."Awww, my poor child..." Remya entered in the room dramatically. "Remya, shut up, "Sharanya frowned at her and she giggled."By the way, ASR has thrown a party tonight. Both of you are invited to the party," Remya chuckled."What? No way, I'm not going to attend at any cost," Sharanya jumped out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. His phone rang as Anna shouted, "Your phone.""I know, I'm not deaf," Sharanya asserted dramatically and rolled her eyes angrily."Hello," She slid up to receive and greeted with fake happiness in
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